Five Qualities to Look for in a Baby’s Play Mat

A crib, a changing table, a baby carrier and a high chair are just a few things on the list of items parents get for their baby. A baby play mat is another familiar item on that list. Babies can use this type of mat for tummy time, napping, exploration and more. It’s important to find a high-quality mat for your baby. Consider these five qualities when evaluating any baby mat for your child.

A Large Amount of Roaming Space

A quality baby mat has plenty of room for a baby to crawling, roll or scoot around. A baby should feel free to move anywhere on the mat. More importantly, the mat should provide enough room for the baby to exercise while remaining on the mat instead of the floor below it. A parent shouldn’t be worried about the baby moving off the mat after being put down for tummy time.

Appealing Colors or Illustrations

Babies like to explore and observe the environment around them. Getting a baby mat with soothing colors or interesting designs can add to a baby’s explorations. If the mat is an appealing place to be, then a baby will want to remain on it all through tummy time. Parents who prefer to buy baby play mats online must make it a point to take a close look at its design and read the description connected with it.

A Soft, Comfortable Surface

A baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive. So, any play mat you choose should move against the baby’s skin in a gentle way. The surface of the play mat should remain in good condition even after months of use. Organic cotton is a favorable type of material for a baby’s play mat.

Durable Fabric

A baby mat with durable fabric will be able to withstand washes in the gentle cycle as well as time in the clothes dryer. It’s important to keep a baby’s play mat clean on both sides. The underside touching the floor can pick up dirt, dust and bacteria. Also, the surface of the mat picks up bacteria, dirt and even pet hair that is moving across the room. A play mat should always come out of the clothes dryer in clean, excellent condition. Even if a baby has a leaky diaper on the play mat, it should come clean after being put in the normal clothing washer found in a household.

Easy Storage

When a parent is finished using a baby’s play mat, it should be easy to put into a closet or even slip into a cabinet until the next time it’s needed. Easy storage helps a baby’s play mat to remain in good condition throughout a baby’s exploratory years. Plus, putting it in a cabinet or closet keeps it away from pets and other children who may try to damage it.

Lastly, taking your time to look for a quality baby play mat allows you to use it for one baby and maybe even his or her future siblings. After the babies are grown, a quality play mat can become a keepsake to treasure after the children are grown!


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  1. I agree with everything you’ve written here It is a must for babies to have colorful floor mats so they get to be entertained with all the colors and touchy details of the mat. And of course, we need to stuff that can be stored easily. Thanks for sharing.

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