How to Get Your Home Ready for the Warm Weather

Though for most parents, the approach of the warm weather means filling out summer camp forms and planning family vacations, there are other things you’ll want to make sure are secure – such as your home. After taking a beating from the harsh elements of the winter, your home will need some TLC from the inside out. The spring is the perfect time to get some home improvement projects done. Below are a few to add to the list.

Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced

Though you may not need to turn your central air on until June or July, it can’t hurt to have it serviced now. Not only is it more affordable to service your air conditioner during off-peak times, it will also ensure you don’t run into any issues when the temperature are 90 degrees and better. You’ll want to hire a service provider like Mobile Air, that specializes in ac repair bradenton. They can give your unit a tuneup to ensure that it’s pumping efficiently when you need it most.

Inspect the Roof and Exterior

If the area you live in was prone to storms this winter, the exterior of your home could have some damage. Take a step outside and survey the roof, siding, and foundation of the property. Do you notice any missing, cracked, or damaged shingles? Has the siding started to fall or look visually worn? Do you notice large puddles around the home? If you see any of these things, you need to hire a roofer to do a full inspection. They can make minor repairs like replacing missing shingles and cleaning the gutters as well as check for major issues like holes that need to be fixed.

Clean Up the Yard

Your yard will likely need some TLC. This can include things like getting rid of broken tree limbs, cleaning up debris, and pulling out the lawn furniture. You can also do a bit of lawn care now to make sure that your yard is lush and green when you’re ready to entertain. Mow the grass, add some grass seeds, remove weeds, and plant any seasonal bushes or flowers you’d like.

As the winter comes to an end, it is the perfect time to inspect your entire home and repair any of the damage that may have been done. If you’re not sure of how to complete the task yourself, hiring an expert is advised. Once you’re done making sure the home is secure, all that’s left to do is plan the perfect summer for you and your family.

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