Spotting Start-Up Properties for a Mommy Boutique

Mommy boutiques are becoming a big hit among many young and middle-aged mothers alike. These stores have become so popular due to their unique clothing inventory. Unlike many of the big box stores who offer generic clothing, boutiques commonly offer items that are made in very limited editions. Boutiques are popping up across the country, and are a wonderful startup opportunity for the average family. However, it’s important to find a decently sized, yet affordable, location to purchase for the grand opening.

Off the Beaten Path

For the average mother who is trying to open her own boutique, a location on Main Street may be out of the budget. Instead, try to find a store that is located in a middle-class residential area. By purchasing a storefront that is not located in a heavily trafficked business district, there will be less investment money tied up in the building.


Many companies are not looking to purchase a store that is in need of repairs. These repairs might include a roof that is in poor shape, plumbing that needs updating, or electrical rewiring. Sometimes, the parking around the building might be severely limited, which may be a big problem for companies that deal with thousands of customers. If the entrepreneur can find a property that is in need of repairs, the repair investment may be offset by a much lower purchase price. Installing commercial roofing St. Louis will keep the building in great shape for many years, while improving the property’s value.

Strip Malls: Limited Commitment

For the entrepreneur who does not want to purchase a store, she can instead rent a location for her boutique. Strip malls are one of the best places to find rentals for small businesses due to their excellent foot traffic. The rental space may be on the smaller side, but this could be perfect for a smaller boutique with limited inventory. The additional foot traffic in the area can help to attract curious potential customers, which is a wonderful perk.

As Mommy boutiques continue to explode in popularity, many families are finding that they are an excellent way to provide mothers and children with unique clothing while also paying for their bills at home.

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