Five Types of Decks To Consider For Your Home

You have finally decided to add a deck to your home, but now you need to start planning the process. There are several decisions you need to make for this project, such as the type of deck you want to build. You may want the deck to be attached to your home, or maybe you want to expand your space with a multilevel deck. The following list includes five types of decks to consider for your home.

Attached Deck

The attached deck is connected to an L-shaped or U-shaped home. It creates an outdoor living space or connection between your exterior doors. Does the bright sun keep you from reading or napping in your yard? Building your deck with an overhead or roof provides a shady place to relax on sunny days.

Detached deck

A detached deck can be placed anywhere in your yard. You may decide to make it the center point of your yard, or you may want to build it over a bumpy or rocky terrain. Do not forget to create an entrance to your deck with a path or steps. It is a great choice for homes that do not support the construction of an attached deck.

Multilevel Deck

A multilevel deck features several decks connected by paths or steps. You can use it to enjoy the view or host a small gathering. The decks are also great for covering rocky or sloppy areas of the yard. A multilevel deck is a good choice for large, sloped or rocky properties.

Platform Decks

A platform deck is a simple choice for single-level homes. You do not need to worry about adding a staircase or railings because the deck is built low to the ground, but you do need the right materials to protect it. You can add your own style with elements such as bench seating or built-in planters.

Swimming Pool Deck

A swimming pool deck provides a slip resistant space around your pool. It is comfortable to walk on because it does not burn your feet. Use the area as a place to lounge, soak up the sun or host a pool party.

Once you choose your deck style, you can hire a decking contractor Waldorf MD to turn your vision into a reality. You are sure to enjoy reading, relaxing or entertaining guests on your new deck.

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