Can’t Pay Your Medical Bills? Here Are 3 Solutions You Can Try

Did you know that healthcare costs are one of the biggest headaches in most households?

Yes, buying food and paying for proper housing often take priority. But with rising health costs and an increase in lifestyle diseases, medical bills are quickly becoming a critical financial burden.  Today, it’s scary just thinking about getting sick!


Statistics show that more people are getting into debt due to outstanding medical bills caused by chronic health conditions. However, the truth is that you don’t have to stay up all night racking your brain about medical bills. There are things that you can do to save on healthcare costs.


Here are three solutions that you definitely need to consider:


Check Your Medical Bills for Errors


Did you know that as much as 50 percent of all medical bills have clerical errors that lead to overcharging? Healthcare billing errors can make you pay a lot of money unnecessarily.

This is why you need to keep all your medical records safely, including your insurance benefits paperwork. This is the only way to protect against medical billing errors.


Then you need to go over your medical bills with a fine tooth comb. If you find that you have been overcharged, just call your healthcare provider and ask them to sort it out. It is your responsibility to audit your bills and ensure that whatever medical charges that have accrued are correct. If your bill is extremely high, you should consider consulting a medical billing advocate to help you lower the charges.


Get Financial Assistance


When a medical need arises and you are totally strapped for cash, you may have to get a cash loan. There are companies that give clients loans on short notice, which is exactly what you need during a medical emergency.  You can refer to for more resources on how to get a loan. This kind of financial assistance is much faster than waiting for a loan from a bank.


There are a couple of things to note, however. These types of loans should only be taken out for emergencies. Avoid taking a loan when you have other options available to you, for example, family members and friends. Another point to remember is that high-interest loans should only be considered when you are confident of paying them back in time.


Haggle Persistently


Did you know that you can actuallynegotiate to reduce your medical bills? You can negotiate your medical bills either through the doctor’s office, hospital, or even your health insurer. Go to the medical billing manager or anyone who has the authority to give you a discount. You may have to be persistent in this. Make calls and send emails and faxes. If this doesn’t work, then write a letter to the management team asking for a discount. Once they agree, make sure the agreement is in writing.

Nobody wants to get sick or injured. It’s simply a part of life. When medical bills pile up on you unexpectedly, rest assured that you have options you can resort to. Check your bills for errors, get financial assistance, or at least haggle to get the charges lowered. It will definitely be worth it.


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