Are You Taking Care of a Loved One with Dementia?

Taking care of a loved one with dementia can be an overwhelming task. Loss of communication skills, reasoning abilities, and memory makes it difficult for a person with dementia to express their wants and needs, even to close family members who knows them well. Since dementia and Alzheimer’s get progressively worse with time, care becomes very difficult in the later stages.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are close to five million American seniors over the age of 65 suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Due to the complexity of the disease, many of these people are placed in nursing homes or long-term care facilities by family members who can no longer care for them. In the early stages of the disease, cognitive impairment is minimal. As the disease progresses, cognitive impairment becomes worse. In later stages, dementia patients often lose their ability to speak or hold conversations, make rational decisions, and even remember their names. They often have difficulty remembering to take care of their basic needs like eating, drinking, bathing, grooming, and brushing their teeth. At this point, family members need professional help with care. The options are placing your loved one in a nursing home or long-term care facility or hiring in-home personal care services greenwich ct.

Although people with dementia have cognitive impairments, many prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home. An elderly person who has lived in the same home for 30 or 40 years may have a hard time adjusting to a new environment. If that’s the case with your loved one, hiring a licensed nurse through personal care services greenwich ct can keep your family member in your home or in their own home.

If you notice signs of forgetfulness, memory loss, impaired verbal or reasoning skills, or difficulty making basic decisions in a loved one, consult a doctor about dementia. Early testing can help with an accurate diagnosis and creating a long-term care plan. There is no known cure for dementia or Alzheimer’s, but you can make the journey easier.

Health in Pregnancy and Motherhood Goes Beyond Diet and Exercise

When you are pregnant, you pay special attention to your health so you can give your baby the best chance for optimal development. You eat right and you get the right amount of exercise (or, at least, you try). You avoid all the things you know are bad, like smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and even tuna. You keep doing the same once you have the baby, and you follow all the recommendations for promoting the health of your child.

But there are a lot more ways that you may be overlooking to stay healthy. Many more dangers are lurking in your everyday life. Here are some common things you’ll need to think about if you want to maintain optimal health in pregnancy and beyond:


Cockroaches, rats, and other pests leave behind feces that can cause sickness and respiratory issues. Outdoor pests like scorpions, ants, and spiders (which can also come inside) can also cause painful stings and bites — some could even become life-threatening. If you try to deal with these pests yourself, you could be spraying deadly chemicals around your home, further posing a risk to your family.

You need to search “pest control near me” to find an experienced exterminator who can effectively eliminate the pests in your home without using harmful chemicals. The exterminator can also put measures in place to keep new pests from infesting your home, and can give you advice about lifestyle changes to make so you do not attract pests.


It’s hard to raise kids without getting a dog, cat, or some other pet somewhere along the way. But it’s important to remember that pets can cause health issues if the proper precautions are not taken.

Pregnant women are at risk of toxoplasmosis if they change the litter box of a cat. Dogs can bring in ticks and fleas, and if they are not properly vaccinated, they are vulnerable to contracting rabies. The feces of any pets can carry germs and disease. If you have a pet, it’s important that you do not handle feces while you are pregnant, and that you keep the animal clean. Get your pet all vaccinations, and use medications that prevent flea and tick infestation. Hire professionals for grooming if needed.


Plastic has a lot of harmful chemicals in it, most notably bisphenol-A, or BPA. When you drink out of plastic bottles, you can consume these chemicals in small amounts. When you use plastic containers to store food or to reheat food, you are likewise taking in small amounts of chemicals in your food.

It is important that you get rid of as much plastic as you can in your home. Use only glass containers and bottles, and eliminate single-use plastic like straws or plastic bags. If you must use something that is plastic, make sure that it is BPA-free.


You’ll find harmful chemicals in a lot more of the things you use every day besides plastic. For example, you can find microplastics and parabens in things like shampoo, toothpaste, face scrub, and other personal products. You can find volatile organic compounds in paint and household cleaners. You can even consume pesticides when you eat produce.

It’s important that you choose organic or all-natural products as frequently as you can. If you can’t read the ingredients label, chances are good that it contains chemicals that are not good for your health. But if you must buy products that are not organic, at least look for items that do not have parabens, sulfates, and other known harmful chemicals.

Staying healthy may not be as easy as it seems. Of course, you should eat right, exercise, and get all the vitamins you need. But you should also think carefully about the other aspects of your daily routine, especially if you are pregnant or are raising young children. Even eating pesticide-laden fruit can cause health problems that you may not even realize right away. Follow these tips to root out some of the health threats that are lurking in your daily life. You’ll better protect your health and your family in the long term.

Finding Elder Home Care Services for a Loved One

Most seniors prefer to continue living in their home instead of moving into an assisted living facility or with a relative. If you want to help your loved one maintain a sense of independence, yet know they are getting needed help, elderly home care services are appropriate.

Having problems with cooking healthy meals, keeping a clean house or maintaining personal hygiene can be troubling for seniors. These everyday activities cannot be neglected. You and other family members may want to help with a few tasks, but this takes time and effort.

