First Quarter Portfolio Review for School Year 2015-2016

2 weeks ago, my children had their first portfolio review at TMA Homeschool for this school year. It was our first time to meet their new family advisors and we were all nervous as to how the review would turn out.

When we arrived at TMA, we were ushered into the new portfolio review area and we were all pleasantly surprised!


Then the advisors took them to cubicles and roughly took my son an hour to present his portfolio, while it took my daughter a bit longer since the advisor had another student present along with my daughter.

When they both came out, they were both happy and excited and filled with stories of how they presented and how they enjoyed the new portfolio review area. I et briefly with both their FAs and both gave me good reviews about the children. I am very blessed to hear that the FAs themselves homeschooled all the way to high school, and the FA of my daughter even shared their own journey towards college. She mentioned that she sees my daughter’s giftedness in arts and that we should continue to nurture it. She might even be able to get college scholarship based on it someday.

I’m thankful that both their reviews went fine and we are very much encouraged to continue on our homeschooling journey.

Life and Legacy

For the past month, I have joined a growth group (Bible study) where we have been studying about Life and Legacy by Edmund Chan.  Life and Legacy is a 12 week workbook devotional that challenges you to think and re-think your life and legacy.


We’ve discussed about one’s journey towards spiritual maturity and how we might have been deceiving ourselves with pseudo-discipleship. It was an eye opener because being a Christian for a number of years, this can really be dangerous and detrimental to my spiritual growth. It was important to be reminded that everything we are doing can never earn us any favor with God but that we should be doing everything because it is but a response to the love that we have received from God. The critical change should happen in our hearts — and that can only come from having been with Jesus.

We have also touched on the hunger for purpose and meaning in our lives. Without God, everything is meaningless. Because everything in this world is but temporal so we should find our purpose and meaning only through God, for He alone is eternal. Everything makes sense when we look at them through the lenses of eternity.It was clear to me : My soul can only find satisfaction when I am in the presence of God.

I am humbled and excited to know Christ more every day… and it is my prayer that may I live a life and legacy- all for the glory of God.

6th Grade Portfolio

Here are a few pages of my daughter’s 6th grade portfolio for the 1st quarter of 2015-2016.

IMG_5222IMG_5229 IMG_5228 IMG_5227 IMG_5226 IMG_5225 IMG_5224 IMG_5223

She will be having her 1st portfolio review for the school year this week, I hope everything turns out well! :)

Raising a Family Is Hard Work

We want to develop a family that is close-knit, a family that loves unconditionally and a family that loves the Lord above all, but a family like that doesn’t happen naturally. Sad to say, this doesn’t happen overnight as well. It takes years and years of character building and making home a place where everyone can bloom and fail. It is a place where we can all practice the fruit of the Spirit towards one another.

As parents, our children need to see how Jesus is at the very foundation of everything that we are and we aspire to be. It is because Jesus loves us that we can love Him back. It is because of Him that we can strive to be the kind of family that will be a blessing to one another and to our community.

We must not grow tired of investing time and memories with our children, especially as they grow up. For these years will be the foundation of the life that they are building. We need to instruct, correct, encourage, praise and communicate with our children intentionally.

We must also be authentic in our own walk with Christ. Let us admit our mistakes, ask for forgiveness, draw strength from the Lord for our weaknesses and surrender our lives to Him.

There are no short-cuts. Raising a family is hard work but this is what needs to be done, all for the glory of God.

My Day at the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2015

I was at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura last October 17, 2015 to attend the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2015: Ready for the World event by Manila Workshops, HAPI and The Learning Basket. It was my first time in the venue and I was quite impressed. There were many people filling up the seats by 8:45AM. And soon, the conference started with Mr. Edric Mendoza, president of HAPI or Homeschoolers Association of the Philippine Islands welcomed everyone to the venue.


The first keynote speaker is Mr. Michael Donnelly, Director for Global Outreach of HSLDA and GHEC 2016.  He shared how homeschooling in such a time as this is not only helping your own families but answering a call to be part of a homeschool movement globally. His message was encouraging as he reminded us that nothing is really neutral, either they are used for God’s purposes or against him. He also reminded the audience to defend their families and culture and not to lose the right to teach their own children, as some countries like Germany and Sweden have banned homeschooling already.
IMG_4979 IMG_4978He summarized what homeschooling means to parents. He said “Homeschooling is the most effective way for parents to fulfill the role of stewards of our children to help them understand who they are and to be able to serve God.”

Then I went to SMX Convention Center Rooms and attended the workshop “Getting Your Children Ready for the World Through Independent Homeschooling” by Ms. Ched Arzadon.  I arrived a bit late as I passed the exhibit hall to check out what items were being sold and had to look for the venue. It was a very informative talk. She gave a brief history of mass schooling, alternative to mainsteam schools and last half of her talk was all about independent homeschooling. She gave examples of varied approaches and even discussed how and where to get Dep Ed accreditation tests and exams. She mentioned the A&E Test, PVT and PEPT.

For someone who is interested to know more about independent homeschooling in the Philippines, it was a must-attend workshop! I am so glad that she gave out hand-outs to the participants, so I can go back to the details if needed.

I attended the 2nd workshop entitled “Give Me One Good Reason to Homeschool” by Mr. Davis Carman. He is the husband of Rachel Carman and is the proprietor of the Apologia Educational Ministries. IMG_4998

He shared a fun list of reasons you’d want to homeschool your children which includes never missing the bus, cooking can count as learning, reading the Bible and praying aloud is allowed, wearing pajamas all day, student can do school work with their pets close by, kids can play outside, Lego playing is counted as learning…. but then he also shared a more serious list of reasons why you’d want to homeschool your child.

It’s a walk of faith. Teaching from a Christian worldview. Kids can explore creation outdoors and it births a love of learning in the kids. The family can do a lot of reading together. Individualized instruction. Positive social context of family and academic excellence.

Though I have been homeschooling for the past 6 years now, I am thankful to have attended this workshop. It reminded me why we are doing what we are doing and that we should carry on until God leads us otherwise.

The last workshop I attended was a forum facilitated by Mr. Edric Mendoza and the guest panelists are from Dep Ed and the principal of The Master’s Academy. The guests from Dep Ed were undersecretary Umali and the NCR deputy. The topics discussed revolved on accreditation, requirements to be a homeschool parent and K-12 specifically Senior High School.  At the end of the discussion, Dep Ed said that they would like the homeschool providers to submit to them their plans for Senior HighSchool and see if it will match what Dep Ed wants. Because as of today, there are no accredited homeschool providers for Senior High School yet.

The last keynote speaker for the day is Ms. Rachel Carman. She is the author of best-selling books and is a sought after speaker across the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. She talked about “Teaching Foundational Truth”.

It was a super packed talk and I just had to capture it in photos to remember key points.


She discussed what truth is and how the world has been changing its very definition.

IMG_5007 IMG_5005 IMG_5004 IMG_5002 IMG_5008
Truth can only be found in the Word of God and it gives us all the information and truth that we will ever need. She also shared some resources we can use to know more about the truth.


The whole conference exceeded my expectations and I was certainly grateful that I was given the chance to attend. For someone who has been homeschooling for the past 6 years, this conference was a breath of fresh air. It was also equipping to know the global perspective of homeschooling and how to homeschool independently.

Even the exhibit was quite different from previous years and a lot bigger as well. I am also happy that there were workshops for children happening at the same time too. Hopefully, in the future conferences, there will be more curriculum vendors too!

It was a day off well spent! Homeschooling in the Philippines is getting bigger and I am grateful that God allowed us to be part of it!