Oli’s Boxship Subscription Box

A few months back, we received a box from Oli’s Boxship.

We were excited to see what was inside and we were surprised to see that it contains a complete set of materials (including scissors) for 2 activities (and possibly one more bonus activity). It looked colorful, fun, and exciting!

My 15 year old daughter started working on the propeller craft. Here’s the materials that came with the kit:

She mentioned that she thinks it is an activity for older kids like 10 years old and above since this activity was a bit harder to complete.

After about half an hour, she was able to complete the propeller, now we just need to bring it to the pool or to the beach to see if it will work!

As homeschoolers, we love to do experiments and crafts, but sometimes, it is challenging to get all the supplies needed. It is a blessing that there are now creative learning boxes in the Philippines like Oli’s Boxship! Fun-filled learning to foster creativity and learning. This creative craft box is definitely created for children, both young and old, to enjoy working with their hands and engage their minds!

Oli’s Boxship is a monthly subscription-based learning in a box. Each box comes with complete supplies for 2 activities which fosters creativity and recycling. It also has a storybook to match the theme of the month. Perfect for homeschoolers and after-school bonding activities.

The subscription rice is 980/month. But if you get a 3-month subscription, each month will cost 950. If you get 6 months, each month will now be 900 and for a 12-month subsription, each box will only be 850 pesos.

For more information, check  www.olisboxship.com

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