5 Things to Pray For Your Heart Book Review

Have you ever had those days when you pray and your prayer sounds like a wish list? Or like a broken record? I have those days. Wanting to grow deeper in my prayer life and to pray prayers which are meaningful, I was excited to read and practice what I have learned from this book, 5 Things to Pray for Your Heart: Prayers that Change You to be More Like Jesus by Rachel Jones. This book is part of the award-winning series 5 Things to Pray.

James 5:16 says “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” Prayers that reflect the heart of God are powerful and effective. This book helped me organize my daily prayer time by giving me a scripture each week and praying for the 5 specific verses each day. There are 3 subcategories : praying for spiritual fruit, praying that I would be and praying for growth when I’m… There is a prayer guide for each day and it’s not just a random guide but very specific and deep. I appreciate how it challenges me to go beyond my prayers. It has helped enrich my prayer life as my prayers now go beyond my physical needs or pressing needs. It gave me a fresh way to pray, and it realigned the desires of my heart.

Currently available at CSM Publishing for 99 pesos (SRP). You may also purchase this from CSM Lazada shop at a discounted price of 79 pesos only.

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