Packing Your Storage Unit Before Moving

When you’re moving from one home to another, you might need to put a few items in a storage facility until your new home is ready. Before you just take a lot of boxes to a storage Hackettstown NJ facility, there are some tips that you can use to ensure that your unit is organized and easy to manage for when you need to get everything out once again.

Determine the sizes of the boxes that you’ll need for your belongings. Dishes and glassware should be packed in smaller boxes so that they aren’t too heavy. Items like clothing, blankets, and towels can be packed in larger boxes because they don’t weigh as much and can easily be folded to accommodate for several items in one box at a time. You also need to find a storage unit that is large enough for the items that you have to store. Most facilities have units of different sizes, some only a few feet wide by a few feet long while others have dimensions of several feet.

Some of the items that you might store include appliances and electronics. A climate-controlled unit is an option to consider so that your belongings don’t overheat or get too cold as extreme temperatures could cause damage. Sometimes, significant temperature changes can begin to warp furniture as well. Begin packing early so that you have plenty of time to secure your unit. Some facilities will prorate the fee for your unit if you don’t need it for the entire first month. Get a lock for the door of your unit as added protection. Most facilities have security cameras and locks that are already on the units, but an extra one won’t do any harm. Shelves are an option to keep belongings off the floor. You can also use pallets to keep furniture and larger items off the floor so that they aren’t damaged. Leave a pathway in the storage unit so that you can get to the boxes and other items when you begin to unpack your unit. Only pack the items that you know that you won’t need in your new home when you first move in so that you’re not missing anything important.

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