KidZania Manila Opens!

KidZania Manila finally opens its doors to the public on August 7, 2015, Friday. KidZania Manila is located at Park Triangle at BGC Taguig. This is best for children from ages 4-14. A real life simulation of a wide range of jobs, children of all ages will have fun learning in this role-playing environment. Children can be a police officer, fireman, dentist, cook, vet, pilot, broadcaster and any other vocation that they want to try as KidZania offers over 100 roles for them to try. They also simulate real  life because when kids work, they earn kidZos, this is KidZania’s own currency. They can choose to save or spend what the earn. Truly an interactive way to learn!

Its soft opening rates from August 7 to October 7, 2015:

Monday to Thursday rates  for Children (4-14 years old) is 750 pesos, for Toddlers (1-3 years old)  is 420 pesos, for Adults is 420 pesos and for babies (below 2 feet) is FREE.

Friday to Sunday and Holiday rates  for Children (4-14 years old) is 1000 pesos, for Toddlers (1-3 years old)  is 550 pesos, for Adults is 550 pesos and for babies (below 2 feet) is FREE.

From October 8, 2015 onwards:

Monday to Thursday rates  for Children (4-14 years old) is 900 pesos, for Toddlers (1-3 years old)  is 500 pesos, for Adults is 500 pesos and for babies (below 2 feet) is FREE.

Friday to Sunday and Holiday rates  for Children (4-14 years old) is 1100 pesos, for Toddlers (1-3 years old)  is 600 pesos, for Adults is 600 pesos and for babies (below 2 feet) is FREE.

Operating hours from Mondays to Thursdays are 9AM to 4PM (1 shift) while Fridays to Sundays and National Holidays are 9AM to 2PM and 3PM to 8PM.

For more information, visit the KidZania Manila Facebook page.



Let’s Help Alpabasa Win 1M Grant from Pharmaton Life Changers Campaign

I believe that literacy is one of the keys for the Philippines to improve as a nation. I truly admire Ms. Tisha Gonzales-Cruz’s literacy advocacy project Kinder Project, which aims to help Filipino teachers in teaching children how to read. I also have blogged about Learning Lion’s Filipino Learning set many years back.

Now, it is our turn to help Alpabasa, as it is one of the top 10 causes vying to win the 1M grant from Pharmaton Life Changers campaign.  They help teachers teach with enthusiasm and excitement since it is a  game-based reading program that incorporates music, movement, games and activities in learning. Their goal is to make fluent readers out of every Filipino child.

Let us help them win this funding by viewing this video and clicking the LIKE ( on the YOU TUBE VIDEO. The funding they will win will help change lives and help our country and the next generation to progress forward!


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A Piece of Heaven: Some of the Best Waterfront Properties Around the World


Enjoying a tiny slice of luxury can become a reality for those who choose to own a waterfront property. Having excellent views of the sea and being located within some of the most stunning locations in the world, such homes can be an investment that lasts a lifetime. Let us take a look at five pristine properties and what they have to offer.

The West Indies
Jumby Bay Island is located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea and only two miles off of the coast of Antigua. A 300-acre section has been devoted to property owners; 9.5 acres of land are accompanied by a private beach, a tennis court and even a putting green.

This Spanish paradise has attracted visitors for hundreds of years. An amenable climate combined with beautifully manicured lawns, six bedrooms, a private pool and an in-house wine cellar have allowed this mansion to catch the attention of many. First put up for sale in 2008, its price is currently approximately £4 million pounds.

This playground for both the rich and famous offers truly magnificent properties. Known for its modernist architectural style combined with an open-air pool that overlooks the nearby coastline, the minimalist features of these villas are offset by a proximity to the beach, up to five bedrooms and an unrivaled sense of privacy.

New South Wales
When it comes to luxury, one should look no further than this home listed at £2.1 million pounds. It is located in a private community and the owner is provided with wonderful waterfront views from every angle. Not only will one provided with direct beach access, but the community itself boasts a pool, a bar, a restaurant and its own security force.

Brazil is known for its tropical allure and the properties here reflect this benefit. With prices ranging from £168,000 pounds to £750,000 pounds, the local community of Natal is certainly worth a closer look. Homes boast access to a resort and spa, cabana rentals, splendid views of nearby coral reefs and 900 feet of pristine beach.

Finding the Most Appropriate Deals
It is best to avoid tiny and private islands where the demand outweighs the supply. Prices tend to be higher for these luxurious private locations. Choose more mainstream locations if you are on a budget. With the use of technology, choosing your dream waterfront property in the Philippines has been easier with just a few clicks. Many are using Zipmatch, a Philippine real estate marketplace, thanks to its customized end-to-end property matching services as well as its myriad of technological solutions such as 360 degree virtual tours and 3D modeling of properties. You can also find other online property listing sites with useful advice and excellent reviews for buyers. These will also provide the prospective buyer a host of different properties to choose from.

It is also important to recall that many owners and agencies are open to negotiations. Seeking out an agent who will be able to accommodate your exact demands and budget is also an excellent idea. Peruse the yellow pages or seek out referrals from friends and colleagues. By having a real estate guide, you will own a beachfront property in no time.

Excellent Online Resources For Divorced Men

If you’re a man who is facing the painful and confusing prospect of a divorce from your spouse, you need to know that you have rights. You have legal rights toward all of the property that you have accumulated during your marriage, as well as all of the property that was yours before you married. This may include your home, car, boat, truck, family heirlooms, memorabilia, and a host of other items.

Visitation Rights To Your Children

If you have had children with your spouse, you will certainly also wish to keep the right to spend time with them. Many times, your ex wife’s divorce lawyer will try to limit your rights to see your children, all the while pushing as hard as possible to ramp up your child support payments. This is exactly why you need a strong and knowledgeable divorce trial attorney in your corner. If you want partial or full custody of your children, you’ll need an ally who can help you achieve this.

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If the differences between you and your spouse are irreconcilable and there is no other way to proceed but divorce, you need to “lawyer up” immediately. Chances are, your soon to be ex wife has already done so. You need to have a strong ally at your side who can cut through the red tape and refute all of the misrepresentations and distortions that your wife and her counsel are bound to use when they work against you in court.

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