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Today was the last day of RX 93.1 DJ Delamar on her morning show with Chico and Gino. “The Morning Rush” has been on the air for the past 20 years and it has been part of my morning routine for some time, especially during its early years.


20 years ago, I was a fresh college graduate and would often listen to them as I get caught on traffic on the way to the office. I got married a few years later and when my husband and I got our first car, we would listen to Chico and Delamar every morning. Sometimes, even until I got to the office, I was on the radio through the internet. Then I got pregnant and gave birth to our first born. I decided to leave my corporate job to focus on caring for my baby. I wasn’t able to follow The Morning Rush as much but through the years, whenever we were in the car in the morning, we would tune in to show. I followed Delamar through her Twitter and Instagram page too.

I wasn’t able to catch Delamar’s last show earlier today so I listened to their recorded show through their Facebook page. It was bittersweet. It felt like an end to an era. It was also nostalgic as I looked back at my own life through the years, Del and Chico were on the show together. How could it have been 20 years already!

If Delamar would ever see this post, I just wanted her to know that she is making a wise decision by investing in the life of her children and that she shouldn’t be afraid of what the next days or years would bring. God is faithful and He sure has other plans for her aside from a fruitful DJ career. Thanks for bringing sunshine to my mornings!

May God bless you Del as you start a new chapter in your journey! 

Nothing Eerie about Night Trolling for Walleyes: Plan your Trip to Lake Erie in Cleveland


If you are thinking about going tuna fishing and want to get your eye in with an amazing experience in its own right, then Cleveland Ohio is the place to head to, where a Walleye could be your prize for fishing when the sun has gone down.

The walleye is all teeth and spines and a fearsome adversary, and one of the best chances to catch one is to fish Lake Erie at night, with some expert guidance to help you learn how to achieve your aim and get a decent catch on the line.

If you’ve ever wanted to troll for fish, and you think you’ve got the basic skill necessary, then you will want to check out how the professionals do it. Good gear is just half the battle. Here’s how to go out there and catch like a pro.

Your Main Goal

The main goal of trolling is that you want to create an attractive scenario for the fish below so that it’s easy to catch them. Most trolling fishermen use bait that bring the fish up behind the boat.

The dark, and large, shadow of the bottom of the boat should look like a bait ball that’s under attack and being pushed along by predator fish.

Behind the boat should be lures that look like bait fish or squid that have been separated from the rest of the bait ball and are trying to get back to it. The tuna will see this as an opportunity to feed on an “easy catch.” Once they go for the bait, they’re yours.

Getting Good Gear And Intel

You need offshore fishing gear that’s up to the task for trolling. You also need a successful fishing intel before you go out. Work on developing a good network of fishing friends, as well as securing good fishing gear for your trip. You’ll also want a good paid satellite service that analyzes the water temperatures and chlorophyll concentrations.

Another good source for your intel might be internet fishing forums in your area. Hang out and see if you can make friends with other captains. While you might not be able to trust everything they say – especially when it comes to specifics, you can often find good general information. And, you can always find like-minded fishermen to expand your network.

Look For Signs Of Life

Look for birds, bait, fish, whales, dolphins, turtles, and other sea creatures. These are signs of life and are really important indicators of feeding tuna below. The more life you see, the better. This is why it’s crucial that you watch the ocean carefully as you fish.

Monitor Structure

The bottom of the ocean floor is not flat. There are many banks, ridges, lumps, and shoals. Many of these structures have names that we refer to that make it easier to understand the map of the ocean floor. And, so, when these structures are mentioned, and when you see certain structures, you know that fish probably live there. For example, some structures, like canyons, are popular places to find fish, year after year.

Trolling Patterns

Most fishermen use a “V” pattern behind the boat when fishing. And, they use a back lure which is usually fished off from a center rigger or straight up from the rod tip in a high rod holder.

Speed Counts

Most tuna fishermen will troll between 4.5 and 7.5 knots. This slower speed is usually used when trying to let heavy lures run deeper into the water or when you’re targeting tuna in cold water. The faster speeds are used when you need to cover more ground and are willing to fish in shallower water.

Whether you decide to troll for tuna or walleyes, once you have learnt how to do it, you will be hooked.

Rhys Francis is an avid traveler who also grew up in a family of fishermen. He still remembers the first time he went out to sea on the boat, and hopes his son will be able to say the same. In his travels he enjoys seeing how different cultures have developed unique techniques. His articles mainly appear on travel blogs.

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From Sydney to New Caledonia: Currency and Passport Facts


New Caledonia is definitely one of the must-see destinations that should be on any travellers list, and with a climate that is thoroughly pleasant throughout the year, you can choose to visit during the popular Australian winter period of April to November, or whenever it suits you.

There are a number of questions that often get asked by people planning to visit New Caledonia when it comes to currency and passport requirements, so here is a guide to the main information that you need to know.

Passport and visa requirements

The first thing to known is that a valid passport is required to travel to New Caledonia and there is a fairly extensive list of countries that are exempt from visa requirements for a stay that does not exceed a period of longer than three months.

