Our Epoch PocketSpa Experience

Allergic rhinitis is common in our household. Sometimes, it gets bad and my daughter takes antihistamine chewable tablets every now and then. She also uses the inhaler once in a while. When I heard about EpochEssential Oils diffuser and how it has helped a friend’s family, I was curious and tried to find out more about it.

According to Wikipedia, “An oil is “essential” in the sense that it contains the “essence of” the plant’s fragrance”. I had no prior experience with essential oils and was a bit apprehensive to try it out since it is a bit costly and is out of my budget. But because I have spent a bigger amount of money buying oral medicines and want to try something that is chemical free to help my family, I invested in an Epoch Mini Mist Diffuser which is more commonly called PocketSpa.

The package that I bought is the PocketSpa and it comes with a 15ml essential oil of my choice. I chose the lavender oil as it aids the body against asthma and can have antihistamine effects. It also aids in sleeping.

It is very easy to use. Just need to add one drop of the essential oil to the water container that they will provide and add distilled water. Please take note that the Mini Mist Diffuser is very sensitive so it is important not to use tap water and use distilled water.  Fill the water reservoir with the mixture. Slide the front panel and out comes the mist. The mist is cool and fragrant. Each session lasts 30 seconds. The Mini Mist Diffuser uses 4 AAA batteries.

The ultrasonic mist diffuser uses electronic frequencies and causes the water to vibrate and breaking the oil into very fine mist  thus allowing our lungs to absorb the oil easily.

My daughter sniffs every morning and evening. Thankfully, it has helped lessen her allergic rhinitis. She used to have colds the whole day but we have noticed significant improvements as she doesn’t have clogged nose or colds anymore.

We also bring the PocketSpa everywhere we go. When we go to public places and there are people who smoke, we can immediately use the PocketSpa to ward off the smell.

There are several other essential oils that are available in the market like the Burst, Brisk, and Peppermint. I look forward to buying them and experiencing their natural healing effects.

There is also a Full Package where you can buy the 8 essential oils available and get the Epoch Room Diffuser along with it.

If you are interested or have any questions, please leave a comment.


  1. Thank you for sharing about this, Christine. My kids have been struggling with allergies as well and I’ve been wanting to buy the big diffuser and essential oils but the cost is a bit too much. I was hesitant to get the pocketspa because it’s just for one person and not for family use.

    • I can suggest that you get the pocketspa first to test the effect on your kids while saving up for the full package. let me know if i can help you further. 🙂

    • Grace Dousel says:

      Hi! I got a full set and not one bit did I regret the investment! I realized spending just a few days in the hospital when my son and my mom had severe asthma amounted to more than the cost of the full set. Prevention is better and cheaper than cure.

  2. Liza M. says:

    Been using this brand for 2 years already. The pocketspa is a must-have and an essential travel buddy! ♥️ It’s handy, provides quick relief and comfort for our family, including my 4 year old daughter. It’s worth every penny discovering natural healing through Epoch pure essential oils 🙂

  3. Lisa Ygnalaga says:

    This product has helped a lot of my friends with asthma. Brisk is a “Must Try”

  4. Dianne Twinkle Carpio says:

    Essential oils has helped me a lot with my lifestyle and moods swings. My sleeping habits was first thing that has been changed and it just became a positive chain reaction. Enjoy the pocket spa! ???

  5. Oliver says:

    I love these essential oils, each has its own distinct aroma that will surely can make you sniff it again and again :D, each has its own benefits which make this essential oil serves as a FIRST AID KIT wherever you go 🙂

  6. Got my own Pocketspa and it’s really worth it! Natural healing all the way. ❤

  7. Grace Dousel says:

    This is awesome! Natural healing is a blessing. Pure essential oils are worth the investment. Health is indeed wealth! Well said, Mommy Christine!

  8. Sheena uy says:

    This is awesome!! M really blessed with these essential oils. Me and my dad have struggled with deep sleep before and lavender really really helped ? peppermint is my favorite when it comes to relieving headaches and to keep me mentally alert. Epoch essential oils r js amazing!

  9. Elai Alvarez says:

    It is indeed a helpful gadget? I already have this gadget a year ago,and it really helped me alot in my migrane,specially these days because of the heat.ill give it a 5 star review.??

  10. Elai Alvarez says:

    I have this gadet for a year now,and it really helped me alot with my migrane.Its really worth every penny??????

  11. Glad your daughter is feeling better with the PocketSpa. I’m a dad, and my wife and I also use it for our 4-year old daughter, especially with the Brisk (eucalyptus-pine blend) oil which helps relieve coughs and colds whenever she has them. We also diffuse it around her whenever we are outside and in a public place, and we hear people coughing nearby, to protect her from viruses, using the Assure (cinnamon-clove blend) oil. It has been a good first go-to for natural healing for our family, instead of resorting straight to medication; not to mention the downtime of actually going through sickness and antibiotics.

  12. Tor Rodriguez says:

    I love the full set with the 8 oils ? Turned my medicine cabinet into a natural healing cabinet. Best investment for my health! So happy with it!! Just wanted to share some of my favorites!
    Assure and lemon – keeps the ipis/ants/bugs away – love using it for the kitchen and bath area
    Lavender – for relaxing and for my allergic rhinitis
    Unwind – this one is soooo good to have after a long day! ZzZzzzZ in minutes!
    Burst – love using it with my dermatic effects lotion, helps in cellulite especially in the arms area

    For my pocket spa i love using lavender, peppermint and brisk! Especially during plabe and uber rides!

  13. Micoi Vidallon says:

    Happy to hear it has helped your family combat allergic rhinitis. We also use the pocket spa and Epoch essential oils and so far I can say it is value for your money. We initially thought of getting few oils and a diffuser but realized the value it can give us so we decided to get the Full Package.

    I’m excited for you and your family and look forward to hearing your experience with the rest of the Epoch Essential oils. GOD bless!

  14. Sol Inventor says:

    Thanks for sharing this new technology that will definitely useful for everyone. I really need this because i use to commute in a daily basis and as we all see the pollution here in the Philippines is getting worst good thing that we have now the solution to turn our polluted air into a healthy one by having this pocket spa diffuser as our travel buddy.

  15. Hi Christine! Where can I buy the Epoch Pocketspa? Thank you.

  16. Hi Christine,

    Where can I buy and how much?


  17. Hi Christine,

    Where to buy this and how much? Thank you.

  18. Dang Baldonado says:

    Hi! Can I know how much the whole package costs?

  19. Hi, where could you buy this and how much? Thanks!

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