Mother’s Day 2020 Testimony

Here is what I shared with GCF Nuvali Church last Sunday regarding motherhood…


Let me share with you something that is close to my heart, motherhood. Since I was young, it has been my dream to raise my children hands-on.  I wanted to be able to witness their milestones, to care and nurture them, to guide and help them and develop a close relationship with them. So  when the Lord blessed me with the gift  of becoming a mother, I knew that I was ready to be a stay-at-home mom. With the support of my husband, I resigned from my full-time job and stayed home to raise the children. I believed that it was the best way of using the time that the Lord has blessed me with.

I didn’t know much about parenting or motherhood or staying home or house chores, but when the kids came, the Lord provided for all our needs, equipped me and I learned how to be a mother along the way. Through the years, I realized that it wasn’t just enough to be “there” for them or to provide for what they need, but I believed that God called us to be “intentional” parents where we saw parenting as a form of discipleship. That led us to take the road less traveled of homeschooling. It wasn’t easy. But it was worth it. As I always say, it’s not just the kids who are learning when you are homeschooling, but the parent-teacher is also learning alongside the kids. I believed that God used this to mold us, and shape us to be better disciples of Christ. We learned from one another and we had a goal together. There were days that I often would wonder if what we are doing is enough, or if they are missing out in life, but after 16 years of motherhood, and 10 years of homeschooling, we finally see some fruits.  As 3 John 1:4 days, I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. And that is the goal of our homeschooling and parenting.


As a mother, there are hard days, and even harder days. But through it all, I see God’s hand and feel His leading all the time. When I worry, He reminds me to trust in Him and not on my circumstances.  When I fail, He reminds me that He is faithful and will keep His promises. He has always been enough, for all our needs, whether be it emotional, physical, social or spiritual. When uncertainties come knocking on my door, I just have to remember how faithful He has been in the past and believe that He will see us through and He always does, God never fails.



Feeling Stuck

There are so many possibilities out there. So many adventures and  pursuits await each of us. It doesn’t matter how old one is but what matters is the desire and discipline to achieve the set goals. Endless opportunities are available, through one’s connections and through the internet. But which goals are truly worth pursuing? How would you know that what you are aiming for matters at the end? How would you gauge success? What is worth living for?

I constantly think of my life…. since I was in my 20s, I have always dedicated my life to the Lord. Whatever opportunities open up in my life, it was important to me that I seek the Lord’s wisdom about it. But more often than not, I felt unsure whether the Lord wants me to pursue it or it was just my human desire to pursue something. So I will wait for the Lord’s movement in my life and see if how He leads me.

Many years forward, I find myself in the same situation. Still seeking the Lord’s guidance about the work I am currently involved in. I have always believed that the Lord moved in seasons in one’s life and I want to be sensitive to His leading every season. I want to pursue only those opportunities that would matter in eternity. But there are days that I feel stuck and unable to move towards those goals. Unsure if that is where God is leading, I find myself praying and seeking His wisdom once again.

I don’t know if you are in a situation like mine. But today, I want to encourage you that the Lord will answer. He is never too early nor too late. He will lead us as we trust Him and obey His word over our lives. Let us keep seeking Him – wait upon the Lord and His Words will certainly come to pass.


IEW’s Poetry Memorization’s Review

Whenever I listen to poetry, I notice the beauty in the words used, I also notice that I improve my vocabulary and poetry develops better sentence patterns in my finite mind. I also have read the many benefits of memorizing poetry so this school year, I bought IEW’s Poetry Memorization and practiced poetry memorization with my Grade 9 and Grade 6 kids.

The whole book includes 5 levels of poetry that you can memorize. For this school year, we memorized level 1 every night before we sleep. It is incredible that the kids still remember the poems they memorized from level 1, that is 18 out of the 20 poems. They can recite all poems in one sitting!

We only bought the teacher’s guide and we use as our guide every night. There are also some reference materials included like Bibliography and short biographies of the poets. It is very helpful to me as  I don’t have to prepare a list of poems for them to recite, and the poems are sorted in levels. As we go on to the next level, I look forward to hearing my children recite more witty and wonderful poems from great authors!

iHomeschool Book Review

I am delighted to finally read a book on homeschooling written for Filipino families! Ms Nove Tan of  I Homeschool has compiled all the questions one might have on homeschooling. The why, the what and the how are discussed in great detail.

Written in a personal tone from a mom’s heart to another, reading i Homeschool has brought me encouragement and allowed me to rethink our own homeschool journey for the past 9 years. We homeschooled because we wanted our children to have a biblical worldview as they grew up. Character building, becoming lifelong learners and loving Jesus are our primary goals. Reading this book has given me a chance to reflect if we have reached our goals so far and what we can do to adjust so that we can make the remaining years of our homeschooling enjoyable and productive.

As more and more families are now considering homeschooling, I am glad to see that there are more
local resources available. IHomeschool definitely is a must read not only for parents who want to homeschool their children, but want to become more intentional in their parenting. Because truly, homeschooling is NOT JUST ABOUT SCHOOL but IS A LIFESTYLE.

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Following Jesus Faithfully

Whenever we read the Bible or listen to a preaching, do we actually take it to heart? Do we take time to ponder, meditate and reflect on what we have learned when we get home? Do we actually take time during the week to check our hearts or align ourselves to the Word of God? Or are we just reading the Word or go to Sunday services so we can check our to-do list?

Following Jesus Faithfully requires more than just listening to His Word or reading or attending services – we need to receive God’s Word into our heart and take action as the Word directs us. Being receptive to God’s Word means allowing the Word to change us from the inside out. 

We must not allow the circumstances of this world to harden our hearts and become indifferent to the Word of God. Let us take time to listen to His Word, and let His Word penetrate the deepest parts of our hearts. We must believe that God is at work in us as He disciplines us, moulds us to become the person He has purposed for us to be. 

Following Jesus faithfully Is not easy but it is the key to bearing fruit in out lives. Let us take care of our faithfulness and God will take care of our fruitfulness.