Raising Happy and Healthy Kids

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences, but it is hard raising a small human. There are a million decisions to make every day. All you want is for your child to be happy and healthy. Kids don’t need a lot in the form of products. We live in a consumer society that likes us to think otherwise. What kids really need are not things but love, attention and guidance.


Build Relationships

Teaching children how to build relationships is often overlooked. Simply pointing out bad behavior towards others is not enough. Encourage your child to practice small acts of kindness. This helps build empathy. Learning how to be empathetic makes children better people. It can also build self-confidence, self-esteem and happiness.

Effort Over Perfection

It is easy to reward a child for getting straight A’s on a report card, but just because your child got a C doesn’t mean they didn’t put forth a great deal of effort to earn that grade. That is why it is important to expect effort over perfection. Overemphasizing achievements can actually have negative effects on your child’s development, causing anxiety and even depression. Focus on praising your child’s effort over their natural ability. This shift in focus makes kids what to keep engaging in the process even if they may fail.

Happy Habits

Help your child develop happy habits. These are habits that have a positive influence on a person’s life. Some healthy habits that promote happiness and in turn productivity include getting a good night’s sleep, exercise, remove distractions, disengage at the end of the day, help others and learn new skills.

  •       Sleep: A good night’s sleep is very important for people of all ages.
  •       Exercise: Encourage your child to get outside and run around with friends.
  •       Distractions: Always having the television on or a device to play with discourages creativity. Give your kid some quiet time to reflect and think their own thoughts.
  •       Wind down: At the end of the day, everyone is tired. Pad your day with a little time to disengage from the day. Have a relaxing dinner and quiet time. Encourage reading or drawing.
  •       Help hands: Helping others is a happiness boosting habit. Make lending a helping hand a natural reaction. Kindness is a habit that goes a long way.
  •       Learning: Children are constantly learning even when we as adults don’t realize it. There are many gadgets out there that promote new skills and enhance learning. Sites like www.brandballot.com can help you choose the best products.

These habits just take a little bit of conscious effort to instill, but they create a lifetime of positive habits that tend to have the byproduct of happiness.

Raising happy and healthy kids is important. Give your child space to be themselves while also instilling good habits. This way when they leave the nest they are well-equipped to face the world. They will be more likely to have a positive effect on the people around them if they learn to build good relationships young, are willing to work hard regardless of the outcome and build positive daily habits.


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