Keep Your Family Safe and Your Home Secure

When designing your landscape and the exterior of your home, your family’s safety and the security of your home should be primary concerns. You don’t have to forfeit beauty, style or comfort in order to create a landscape design and exterior décor that supports safety.


There are several landscaping tips that increase the safety and security of your family and home. Motion sensor lights and decorative lighting can discourage nighttime intruders. You don’t want to plant trees and shrubs close to windows or doors. As they grow, they can provide a hiding place for intruders. Illuminating the entrance to your home and having a well-lit pathway from your car to your door can increase your safety coming home at night or leaving early in the morning. Fence company Tampa Fl has a diverse selection of fencing that can be both a safety feature and a decorative element in your landscape Fencing can make your yard a safer place for kids and pets. It can increase your level of privacy and provide extra security.

Exterior Design Features

Your front door can be an eye-catching feature in your home’s exterior design. It can also be a security feature. Exterior doors made of wood or metal offer a layer of safety. For added security, select exterior doors that do not have windows as part of their design. Make sure that you have high quality locks on all your exterior doors and windows. Take steps to secure your garage. Once an intruder gets into your garage they can’t be seen breaking into the door leading into your house. Add a deadbolt lock to the door inside your garage that leads into your home. Explore window styles to determine what style offers the most security. Window glazing can also increase your family’s safety.

It’s easy to get focused on the cosmetic issues and curb appeal of your home and forget to consider safety features. By making smart choices, you can have both a safe and attractive landscape and exterior décor.

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