Finding Elder Home Care Services for a Loved One

Most seniors prefer to continue living in their home instead of moving into an assisted living facility or with a relative. If you want to help your loved one maintain a sense of independence, yet know they are getting needed help, elderly home care services are appropriate.

Having problems with cooking healthy meals, keeping a clean house or maintaining personal hygiene can be troubling for seniors. These everyday activities cannot be neglected. You and other family members may want to help with a few tasks, but this takes time and effort.

As your loved one’s needs increase, this may become more difficult. Fortunately, you can take advantage of services that resolves all the problems. Your loved one has a chance to remain independent a little longer. These services take some of the burden off your plate and you are assured of their safety and wellbeing.

How Much Assistance is Necessary?

No matter how much you try, there is a level of care your loved one will need that requires full-time attention. The situation gets worse if you live in another city or state. It will require one of you moving or you can hire a service.

Determine your loved one’s issues that make them vulnerable to living alone and you can decide how much care they will need. If they need to be transferred from the bed to a wheelchair, you risk injuring your back. A professional home care assistant knows how to do this safely for them and your loved one.

A loved one who has dementia will need another level of care that might be too stressful for you to handle. There are many risks with this condition such as wandering from the home and leaving stove burners on.

Types of Assistance Available

The types of in-home assistance typically available include:

  • Health care (medication management, doctor’s appointments, therapy)
  • Personal care (eating, bathing, grooming)
  • Emotional care (companionship, activities)
  • Household care (laundry, shopping, cleaning, cooking)

Be Comfortable with Your Selection

Interview applicants and have written questions. Be upfront about what will be needed. Recognizing what your loved needs is good for them and for you.

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