How to Get the Most Out of a Whole House Fan Cooling System

Having a fan produce the same type of cooling as an AC unit seems too good to be true. A whole house fan system is simple by design, but one of the most effective ways to cool your home in the warmer months. The key is in knowing how to operate the system right for maximum cooling benefits.


Initiate the System

You should wait to start the system at the cooler part of the afternoon. The prime times of operation are late afternoon until early morning hours of the following day. Open a few windows, but not all of them to start. Once the fan starts you will feel a breeze in the home that will instantly drop the temperature at least 10 degrees.


Concentrate on Populated Sections of the House

Only open windows in the populated areas of the house before sunset. This will ensure you are getting maximum cooling effect for the area needed at the time. This can be living rooms, family rooms, kitchens and dining areas. The consistent exchange of fresh air will make the entire environment more pleasant.


Expand to Every Area at Nightfall

Open as many windows as possible once the sun goes down past the horizon. The cooling effect can be as dramatic as 30 degrees, or more. Allow a general cooling of the entire house before going to bed. You are building up a cool environment that will last well into the next day.


Reserve for Sleeping Areas

Shut all of the windows at bedtime except for those in the sleeping areas. You want the cooling to be concentrated in the areas you will spend the next few hours. You should feel the slight breeze even with the bedroom doors closed.


Find the Right Balance

The amount of opening needed in the windows for effective cooling is only about 2-inches. Having it open too much, or little will directly impact the effectiveness of the whole house fan system. This is one part of the process that you will have to experiment with to find the right balance. You can adjust the hours of operation to suit the environment around your home. Having large shade trees will make it possible to run the system longer than homes with bare lawns.

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