Signs You Might Need To Replace Your Breaker Box

Replacing your circuit breaker can be an affordable investment to help protect your home from damage to your fixtures and appliances. A properly working circuit breaker ensures your family is safe and sound. For most homeowners, the breaker box is somewhere out of sight. However, there are certain things you may notice that could indicate your breaker box needs replacement. If you notice any of the following signs, contact a reputable company of breaker box replacement Richardson for help, like the one found at

Flickering Lights

One obvious sign your breaker box needs to be checked out is when your lights start flickering. If just a single light is flickering, it may just be the bulb dying. However, if you see all the lights in your house flickering, the first place you should check is your breaker box.

Appliance Performance

Another sign your breaker box is going bad is when appliances stop working properly. If you find your stove not baking evenly or your dryer shutting off mid-cycle, you need to check your breaker. If any of your appliances are having issues at the same time, the strange and inconsistent performance is not a coincidence.

Damage To Appliances And Lights

Your circuit breaker is needed to control the electrical currents that flow through your home to the lights and appliances. When your breaker fails to control the currents properly, you may begin noticing that your light bulbs constantly burn out or that your appliances stopped working. In some cases, overheating can occur and cause costly, lasting damage.

These are just a few of the things to keep an eye out for in your home concerning the breaker box. If your breaker box is failing and you do not get it replaced, too much power can be drawn through your electrical system and power cords. When this happens, your home will be at risk of a fire starting. This can cause severe smoke, fire and water damage. Never put off getting your circuit breaker box checked out if you notice any of these signs.

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