Why a Plumbing Emergency Needs to Be Handled Right Away


It is nearly impossible to predict a true plumbing emergency. It is sometimes difficult to find the money in the budget to get needed repairs done immediately. There are a few occasions in which there is no way to put the problem off. Below are some of the reasons to consider in making that call right away.

Limit the Amount of Damage

A serious backup of sewage or a broken water pipe can send water, both clean and unclean, pouring into various areas of your home. These are plumbing emergencies that you do not want to wait around for a repair. Raw sewage can make you and your family sick. Water damage to floors, walls and personal items can cost a great deal of money in repairs, or cause you to lose irreplaceable items.

Restore Full Use of Plumbing

A clogged drain for a washing machine or problem with the water heater might be a couple of items you can live without for the moment, but having the plumbing system completely intact should be your ultimate goal. Determine the level of emergency in not having access to parts of the plumbing system to better determine your needs for emergency plumbing repairs.

Avoid Forgetting About a Major Plumbing Problem

One problem with putting a plumbing repair off is to forget that there was an issue, to begin with. You can end up turning on the washing machine, or dishwasher and having a repeat incidence. It is better to go ahead and have the problem taken care of as soon as possible.

Locate Other Potential Problems

You can have a professional plumber take a look at any areas that you suspect might hold other potential problems. Being proactive about the health of your plumbing is one way to help avoid emergency situations.

Will the Problem Require Completely Shutting the Water Off

Many homes cannot go for long periods of time without running water. Bathing, using the toilet, washing clothes, drinking and cooking are all basic needs that require the use of water, at least to some degree. Plumbing problems that require shutting the water main down require emergency repairs.


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