Choosing Your Washer

Unfortunately, washing machines don’t last forever. They could last for months if you purchase one that is used or for years whether you purchase one that is used or new. When you begin noticing the signs of your washing machine failing, such as the machine not spinning properly or odd noises coming from the motor or belt, then you should begin looking for one that is newer. There are a few tips that you can use when you begin looking at washing machines Massachusetts stores sell so that you get one that suits your family and that will work well in your home.

Think about the size of your laundry room or area where your machine and supplies are located in your home. Don’t get a large washing machine if there isn’t enough room just because you want an appliance that might have a lot of bells and whistles that make it easier to wash clothes. You should also think about where your washing machine is in relation to your dryer or if there are other items in the area that would make it difficult to open the machine from the front.

The floor should be reinforced enough to stand up to the weight of the washing machine. If your machine will be in an area where other people will frequently see it, then consider getting a color besides white or a machine that is attractive to look at instead of one with a plain design. Inspect the drum of the machine. Most new ones come without an agitator, making it easier to wash more clothes at one time. However, a machine with an agitator might be something to consider if you want an appliance that is easier to use as these usually only have a few settings compared to newer models.

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