Natural Childbirth Options

Giving birth is without a doubt one of the most significant experiences a woman will ever have, and given the importance of the event, many women think long and hard about how they want the birth of their child to go. Childbirth is a natural and awesome process that draws on every ounce of a woman’s strength, both physically and emotionally. All of this is why many women choose to have a midwife or “doula’ with them to help offer support and expertise during the process.

Going Natural

Today there is a trend towards natural childbirth that began as a reaction against the over-medicalization of childbirth. While many women do choose to give birth in hospitals, the trend towards having a more natural experience, even in a hospital setting, is becoming more accepted. While in the past women were often sedated during childbirth, today most medical providers support the idea that it’s healthier for a woman to be awake during childbirth, dealing with the birth pain with a minimum of medication.

Today many women are going back to the idea of having a birth at home, with the assistance of a midwife. Others choose to go to a birthing center that is attached to a hospital, so if emergency medical assistance is needed, it is close by. In both cases, the birth is overseen by an experienced midwife, from centers like lakeland midwifery care, who will offer emotional and physical support for the mother during the birth.

A midwife will have medical training as well as a knowledge of how to help the mother stay calm so that the need for pain relief is minimized. Today many mothers are choosing this route for childbirth, as it has been found to be a very natural and successful choice for bringing a baby into the world. Ultimately, the way a baby comes into the world should be a mother’s choice, as long as she can be reassured that the process will be a safe one for her and her baby.

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