Simple And Effective Tips To Give Your Nursery A Better Look This Summer

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Summer has already come and just like the brighter days ahead, your babyroom also needs a bright and jubilant makeup this summer, right? Take it easy. You do not need to by some expensive furnishings and furniture to spruce up the room. Instead, a few implement and really effective hacks can just do all the tricks.
Here we introduce a few simple measures to give the look and feel of your nursery a solid boost this summer.


  • Decor And Colour


Interior decor for a baby room remains often neglected or under prioritised. But let me tell you, instead of decking the room with expensive nursery furniture, simple changes in decor can bring harmony and and pleasant atmosphere. But always remember the decor should always correspond the baby’s preference and nature. The same decor cannot always have the identical effect on a boy or girl child. Bold colours are great and even you can spruce up further by using some murals, but just stay away from creating a visual clutter with too many colours. The colours and designs should be simple and attention grabbing without really creating visual overload.
There is another important consideration in this respect. Your child is evolving with every single day. So does his or her tastes and preferences as well. This is why bold colours should be avoided as it does not hold the same charm for years. On the other hand, cool neutral pastel shades look timeless and other objects in the room can be appropriately used to optimise the contrast and depth. Most important of all, such cool and neutral colours will allow more options and flexibility to experiment with decor in the future.


  • Give Your Baby Lot Of Floor Space To Crawl And Walk

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In the chilling winter babies are likely to prefer their cosy crib hole more than any other place. Come summer and their energy level rise high. This is the time of the year you can allow them a free run all around the room. Well, the fun of making your baby learning to walk is best enjoyed when you give the baby lot of open space. So, when sprucing up the nursery give particular attention to the free floor space. Use low footprint furniture and make lot of free floor space to allow the baby crawl and walk all around the room.


  • Heavy And Dark Coloured Blinds


In summer the room gets more daylight than any time of the year and often the scorching sunlight during the day heats up the room. With longer daylight hours flooding the rooms tranquil and serene ambience of interior is often sacrificed. To prevent such things happen and to control the piercing sunlight during many hours of the daytime, you can use dark coloured blinds with heavier fabric. Such blinds beside blocking out light also offers a tranquil shadowy ambience perfect for taking nap or rest.


  • Some Elegant Wall Furniture

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Why wall furniture became so popular? The answer is obviously a no-brainer as we all know they save lot of floor space while allow us keeping things in a neat manner. In baby rooms also they can really play effective role to clear the clutter and make the room look neat and ordered. These wall furniture can also be chosen to add some spice to the decor. A vertical bookshelf with sleek and elegant shape and vibrant colours can actually help boosting the contrast. A cloth wall hanger can allow keeping all little knickknacks in an orderly manner.


  • Be Creative About Storage


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This is the secret and least understood of all the principles that make a room look tidy and beautiful. No, in a cramped apartment your baby room cannot just afford to have lot of furniture with separate storage space. You need to find some smart and creative solutions.


One way to deal with this is to opt for smart multipurpose furniture allowing users all the space they need while keeping the floor space free. For instance, your baby bed can have a small under-bed storage to keep all the playthings, toys and dolls. Similarly, a changing table above a chest of drawers can help you freeing up the space.

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