BeautyMNL Site Review


I am not a person who shops for beauty items regularly so when I was given an opportunity to check out BeautyMNL, I was quite excited to see what items they were offering. I was actually looking for Cocoa Butter and was so happy to find out that BeautyMNL actually caries this product!


It was very easy to create an account with BeautyMNL as it is connected to my Deal Grocer account. In less than 5 minutes, I was able to enter and start my shopping experience!


The first thing that I did was look for Cocoa Butter and I was immediately showed this item. I read the reviews and it seemed to me that this product was worth getting so I added it to my cart.

I looked around and was happy to see that they are also carrying organic shampoo so I got a Gugo Sulfate-free Shampoo from Be Organic Bath & Body.

Sunblock Away SPF 75 by Nature was the next product that I got. It is an all-natural sunscreen that shields skin against UV rays and it is good for kids and adults. This was perfect for my kids who loved to swim.

I also got Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty soap as my stock was running low at home.

I checked out and paid using my Paypal account. In 2 days, I got my ordered delivered straight to my doorstep. They deliver nationwide and fast.

It was a very straight forward and easy online shopping experience. Definitely, BeautyMNL is a site worth checking out for all your beauty needs, even for your basic wellness products.

Are you looking for natural health products online? Try checking out The historical roots of the store started out with Merz Apothecary. The business focused on herbal medicines and traditional formulas since  1875 in Chicago. But as generations passed ,Merz Apothecary changed with the new seasons. With a new owner, they began offering international natural skin care, bath, aromatherapy, and other personal care products as well. The business also expanded as was born to better serve customers worldwide.


With over hundreds of years experience in offering products for the health of the Americans, you can trust to carry only their trusted brands and products for your well-being.

Adventure Bible Website Review

Are you looking for a Bible website which can make learning the Bible more fun for your kids? We were given the opportunity to review Adventure Bible Website from Zonderkidz and my kids loved it!  I did too!


The Adventure Bible Website is a fun and free website for kids ages 8-12 years old. This website is loaded with activities that will ignite your child’s love for the Bible! It has several interactive games, activity sheets, Bible search and other resources to help kids and their parents to enjoy the Bible.

Simply register as a teacher or as a student on the site to begin accessing all these wonderful resources available for you. Once logged in, you can now choose from the different online games.


The different games include:

Truthquest: The Ultimate Bible Trivia Game 
Books of the Bible: Know the order of the Bible 
Leopardy: Just like the game Jeopardy, your kids will answer Bible trivia questions 
Leapin’ Lemur: Fill in the missing letters to complete the answer.
X Marks the Spot: Mapping game

My 7 year old son’s favorite is Leopardy while my 10 year old daughter’s favorite is X Marks the Spot!


One of the more famous features of the website is the Bible search. You can type in a verse and it comes up along with notes and features to click on! It gives you  application and background info.

As a parent, I really loved that there are so many printable activities and resources which you can use! You can find crosswords, word searches, devotionals, map, illustrations, fill-in-the-blank sheets, timelines and Scripture flash cards.

Resource Page

Now, if you have an iPad, you can install the Adventure Bible Games for Kids App to enjoy the games even while mobile!

I believe that every family and sunday school teacher should access Adventure Bible Website, it has a very rich resource and it is free!

For more information, you can visit and the Zonderkidz Facebok page.


swagMany people don’t understand that paid surveys actually work. They do. While claims of riches and glory should be taken with a shaker of salt, it’s entirely possible to make a few dollars on the side from paid online surverys. The key is to understand how they work and why paid surveys exist in the first place.

On the surface, it sounds like “free money”, and this is why most people distrust them. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so it seems almost too simple to earn money just for filling out a survey. The truth is that surveys online aren’t “free” in that sense at all.

Paid surveys exist because they collect valuable data that companies can use to refine their marketing strategies. Individuals that are offered incentives to complete surveys provide answers that, when biased, are biased in a predictable way. They’re more useful to individuals planning to market something voluntary, self-report surveys. This is the reason why surveys can be paid online through organizations like Swagbucks. Individuals who participate aren’t getting something for nothing. They’re providing valuable, actionable data to marketing firms and corporations looking to refine their sales targeting.

This is the simplest way to explain it to those that find paid surveys too good to be true. They aren’t. It’s simply a matter of understanding who the surveys are valuable to and why they’re put forward in the first place.

Pay tends not to be very high for an individual survey, but performing multiple surveys at a time is an excellent way to increase the output. This tends to equalize the results when surveys are acquired by this means, which means some firms prefer large quantities of surveys in a short span of time; it makes sorting out the biases inherent in the data easier.

Not all firms offer cash directly for surveys. Some offer points which can be exchanged for various incentives. This can oftentimes mean a cash payout, but it doesn’t always; it depends on the source. It’s important to use a reliable firm that has a positive history. Swagbucks is a good example of a firm with a reliable history behind them. If this makes them sound relevant to you or someone you know, you can click here for more Swagbucks: online surveys are a great way to earn a little cash and other goodies on the side.

Wedding Gift Basket Delights: Now for Less with LavishCoupons

It is my besties wedding this month and I’m desperately looking out for a perfect gift ideas. I don’t want to gift usual gifts like clothings, home decor, chocolates or jewelry. I want to be sure that I gift her something that the couple can cherish. I was looking online for some ideas and it clicked me that my friend and her husband both like natural and wellness products. So, I decided to make a personalized gift basket keeping their tastes in mind.

My favorite store is Crabtree & Evelyn for natural and wellness products and instantly checked their online store. I picked up few hand care products like hand creams, scrubs, antibacterial gels and nail care. Then I checked bath and body category and picked salts, oils, shampoos, shower gels, talc, lip care, lotion and foot care. I know my friend love fragrances so I made sure I included Eau de toilettes, body mists and flower waters. For my friend’s husband I included shave cream, soap, post shave, shaving kit and body cleansers.

My friend also loves cookies so I ordered for fine foods at Crabtree & Evelyn. I included mini biscuit gift set that includes exotic flavors like shortbread cookies, butter and almond cookies, white chocolate and raspberry cookies and many more. Also organic peppermint tea and strawberry and champagne preserve were added to the cart.


Once my cart was ready I checked the list of stores at LavishCoupons and to my surprise I found Crabtree & Evelyn store listed there. I found discount coupons and I actually saved a great deal of money. With the saved money I will buy a nice handcrafted basket and arrange these products and wrap it as beautifully as possible. I want to make sure this gift is as special as my friend is.