Couple’s Corner – We’re Pregnant!

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I can still remember when I first found out that we were pregnant in 2003. I was kind of expecting it already since I was a few days late… I was never late.. so I used the pregnancy kit and immediately called my hubby as I saw the 2 stripes. I was nervous since it was my first time.

The following week I started to feel nauseous the whole day long… and I just threw up everything I ate and even the water I drank which led me to be dehydrated. I was confined in the hospital due to hyperemesis. I was there for 3 days. We decided to move back to my mom’s place because I didn’t know if I can survive alone in the house without any helpers and besides, I didn’t want to raise my kids in the apartment we were renting then.

My 1st trimester was really difficult, and I was absent from the office most of the first 2 months. But God is good! When the 4th month came until the day I gave birth, everything went on smoothly… I gained so much weight! 50 pounds I think!
I enjoyed being pregnant, well, minus the first trimester that is 🙂
During my second pregnancy 2 years and 2 months after I gave birth to our eldest, I didn’t have hyperemesis anymore but I still was nauseous. But now, I knew how to handle it already. I was a stay at home mom by this time so there were less pressure. I didn’t gain so much weight this time because I didn’t like eating much the entire pregnancy. I think I only gained 30 punds. I also had on and off spotting during 5th month until 8th month I think… I also had UTI during the 9th month until delivery. It was a difficult pregnancy because of those incidents.
But through all the experience, I loved being pregnant. It really feels special and it was such a privilege for me… God allowed me to experience what it was like to carry someone on my womb.
What beautiful memories I will forever cherish!

Our First Year Together

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The first year of being married was filled with adjustments. We had our exciting honeymoon trips, dates and major adjustments to each other! I had to adjust to his habits and he has to adjust to mine. We had our share of differences but so far, it was a great first year! I don’t remember any major fights or misunderstanding at all… 🙂 We are so blessed!

Here are some pictures from our trip to Bohol and Boracay!

One of the highlights of our first year together is that he fulfilled my lifelong dream of having a pet! He bought me a basset hound who we took care of personally and was like our first baby!

I am so thankful to the Lord that He has blessed me with a man who loves God and his family!

Couple’s Corner – We’re In Love

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After officially becoming a couple on March 2000, we already had our wedding/marriage in mind. We were serious and both coming from long relationships before, we were sure that we were meant to be husband and wife. It was not an easy road for us. My parents opposed our relationship and our plans to get married. I come from a pure Chinese family and they prefer that I get married to a fellow Chinese. My hubby is Filipino and though they dont know him yet, he was already pre-judged.

It was quite difficult as days go by. We were set to get married, knowing that it was God who led us together and in my heart, I KNEW that God had called me to become his wife. There was tension in my family and as the months passed by, the date we had set to get married was drawing nearer. It was 2 months before the date when my parents finally agreed to face him and had formal talks with him. The dinner went well and all they asked was to move the wedding for a few more months so we can prepare and since this was the first wedding in my family, they wanted to be involved. We agreed….

So to cut the long story short, we had a short engagement. We loved each other and our story is not the usual mushy stuff… We got married 11 months after we became a couple with the blessing of my parents and God’s provision. Well, that’s another story for another week!

Couple’s Corner – When I Met You

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I am joining Couple’s Corner though I am already a few days late! 🙂

The theme for last week is the day we met or dined out. Hubby and I met through the church we were both attending way back in 1999. I can’t believe its been 10 years ago. We were both in the worship team ministry. He plays the bass guitar and I usually operate the overhead projectors every worship service. Then I was asked to join the youth staff and he was part of the youth band. We were part of the same group and hang out on the same circles. The first time we went out just the two of us was in December 1999 to celebrate our birthdays since our birthdays are just a day apart. We had lunch together, watched a movie and had dinner together. I didn’t really think that we would be taking our friendship to the next level but God made the arrangements and on March 2000. We were officially a couple.