Beat the Rainy Day Blues with Some Indoor Drone Fun

More people are flying drones both outdoors and indoors.  In fact, flying inside may be a great way to beat the blues on a rainy day or spend time in the winter.  Here are some tips to flying safely and ensuring you’re using the best drone for the setting and your level of ability.

Choose the Right Kind of Drone

Unless you have access to a huge warehouse, you’re limited to nano, micro, and mini drones.  FPV and Phantom drones, being larger, are best for outdoor flying.  Therefore, the kind of drone you choose is very important when flying in an indoor space.  A smaller drone will provide better maneuverability in a confined space, which is what you need.

Use Propeller Hulls

Hulls wrap around your propellers and serve a twofold purpose.  Firstly, the hull protects the propeller from getting damaged.  Secondly, the protective outer layer protects furniture, walls, and ceilings from being exposed to a propeller.  Ask your vendor or shop for added parts online.  There are all sorts of modifications available.

Stay Away from Pets

It’s tempting to tease your cat or dog with a flying drone.  However, for the safety or your pet (and your drone), it’s best to fly the drone away from your pet.  Furthermore, if you tease your pet while the drone is in flight, what’s to keep the pet from attacking or clawing at the drone once it’s landed and resting idle?

Avoid Ceilings, Floors, and Walls

You’re probably thinking this tip is an obvious one, but ceilings, floors, and walls should be avoided for more than one reason.  Aside from avoiding damage, one should avoid these areas for optimal flight.  If a drone gets too close to a surface, whether up, down, or to the side, the lack of airflow will cause it to get unstable.

Adjust the Control Settings

Drones for kids usually have an indoor setting.  The specific setting makes the drone more sensitive to controls, so it’s easier to maneuver in tighter spaces.  Moreover, it’s best to reset the drone’s controls before flying indoors, especially if you were previously outdoors with it.

Find a Quiet Ride

It’s assumed you know the drone will make some sound while maintaining flight indoors. However, you could shop for drones that are quieter than most.  For example, the Syma X4 was reviewed and revered for its quiet operation.  You’re not going to find an altogether ‘quiet’ drone, but you can find something that makes less noise if that is going to be an issue.

Get a Rollercopter

Rollercopters seem to be invented for moms and dads who are hesitant to let kids fly in the house.  The design encapsulates the drone, so the child could keep it on the ground, or when taken to the air, there’s an added layer of cushion and protection.  While purists may not like the idea of a cage or orb surrounding the drone, it’s another layer of protection and peace of mind for parents.

Jennifer Lofton and her husband and kids love playing with new gadgets. From drones to 3D pens and printers they turn playtime into fun family time.

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