Keep Your Focus on Your Family: Prepare for Emergencies By Knowing Where to Go for Advice

At any moment the lives of you and your loved ones can be turned upside down by a major natural or man-made disaster. Mother nature hits with devastating storms, earthquakes and other incredible forces. Negligence can lead to forest wildfires that spread to residential communities. Personal and public transportation accidents happen regularly. Electrical surges through power lines and old/faulty appliances often destroy homes. Of course, riots in the streets and war between countries can occur at any time.

Given the potential for these and many more emergency events, it is critical that you are prepared for the most likely emergencies that can adversely affect your family. Where do you find the best advice on how to prepare?

Local and State Sources

Community emergency services personnel at ambulance, fire and police departments, health centres and hospitals and local government buildings offer the public plenty of region-specific information. Also, check with county officials and the leadership at your local National Community Action Partnership site. At the state level, check government websites for emergency preparation details. To find your state’s website, perform an online keyword search using the phrase “emergency preparation” and the name of your state. During an emergency, live emergency service scanner radio streaming feeds are another great resource. Bookmark your local streaming feed on a mobile device so that you can tune in for more information during and after an emergency takes place.

Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations

Since senior and community centres, churches and public schools are often used as evacuation and meeting sites during an emergency, contact their leaders and administrators first for guidance regarding any preparations that they know that families should focus on. Many organizations also maintain websites and assistance hotlines to provide information to the public on how to prepare for emergencies. Check with national non-profits like the United Way, American Red Cross and The Salvation Army. Some organizations like The Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries also offer stores where you can purchase items for emergency kits and bug out bags at incredibly low prices. You should also dial 211 or visit to locate additional local sources of information and assistance.

Personal Injury Law Firm

Since emergencies can cause you or a family member to experience one or more major injuries that result in temporary or permanent disability or even death, compare and research personal injury attorneys and then ask for advice from an attorney as part of your preparations. Personal injury lawyers have the experience you need to create a step-by-step plan that tells you what to do if you ever have a personal injury case after an emergency. If you wait until after the event, you might miss an important detail needed to win your case while worrying, for example, about where you are going to live or how you are going to work and pay bills. A personal injury lawyer can supply you with their contact information and a bullet point list of steps and reminders so that you can build your own customized plan around it. This information might even provide you with the names and contact details of professionals you might need to ask for help to procure information and documentation as evidence to support your case.

Anyone can experience the type of emergency that leaves them without the daily systems that they are used to relying upon, such as fresh groceries, good health, a job, a working car and the roof over their head. By asking for advice from emergency and other professionals and preparing ahead, you guarantee that you and your family have the best possible chance of coming out on top after an emergency puts you at risk of harm or makes it difficult for you to access basic necessities and/or return to the life you knew before the event took place.


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