5 Tips for College Freshmen

Your high school career is finally over! Before you head off to your new campus, however, there are a few things that you should know about surviving your freshman year. Here are just five tips for incoming college students.

1. Downsize Your Belongings

There won’t be enough space in your dorm room for all of your earthly possessions. You’ll need to prioritize. If necessary, you can look into things like summer storage Boston that will keep your belongings in a storage unit until you’re ready to take them out again.

2. Watch Your Diet

The “freshman 15” is very real, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll pack on the pounds in no time. Make sure that you mind what you’re putting into your body. Don’t go overboard with late-night snacks in your dorm room, and steer clear of anything obviously unhealthy in the cafeteria. Join a local gym and work off the calories that you consume.

3. Don’t Stuff Your Schedule

Your first year of college will be filled with clubs, classes, sports teams, student groups and internships all demanding your attention. Resist the urge to sign up for everything! You’ll need to be judicious with your time if you want to really savor your college experience and not just hurdle through a jam-packed whirlwind that never stops.

4. Save Money Where You Can

Even if you aren’t hurting for money right away, there will come a time in your college career where you’ll wish that you had extra cash. Go ahead and prepare for that eventuality now. Flash your student ID to get discounts on things like movie tickets and subscription services, and sell your textbooks as soon as you can so that they won’t lose value over time.

5. Remember Your Mom’s Phone Number

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of your first year away from home, but don’t forget that your parents are worrying about you. It won’t kill you to give them a ring every now and then. Even if it’s just a quick conversation where you’re checking in with each other, they’ll appreciate the sentiment, and you’ll feel better afterwards.

These are just a few tips for college freshman. Whether you’re excited about your new journey or a little nervous about all of the upcoming changes, use these tips to help you live a happy, healthy life on campus.

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