Protecting Your Property: 7 Key Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Home

All of us want to feel safe and secure in our own home and knowing that your family and property are safely protected will give you valuable peace of mind.

One of the best ways of achieving that aim is to adopt a proactive approach to home security and look at ways of ensuring that you make it as hard as possible for unwelcome visitors to gain entry to your property.

Here are some pointers on ways to improve your security features, including an overview of what makes your property vulnerable, why investing in locks is money well spent, plus some tips on where to hide your valuables.

Be prepared

A burglary takes place about every twenty seconds across the country so it is not a threat to your property that you can ignore.

The key is to anticipate a potential problem and take steps to prevent and dissuade thieves from even attempting to get into your home in the first place.

A common misconception is that most burglaries take place in the middle of the night while most homeowners are tucked up in bed, but the statistical reality is somewhat different and the majority of burglaries take place in broad daylight.

The simple reason for this is that many of us will be at work, shopping, or out picking up the children, allowing a burglar to attempt a break-in without having to worry about being disturbed.

Be prepared for a burglary to be attempted at any time of the day and take steps to protect your home around the clock.

Security cameras

One of the first things that a burglar will look at is what visible security measures are in place and how easy you have made it for them to get in.

Having security cameras covering the exterior of your property will often persuade a burglar to look for an easier target where the prospect of getting caught is lower because of a lack of obvious security precautions.

You can get more info about security camera options so that you know which type of system and setup will be best suited to your home and it would be a good idea to combine these cameras with some outside lighting, which comes on when the sensor is activated.

Invest in good locks

A lot of burglars tend to be opportunistic in their approach and if they see a window open or find a door unlocked they are going to take the invitation to get in and see what they can take.

Even in the height of summer when you want to get some fresh air and a breeze running around your home, be mindful about leaving doors and windows open in locations around your home where someone could enter unnoticed.

Don’t be tempted to leave your home for even a short while without making sure that all of your doors and windows are securely locked.

In addition, it pays to invest in good quality locks for your windows and doors as they will provide an extra layer of protection and most burglars won’t want to risk taking too long trying to break in as it heightens the risk of being caught.

Lock away your garden tools

Another simple tip that is well worth following is to make sure that all of your garden tools and anything that could be used to help a burglar get in, such as a ladder, are out of sight and securely locked away in your garage or shed.

Leaving tools around the outside of your home could be an invitation that a burglar will accept to make it easier to gain entry to your property.

Make sure your garage is secure

A popular entry point for burglars is through your garage door and it can often be viewed as a good target because it can be easy to break into and there might be some worthwhile items stored there without having to get into the house itself.

Consider upgrading the locking mechanism on your garage door if you have had it for some while and the security features might not be as robust as a modern version.

There is also the option to upgrade your garage door security with home automation, meaning you can use technology to ensure that you never leave the garage door opened or unlocked unintentionally.

Hide your valuables with care

You will obviously want to do everything you can to keep an intruder outside of your home but if they do manage to get in you don’t want to hand your valuables to them on a plate.

There are a number of popular hiding places that many of us use, and criminals love it when we conform to type and hide valuables in all the usual spots.

Jewelry is often hidden in dresser drawers and medicine cabinets, toilet tanks, and mattresses are common hotspots for hiding valuables.

Think about hiding your valuables in unconventional places and think about installing a hidden safe to keep items of monetary and sentimental value away from burglars as best as possible.

Use technology to monitor your home while you are out

In addition to having a security system installed with sensors, it is not very expensive these days to use a camera system that connects to your smartphone.

There are various doorbell camera options available where the app on your phone is activated when someone rings the doorbell or when a motion detector is activated. This allows you to see who is at the door or what is going on at your property in your absence.

Having one of these internet and smartphone doorbells will make it easy to talk to someone at the door and give them instructions if they are leaving a parcel, without knowing whether you are at the property or not.

This means that if someone is posing as a delivery person as a way of checking if you are in or not, they won’t know the answer because you have answered their ring at the door.

Protecting your property should be a top priority and if you follow some of these suggestions it should help you deter a burglar from targeting your home.

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