How to Pick the Best Living Room Decor for a Busy Family

If you have a large family, you know how much wear and tear the bustle of everyday life can cause. Whether you have a number of small children, teenagers, adults, or a group of multiple ages, a large and busy family needs furniture that can stand up to heavy use and stay good looking in the face of a hectic lifestyle. This is especially true when you’re talking about your living room, which is the room where families spend the majority of their time. Fortunately, with a little planning, you can decorate your living room in a way that will meet your busy family’s needs.

First, prioritize the uses and needs of your family, and choose your furniture to reflect the lifestyle you lead. For example, if you all like to sit and watch television together as a family, organize the seating in a way that allows the maximum number of people to face the screen. This will make family movie nights more comfortable and fun. On the other hand, if you’re a family that makes music or hosts parties together, arrange your furniture to that end.

As for the color scheme, take a somewhat democratic approach. Try to find a decor that appeals to everyone in the family, or at least does not repel anyone. Choose colors that promote calm and relaxation, which can minimize friction in a large household. Cool colors with an undertone of blue are the best to promote peace in a busy, hustling house. Add decorative elements that also lend a relaxing air, like potted plants, and a small, soothing fountain. This will help to make your living room a more comfortable and cozy place.

Finally, make sure that the furniture you choose is high quality. A large family takes a heavy toll on furniture, and quality pieces are less expensive in the long run. Choose tasteful, well-made collections like Donny Osmond Home from a reputable company like Kerbys Furniture for furniture that will last. Pick neutral colors and fabrics that can hide wear and tear, and take care of your furniture with regular cleanings. Good living room furniture can be an investment in the quality of your home.

Your family deserves to have a living room where they can relax and enjoy themselves. The right decor and furniture will make it happen.

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