Getting Crafty

craftsMaking crafts is something that can pass the time, or you can earn a living by selling the items that you make. One of the places where you can get supplies to make crafts is There are other online craft stores where you can search through various items like fabrics and yarn. There is often a large selection of craft supplies to choose from so that you can get the items you want as well as the items that you need. Some of the smaller supplies include buttons, beads and stickers for scrapbooks.

When you begin looking at a craft store, you might be overwhelmed by the number of selections there are available. If you are just getting started in the craft world, you can get the basic supplies, such as a sewing machine, storage containers and needles in order to create your crafts. There are quilting supplies as well as dollhouses and furniture for the houses. You will find all kinds of paint and brushes. There is also paper and other backgrounds to paint and draw on if you don’t want to use other supplies in crafting. Some stores have fabric bundles that are scraps from what people have purchased and had cut to a certain size.

Product Feature: Microphone Arm Stand

shoppingDo you have a musician in your family? Someone who plays the guitar and sings? Then you might be interested to get him the microphone arm stand from Musician’s Friend. It is a microphone stand with a boom arm that can reach from 35-62 1/2 inches high. It has Swiss steel rods and made from world class production.

You are surely getting your money’s worth when you buy this for your loved ones!

The Manila Collectible Co.

As we visited Intramuros a few months back, we passed by TMCC or The Manila Collectible Co. along our way to the Manila Cathedral. It is a gift shoppe but they offer more activities inside! The shop is located at the top level of a building.

Once you are inside the shop, you will hear Filipino music being played. What caught my attention was the wide variety of Filipino items being sold! They are quite unique too. Not the ones you usually see in malls.

IMG_2138 IMG_2135 IMG_2140 IMG_2142

There were handmade crafts, ethnic attires and textiles, Filipino jars and bags, accessories


For the kids, they offer workshops like Kid Archeology! Sadly, there was no activity when we went on a Sunday. It is best to contact TMCC facebook page when you plan to go with your kids.


The place is a cultural experience itself! It was like going inside a museum… and learning more about the roots of the Filipinos.

For more information, you can contact The Manila Collectible Co Facebook page They are open everyday from 10am to 6pm.


Sun Phobic? Love History? Come to Britain.

Although we have a severe lack of sunlight and get a lot of rainy and cold days, tourists flock to Britain every year to soak up her sights and her history. I think that’s the main thing: history. People can’t get enough of our history. But, Britain isn’t just about historical sites, no. Britain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We have the perfect climate for things that grow. We have mountains, lakes, rolling hills, and thick forests. New Zealand can leave, as Britain is the true Middle Earth. Tolkien’s inspiration was these British Isles and I’m going to briefly talk about the highlights of each nation within these green isles.



Let’s start with England. A lot of people confuse Britain and England. England is just one of the countries within Britain, but it does have London … and the Beatles … and Shakespeare … and Harry Potter … and Alfred Hitchcock … and Cary Grant … and Lawrence of Arabia … I could go on. England is the best and I’m not just saying that because I live here … Okay I am; sue me. England has got some great sites, like the West Country, the Lake District, the New Forest, the Forest of Dean, and the Yorkshire Moors, to name a few. Look for some dog friendly hotels by My Pawson and come along. England is the perfect dog lovers’ country. We love dogs over here, plus the best way to see England, in fact the whole of Britain, is to walk it and with a dog, it’s even better.


The home of Anthony Hopkins, T.E. Lawrence (although, as stated above the film was English – just saying), Catherine Zeta Jones, Dylan Thomas, and Tom Jones. Wales is England’s sister, and Britain’s soul. A very patriotic and passionate people. When the Welsh break out in song, the world shivers. Wales is a definite stop when visiting Britain. The coast is magnificent as are the hills and fields, as well as places like Cardiff and Carmarthen.



Ah, the Scots, home of William Wallace, Robert Burns, Walter Scott, Annie Lennox, and the bag pipes. If you come to Britain, make sure you time your visit to coincide with the Edinburgh festival as it is the largest arts festival in the world and proves to be spectacular every year – even the uber-reclusive Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami put in an appearance last year. The Scottish people are fiercely loyal and when they feel strongly about something, there is no stopping them … unless it’s an independence referendum …

Northern Ireland

The last stop on our British tour: Northern Ireland, where Van Morrison hales, as does Liam Neeson, C.S Lewis, Seamus Heaney, Kenneth Branagh, and ‘Danny Boy’. Northern Ireland, has recovered well from the Troubles and places like Belfast are now booming with culture and commerce. The whole of Ireland – Northern Ireland included – is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and should not be missed.

There you have it. The highlights of Britain, although there are way too many to mention, so these are the highlights of the highlights …

A Lasting Memorial and Tribute to Those Who Have Served

A great way to say thank-you to someone you hold dear could be found in a simple gift that conveys a bit of appreciation and respect. This is easily achieved when you want to give a nod and appreciation to someone who served in the military. One of the proudest groups that you will find are those that have dedicated part of their life to the Marines, which makes it a fitting salute to give Marine Corps memorabilia in honor of their sacrifices.


There are many great options on the market in terms of military-themed products, but the best gifts might be those that allow the recipient to put their own signature or touch on it. A wooden shadowbox or frame that contains a Marines decal or motif could be the perfect item to commemorate those that have served in the military. This would give the recipient an opportunity to choose what photos, souvenirs, or documents they want to display in their special gift.

Another excellent way to show someone that you value them is through a military-inspired plaque that can be hung in a prominent spot in their home. These are great accents for offices, dens, and work-spaces!