As your loved one’s needs increase, this may become more difficult. Fortunately, you can take advantage of services that resolves all the problems. Your loved one has a chance to remain independent a little longer. These services take some of the burden off your plate and you are assured of their safety and wellbeing.

How Much Assistance is Necessary?

No matter how much you try, there is a level of care your loved one will need that requires full-time attention. The situation gets worse if you live in another city or state. It will require one of you moving or you can hire a service.

Determine your loved one’s issues that make them vulnerable to living alone and you can decide how much care they will need. If they need to be transferred from the bed to a wheelchair, you risk injuring your back. A professional home care assistant knows how to do this safely for them and your loved one.

A loved one who has dementia will need another level of care that might be too stressful for you to handle. There are many risks with this condition such as wandering from the home and leaving stove burners on.

Types of Assistance Available

The types of in-home assistance typically available include:

  • Health care (medication management, doctor’s appointments, therapy)
  • Personal care (eating, bathing, grooming)
  • Emotional care (companionship, activities)
  • Household care (laundry, shopping, cleaning, cooking)

Be Comfortable with Your Selection

Interview applicants and have written questions. Be upfront about what will be needed. Recognizing what your loved needs is good for them and for you.

Enjoying Quality Life

You do not have to be rich to enjoy a high quality of life. Money isn’t happiness. However, you do have to feel good. If you do not feel healthy and happy, your quality of life is going to be very low. It is essential for individuals who are interested in improving their quality of life to take steps to improve their health, which will improve their energy levels and cause them to want to get out and live life to the fullest.

It is common to hear people say, even some medical professionals, that certain symptoms are just part of the aging process. Feeling tired, having headaches, having aches and pains, gaining weight, and experiencing dry skin are sometimes just chalked up to getting older. It is true that there are some symptoms that are inevitable as a person gets older. However, it is possible to have energy and to be free of uncomfortable symptoms well into your older years.

It is important to find a healthcare provider who is going to help you treat your entire body. You do not some want someone who is too quick to recommend medication. You want someone who looks at your symptoms and figures out why you feel a certain way and then has a reasonable plan of attack in order to help you get feeling better. It is equally important for you to take your health into your own hands. This involves learning about nutrition, getting plenty of exercise, and finding ways to lower your stress levels. It means doing research on health and doing all you can in your circumstances to improve your health.

Dealing with a hormone imbalance can be extremely frustrating. Hormone imbalances can cause you to experience mood swings, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and a wide variety of other symptoms. Getting your hormones tested if you are not feeling well is essential to getting on the road to improving your quality of life. Some doctors may recommend hrt for men and similar treatments for women. Hormone replacement therapy has helped many to take control of their life and feel like living it again.

After the Fall: Knowing Your Rights in a Malpractice Case is Important

When you depend on your medical providers for sound health care, you may find yourself the unexpected victim of medical malpractice. In fact, you might find that you’re in a worse situation than you were before you began medical treatment. Sometimes, medical errors can result in harm. If you’re the victim of medical malpractice, knowing your rights can help you get the recovery that you deserve. Here’s what you should know about your rights in a malpractice case:

You deserve compensation if you’re the victim of a preventable error

Your medical team may try to convince you that what happened to you was just a mistake. Legally, you may have the right to recover financially for your losses even if the medical team tries to convince you that what happened to you was just an honest error. Under Ohio law, you have a right to recover for your losses if the medical team made an error that resulted from negligence, recklessness or intentional conduct.

You deserve care that’s competent and reasonable

The standard for recovery in a medical malpractice case is what’s reasonable under the same circumstances. Medical professionals must provide care that’s competent and reasonable. They don’t have to be perfect, but they must provide reasonable care based on their professional training and experience. If a medical care provider acted in an unreasonable way and you’re hurt as a result, you have the right to compensation for added medical costs as well as pain and suffering.

You don’t have to know what happened right away

Medical malpractice isn’t always obvious when it occurs. You may ask questions of your medical professionals only to receive evasive answers. They may not volunteer information, or they might use the word accident to describe what happened to you. If your intuition tells you that something went wrong with your case, you may still pursue your claim even if you don’t know exactly what happened right away.

There are steps that you can take under Ohio law to uncover the truth. When you have a legal consult for your injury, you can learn what steps you can take. You might speak with independent medical experts who can evaluate what happened in your case. You might us a process called discovery in order to require the medical team to answer questions and produce records about your case.

Your medical team might go to great lengths to hide the truth. That doesn’t have to be the end of the story. You can take steps to uncover the evidence that you need to get a fair result for your injuries.

You have rights

Medical malpractice can be a devastating turn of events when you seek medical care. When you’re hurt because of medical malpractice, your time to bring a case is limited. You must file a legal claim within the time limits to receive compensation. Your claim must contain all of the grounds for recovery and a demand for compensation. Filing a claim can help you put your life back on track and receive justice when you’re hurt because of the actions of your medical care team.