My Left Eye

My left eye has been bothering me for some time now. Last year, I went to get a pair of glasses hoping that it would improve my vision. Sadly, my vision became worse. I went to an ophthalmologist early May this year and was diagnosed as having posterior capsular cataract on my left eye.  I was stunned since I knew cataracts usually develop in the 60s but it is what it is. I went for a second opinion and the next ophthalmologist gave me the same diagnosis. So I scheduled the procedure and prayed that the Lord will be with me through out the procedure. Financially, I was relieved that our medical insurance will cover the expenses except for the lens. Grateful also that Philhealth approved and gave a certain amount as well.

During the entire procedure, I was awake. The doctor instructed me where to look and I just followed his instructions. While the procedure was on-going, sometimes, I get nervous and a bit hazy but I just kept repeating my favorite memory verses in my head. I was still nervous but knowing that the Lord was with me helped me calm down until the procedure was finished. 

It has been a week since my eye procedure and I can now see clearly with my left eye. I never realized that my eyesight was that bad until it was fixed. I remember telling my children that it’s like I’m looking at them through HD now when I was so used to looking at them through low definition images.

This experience has allowed me to understand what it means to look at things clearly – both literally and figuratively. Grateful that I went through the ordeal with the presence of the Lord in my life and my family’s support all the way.

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