Wedding Souvenir

When we got married 13 years ago,  our wedding was simple and we didn’t had much funfare. I’ve attended a few weddings the past years and I noticed how personalized weddings nowadays are and how each wedding is different from the other. Wedding souvenirs have become personal and customized as well. The latest I’ve seen is giving your wedding entourage tank tops! This Bridesmaid Tank Tops is a great souvenir item for your bridesmaid.


This souvenir is not limited to the bridesmaid but to all the members of your entourage. It certainly is a fashionable way to celebrate a wedding to remember!


Cool Photographers for Metropolitan Weddings

A friend of mine recently got married in LA and she had the most elegant and unique photos that I have ever seen. These pictures not only captured the day perfectly, they captured the mood of the event as well as the personality of the couple. They had not lived in the city for long, so I know that they hired most of their wedding vendors online. They did some research and found this Snapknot site which provided a lot of different photographers in the area, while also showing some distinct photos to represent their photographic style.


My friend was able to save time looking for photographers and was able to access some price estimates without the time and effort of calling each individual business personally. She could eliminate the extremely pricey ones, and also weed out the ones that didn’t seem to suit their own unique style and flair. The photographers remaining had more in-depth information that she reviewed before making a final determination. This site really saved her a lot of energy at a time when she had a million things going on with the planning for her wedding. She had heard about this cool website that listed many Los Angeles wedding photographers from someone at her work, and the locating feature on the site made it easy for her to pick out the most convenient and close options for her specific event. This helped to curb any related transportation costs, and also allowed her a wide range of options for some destination photo-shoots before the ceremony. The photographer that she hired agreed to meet at another location nearby, and take informal shots of all participants. This replayed itself for the rehearsal and dinner as well.

Afterward, when perusing the photos I was amazed at how accurately they depicted the day. They caught the whimsy of the couple and the fun of the reception. The candid pictures of the bride’s parents were priceless, and the video that they compiled really did the wedding justice. The clarity and colors were spot-on, and there were not any “bad” pictures in the entire batch! Since you want to hire someone to take photos to remember the special event, it should be a great photographer, otherwise it seems like money wasted. I think that online resources like this one can make it a far easier process for busy couples.


Sports Memorabilia Display

If you are lucky enough to catch a home run ball hit by your favorite baseball player, you don’t want to take it home and play catch with it. Try to get it autographed by the player who hit it and then put it in a display case so you can show it off to all of your friends. No matter what type of treasured sports memento you have, it should be protected and preserved in a specially designed clear display case. Such cases are made to hold football helmets, baseball bats, team jerseys, boxing gloves and much more.

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Sports memorabilia display cases at is the place to visit for a small cube that holds an autographed baseball or a large enclosed case that protects and displays a full-size football jersey. The wide selection of carefully crafted cases is just one reason to do your shopping at this highly rated online supplier of sports memorabilia display cases. You will be getting a high quality case that will last a life time and keep your item in the exact same condition it was in when you first put it in the case.

Display cases seal out the environment so your valued piece of memorabilia won’t be affected by dirt, moths or even the damaging rays of the sun. Your item is mounted inside of the enclosure so it always looks good when it is on display. Keeping your memorabilia inside an appropriate display case preserves the value should you ever decide to sell. Affordable, easy to order and aesthetically pleasing, why not put all of your special sports memorabilia in a display case?

Bootie Slippers

It is one of life’s simple pleasures to keep feet happy and cozy, even if the walking is simply a trek from bed to the bathroom or reading the newspaper at the kitchen table. Dearfoams understands this human need for something warm and fuzzy to wear in the middle of winter on hardwood floors or if customers purely enjoy the delight of have their feet nestled inside of bootie slippers. Designed and manufactured in a vast array of colors, styles and materials, customers will find something to satisfy their sense of style for in-house and mail box strolls. Sliding on and off bootie slippers is simple and speedy, so customers can hop back into bed as soon as they’ve grabbed their coffee and newspaper.

Dearfoam’s bootie slippers are available with ankle styles as well as those that go above the ankle to suit each customer’s individual taste. One of the ankle models of bootie slippers is the pile ankle bootie that comes in three different designs, which are leopard print, cheetah print and basic black. With faux fur pile outside, a flannel lining and soft cushioning, these bootie slippers are delightful cozy in the winter or any time of year. Customers will love that they can simply throw their pile ankle booties in the washer when they need to be refreshed. With fair isle boots, artisan bootie slippers, plush booties, velour booties and more, customers will have no problem finding the right fit, style and level of cushioning and warmth.