5 Smart Investing Tips for Moms

Investing could be a pretty big word, especially for busy moms with no time to learn about its principles. But investing is actually just like parenting, it can feel complicated and overwhelming especially at first. There are peculiar terms to learn, plenty of decisions to make, and there’s that great big fear of not making it right.

Being intimidated with investing is totally normal, but investing and growing your money is essential to secure your family’s future. Nowadays, leaving your money in the bank is not a smart move, skyrocketing inflation rates eat up your hard earned money leaving you less of the amount you initially put in.

So whether you’re saving up for a home, your child’s education, or a dream vacation, here are 5 smart investing tips for you to follow:

Be clear on your investment goal

The importance of specifying the goal of your investment can’t be emphasized enough. It drives your decisions and your strategies in your investments. Without determining your goals, it would be harder for you to pick the right investment and create the best investment plan for you and your family. Investment goals could be as simple as fight inflation, and save money for a vacation to as important as building fund for your child’s education and your retirement.

Find out how much money you can invest

After getting clear on your goal, you have to review your financials and check on how much money you are willing to invest. The amount of money to be invested is also extremely important in choosing your investment. One key deciding factor to consider is your need for liquidity. If you set aside money for investment, make sure you won’t be needing it anytime soon as you can’t just pull off your investment any time you want, which brings us to the next important step.

Create an acceptable time frame for each investment

Investments can be divided into three categories in terms of the time your money stays in the investment. These are (1) Short term: typically 1-2 years (2) Medium Term: typically 3 -8 years (3) Long term investments: typically more than 8 years. Knowing your timeframe can help you narrow down on the type of investment you’re going to put your money on. Since different investments require different time span to provide returns, establishing acceptable time frame is a smart move.

Know your risk tolerance

Risk tolerance is simply how comfortable you are to lose money. The higher the risk tolerance the higher money you’re willing to lose money. Knowing your risk tolerance will help you understand which investments fit your personality. Usually, higher risk investments have the greatest potential for higher returns, while low-risk investments yield low-interest rates. You have to recognize your tolerance for fluctuations so as to prevent getting burnt out on checking the progress of your investments every now and then.

Pick your investment vehicle

Investment vehicle is the term used for investment products that would help you get to your investment goals. There are a lot of investment vehicles out there but the most popular ones are stocks, bonds, starting a business, and real estate.

Stocksare shares of a company you can buy and earn from the stock price increase and dividends. They are extremely volatile but can be extremely profitable as well. Going into the stock market requires time and knowledge of the stock market terms and principles for your investment to really grow.

Bonds, on the other hand, are debt instruments wherein you can loan money to a corporation in exchange for periodic interest payments plus the initial investment amount at the end of the bond contract or the bond maturity. They are considered safe investments due to the guarantee that you will not lose your investment. However, bonds only yield low-interest rates.

Starting a businesscould be a very exciting venture with millions of possibilities for your money. Starting a business can be extremely profitable but can sometimes be time consuming and exhausting. Starting a business has its own risks and you need to really give time for the business to thrive especially in times of market fluctuations.

Real estateis a smart investment choice for the long term and can gain continuous potential cash flow. A lot of real estate investors have become millionaires, proving real estate to be a very promising venture. But some people would turn their back on real estate because they think you need millions to earn millions. But in reality, you can start your real estate business even with a small amount. You can start by renting out part of your property or one of your properties you don’t usually use for monthly cash flow. You can also opt to buy foreclosed houses cheap and sell them high after simple renovations. Buying land is also an investment as its value is guaranteed to appraise in the long the run where you can sell your property twice or thrice the price you bought it. In this age, you can own a property in less than a million and pay for the rest in monthly affordable instalments. You can rent out these properties for cash flow and return right away.

Investing is truly like parenting-you make time to learn to do it right, you do it, you make mistakes, you learn again. But all your efforts and hardships will definitely pay off at the end when you watch your investments (and your child) grow.


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