Tips On Big Game Fishing

There comes a time for every newbie big game fisherman when they have to fight a saltwater fish when using big game lures. There is no need to worry or otherwise become apprehensive about this. Here are some tips to use when you are out on the boat and the big one is in sight.

1. The first thing that a fisherman may notice is that the rod almost seems like it is stuck in the rod holder. The reason that it feels this way is because of the pressure the large fish is exerting on the rod. To counteract this, all you need to do is to grasp the rod and pull back on it slightly. You will be amazed at just how easily the rod will slide out of the holder.

2. There is a certain position that you should always be in unless you are fishing big game from the comfort of a game chair. Place your left hand high up on the foregrip. The butt of the rod should be brace against your hip. This position, the one that experts recommend, leaves your right hand to reel the handle very freely. The rod should be placed at approximately 45 degrees. It is very important that the fisherman be comfortable at all times.

3. Just remember when that reel starts screaming that it is not a race. Virtually all newbie big game fisherman will become frantic when the reel starts to pay out the line. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The key is to remain calm and let the fish end the escape. After the fish is done trying to race away, the fisherman can start thinking about reeling it back in.

By following some of these suggestions, that first-time big game fishing trip should run much more smoothly

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