Frugal Vacation Tips for Families

Everyone has fond memories of their family vacations as a child. Whether you headed to the beach to soak up some rays, hit the trails for a camping trip, or went to your favorite theme park, there’s something out there for everyone to enjoy family time. If you aren’t careful, however, vacations can get quite expensive. Here are some tips to help your family save money only our next big vacation.

Know when to Fly

Flights can be one of the most expensive aspects of a vacation. If you know where to look and are diligent about searching around for the right price, however, you can often find great deals on your airfare. If you’re flying during a school break, avoid flying the first and last days of vacation, which tend to be the most expensive. You may also want to plan your vacation around the off-season, which tends to carry lower airfare than any other time and may help you score some cheaply-priced seats.

Look for Free Activities

Check out the area where you plan to stay to see if you can find deals or free, kid-friendly activities. Many larger cities offer completely free museum admission, which can provide you with ample things to do that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Go All-Inclusive

All-inclusive resorts are great for those who are looking for money saving vacations for their families. With an all-inclusive, you know exactly what your vacation is going to cost well in advance of when you step on the resort. With all-inclusive resorts, you don’t have to worry about paying for your meals, alcohol, or activities because they’re added right into the cost of your trip. This can save you money, time, and a headache while on your vacation and allow you to enjoy relaxing with your family.

Consider Rentals

Renting a condo or home for your vacation can save money in many ways. You can get a larger place and go in on costs with other family members or friends, and it’s often cheaper than staying in a hotel for the week. With a house rental, you can also bring your own food, which can offer huge savings over eating out every night while you’re on vacation.

Steer Clear of Souvenirs

Souvenir shops are often tourist traps and should be avoided if you want to save money. Not only do they often carry items you’ll likely throw out or put in a box and forget about once you return home, but they also often carry a much higher price tag than if you were to buy a similar item elsewhere. If you want a souvenir while you’re on vacation, keep maps, ticket stubs, or photos to preserve the memory of your trip.

Your family vacation doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Use these tips and see significant money savings on your next trip.

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