Four In-the-Moment Ways to Spend More Time with Your Kids

When it comes to spending time with their kids, parents are often racked with guilt because they don’t get to spend as much time as they think they should. However, quality is more important than quantity, and there are ways you can turn in-the-moment “nows” into time spent with your littles.

Need to Cook Dinner? Invite Your Kids to Help

Kids drive you crazy sometimes, especially when they are underfoot and want to help with EVERYTHING. However, you should embrace these little moments. Instead of shooing your little ones out of the kitchen, invite them to help cook dinner. They can stir, sprinkle, pour, and generally be good helpers. It’s these kinds of moments that are fun for them but also a great way to teach them how to cook from a young age.

Have toddlers? Get a sticker maker and ask them to label things in the kitchen while you cook. It’s a fun way to keep them both involved and occupied.

Rough House, Wrestle, Tickle—Engage Your Kids in Active Playtime that Leaves Both of You Giggling

When your kids are rambunctious and energetic, take that as a sign to help them get all of their energy out. Because, chances are, that rambunctious side is happening right before bedtime. Smack them with pillows, tickle their underarms until they squeal for you to stop, and rough house until they stop coming back for more. This kind of super-active, hands-on playtime leaves them giggling and exhausted.

Turn Those Couch Potato Moments into Snuggle Sessions with a Movie, Popcorn, and Hot Cocoa

Declare a lazy day in your house. Snuggle down into the couch with your kiddos, a bowl of popcorn, a few cups of hot cocoa, and a good movie. These cuddle sessions are what you will miss most when your youngsters have flown the proverbial coop.

Go for a Nature Walk Together—Stroll Slow to Enjoy the Weather, Sights, and Each Other

Nature walks are good for your mental and physical health, of course, but they’re also great for building the bond between you and your kiddos. Enjoy each other’s company with a slow stroll on a warm, nice day. Play “eye spy,” count the number of birds you see, and make up your own fun little games to keep the light banter rolling on your leisure walk.

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