Australian, American and New Zealand Nationals together with EU Nationals are amongst the list of citizens who can travel to New Caledonia without the need for a visa, provided they observe the time restriction imposed of three months, which is not normally an issue.

Many visitors arrive in New Caledonia having booked a cruising holiday with a branded cruise line such as Cunard, which offers adventures on the seas including this stunningly beautiful island as part of the itinerary.

Most cruise ships require their guests to carry a passport that is valid for a minimum of six moths beyond the date of the end of the cruise and you it should be noted that travel on cruise ships does not have the effect of revalidating an Australian or New Zealand re-entry visa.


The currency in use on New Caledonia is the CFP Franc, which is the French Pacific Franc. You should be aware of recent changes relating to the currency and one of these changes is that after having been pegged to the French Franc for many years, New Caledonia has now followed the French in pegging their rate to the Euro.

The start of 2014 heralded a time of change for the currency, and New Caledonia introduced new banknotes in January 2014. To allow for the crossover, the old notes will still be acceptable legal tender until September 2014 and you may well find that you receive these old notes during this period.

If you have any old New Caledonia banknotes in your possession at the end of your trip, you will have to make sure these are used up or exchanged before the September 2014 deadline.


You should be aware that current regulations do not require you to have any vaccinations in order to travel to New Caledonia, but as this is a tropical island and therefore enjoys a tropical climate, you would be well advised to consider protecting yourself against mosquito bites.

You will discover that the official language of New Caledonia is French but depending on where you are on the island, you may well hear one of the estimated thirty Melanesian dialects that are also spoken throughout the country.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your proposed visit to New Caledonia then your tour operator or representative should be able to provide you with the information you need.

Ryan Posa is the General Manager of Cruise Republic. He has spent his career crafting wonderful and exotic cruise experiences for people to discover the beauty of world travels aboard cruise ships. Follow Ryan’s sea adventures on Twitter here.

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Seattle Property

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Also, if you are looking to make the move to downtown Seattle from other areas in Washington or from across the country, you will take comfort in knowing that the city is home to a vast amount of some of the brightest and most innovative companies in the world. The Seattle job market is on the up and up of over 200,000 jobs!

Make the smart move and find Seattle condos for sale in the heart of the city’s downtown. Let the Stroupe Group help you step into your new property now!

Priceless Presents: DIY Ideas That Will Wow Everyone on Your Gift List


A gift doesn’t have to be store bought to be special. Here are some wonderful gifts you can make yourself that people will appreciate even more.

A Family Recipe Book

If you’ve got a lot of family recipes, this one will become one of the best things you ever make. You’ll need a lot of ink for this, so it’s probably a good idea to shop and load up – at least on black ink.

If you can find photos of the people who wrote the original recipe, all the better. It will really set off the recipe book. In an attempt to stay true to the feel of the original recipes, either photograph or scan the recipes, with the photo at the top (or bottom) of the recipe. This preserves the original handwriting and connects a face to the recipe.

Now, print out copies of the pages. Laminate them. Get a hole bunch and some twine and tie everything together. You can even make a front cover if you wish. If you want a more traditional-looking book, make a cover, and use a 3-hole punch. Then, get binder rings to clip them together into a binder-style book.

With the original handwriting and photos, you’ve got a family heirloom in the making. Best of all, you can add to the recipe book over time.

A Kindle Case

This may feel like sacrilege, but if you’ve got an old book you don’t want, you can turn it into a Kindle case for someone else. Break out the mod podge, an exacto knife, and a ruler. Open the book and lay the book flat, exposing the first few pages.

Measure the Kindle, and mark the cutting lines in the book. Try to center the Kindle in the middle of the book. Use a ruler to make nice, clean, cuts with the exacto blade. Cut 6 or so pages at a time.

Once there’s enough room for the Kindle to fit inside the pages, clean off the old book and use the mod podge to glue and seal everything together-the inner pages and the outer pages.

Duct Tape Wallet

This one is probably best for the kids, or for that special someone who really, really, likes duct-tape. There are an almost endless number of ways to make this, but the easiest is to start with some fancy tape, which will only cost you a maximum of $6.

For the wallet base, cut four 9-inch pieces of tape. Lay one strip parallel to the edge of your table. Place the sticky side up. Lay another strip sticky-side up so that it overlaps the first one by about ⅛ of an inch. Now, keep layering the third and fourth strip in a similar manner and cover the stick side with four more pieces of tape of the same size.

Trim all edges so that they are even. Now for the finish seam. Cut a 10-inch long piece of tape. Apple the strip of the tape to one long edge of the wallet base of half of it adheres to the front and the other will wrap to the backside. Repeat this for the other long edge.

Fold the base in half lengthwise and fold the rectangle in half in the other direction – it should form a bifold wallet.

For credit card pockets, you’re going to cut 2 more strips, one with sticky side up and one sticky side down. Make finishing edges, and place them on the wallet where you want them. Now, make finishing edges to hold everything in place, and place a strip of tape down the center of the wallet. You’re done. Enjoy your wallet.

John Sollars is a business owner of many years. When he gets the time, he likes to sit down and share what has worked for him. Look for his informative posts on a number of websites and blogs today.