Selling The Product In An Image

Being a photographer who takes pictures of items that will be sold by a company is a bit different than taking pictures of people and scenery. You have to get the lighting just right and the details of the product just right so that it’s attractive to those who view the picture. The goal of the picture is to sell the product using as few words as possible.

As an advertising photographer, try to take pictures of items in natural light instead of one that’s artificial. This will highlight the features of the product instead of an artificial light creating a glare on the product that can sometimes take away from the colors on the exterior of the item and the significant details.

Consider arranging multiple images in a design so that they tell a story. You want the customer to have a desire to learn more about the product or to buy the product. Using a solid background that is a color on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the products in the picture can give a stunning presentation. Start simple by limiting yourself to a few products to capture on film. Once you know what the business wants, you can begin to add more products to your lineup. However, you need to understand that each business will want different images for the products that are sold. This means that you should try to use different backgrounds and a few different angles for each image that you capture. Try to take pictures that deliver motion. Sometimes, less light entering the screenshot will give a blurry design, which makes the image look as though it’s in motion. Sell the brand instead of only one or two products. Think about something that all of the products have in common that you can tie together with the pictures that you take that is unique for the brand.

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