Transitioning to Online Work

Since March, we have been on lockdown. As a family, we don’t go out of the house and all our work thankfully can be done at home. As a tutor, my work has now shifted to online tutoring. I needed to set up a workstation at the house, and get some gears for my work to be done. I re-organized the house, looked for a quiet place where people won’t be bothered whenever I am on the computer and on a call. ¬†Then I prepared my laptop, installed applications like video conferencing applications. Finally, I ¬†looked around and shopped for the best headphones that would fit me. I checked out Rakuten website and was able to see the different brand names with different types of headphones, like the in-ear, on-ear or the over-the-ear headphones. I had to make sure to get one that would be gentle to my ears to avoid ear problems since I will be using it for a couple of hours everyday. I needed one with a mic feature as well. Of course, I was also looking for one that would fit my budget as well.

Aside from preparing physically, I had to prepare my daily schedule to make sure that I can always take calls and be on-time in my online meetings and online tutorials. Working from home takes discipline and focus as there are many distractions while at home. I am blessed to be able to continually do my work and be with my loved ones safely in the comforts of our home.

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