What Is EEOICPA And What Should You Know About It?

EEOICPA (Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act) is a not well-known federal program. It was created in order to compensate those nuclear weapons workers that ended up ill because of the work they did from around 1941 for the nuclear weapons industry in the country. EEOICPA offers a welcomed helping hand to many US citizens and it is a shame to see that not much is known about it. Knowing about it can be the difference between receiving home health care for energy workers and living a life filled with pain.

What Does EEOICPA Do?

The basics of this program are really simple to understand. The idea is to offer medical benefits for those workers that developed one of the approved illnesses. A lump-sum will be offered together with other health benefits. Eligibility is offered for employees, subcontractors and contractors. There is also the possibility to obtain a similar lump-sum amount as compensation when a person is a survivor of the deceased workers that were affected by one of the medical conditions.

We basically have 2 main benefit programs included: B and E. Plan B will compensate the surviving energy industry workers that are ill because of the work they did and Plan E is aimed towards offering financial compensation to the survivors of the deceased energy workers.

Legal Complications

Although the process is straightforward, there are different problems that can appear during the claims process. EEOICPA is going to bring in various necessities when referring to the eligibility of the people that make a claim. It is really important to go through the process and always respect everything. Make sure that you are going to fully follow the procedure and add all the necessary paperwork in order to end up with a higher possibility of receiving compensation. We are talking about an amount that can go as high as $150,000 and extra health benefits if the worker is alive.

Getting Legal Representation

It is important to get all the help that you can in order to increase the possibility of receiving the compensation. We have to remember the fact that the people that file for compensation may be faced with debilitating illnesses. It is hard to go to court or to file all the paperwork when this happens.

There are lawyers that specialized in dealing with illness compensation. This includes EEOICPA cases. It is not at all difficult to find one that would basically deal with absolutely every single part of the process for the client. The only thing that is lost is a percentage of the money that is gained by the receiver. It is really important to deal with an experienced professional because that simply gets more money.

Always be sure that you find someone that is going to bring in a lot of experience to the table. Have patience and do compare the various specialists that deal with EEOICPA cases. In the event that you hurry, you are going to end up getting representation only by someone that does not really care about you. You will always get more when you hire those that really want to fight for you.


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