His Own YouTube Channel

My son loves to watch YouTube videos of Minecraft for some time now. I noticed that he is very interested in it and thought that he would be interested to make his own YouTube channel. It turns out, he actually wants to make his own videos. He just feels shy and clueless about the whole process.  I myself don’t know how it works but because I know that this will be something that will help my son achieve his goals, I researched around the net and informed him of the steps.

After a few days, my son was able to create his own YouTube channel and started recording his Minecraft games and editing them. Eventually, we uploaded the videos and he has now uploaded 5 videos already!

It was priceless – to see him  achieve his goals and be successful at what he wants to do. It was outside of our curriculum but I truly wanted him to achieve his goals so I allowed him to spend time pursuing his interests. I know that this achievement will give him confidence to pursue his dreams and goals in the future.

Just in case you want to check it out, this is his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuJX7ZUv5b2UYjNW3r1dYxg

National Homeschool Day!

On March 3, we are celebrating the first ever National Homeschool Day. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Building Up the Philippines, One Family at a Time.” All homeschoolers in the Philippines are invited to participate in the different activities to make Filipinos more aware of homeschooling in the country.

#HAPIday2017 is organized by HAPI or Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands. It is a non-stock, non-profit that aims to equip homeschooling groups and organisations in growing the national homeschooling movement. (Taken from their about page from their website at http://www.hapi.ph/) For more information on HAPI, do visit their website and FB page at https://www.facebook.com/hapihomeschooler/

This is really a huge milestone for all homeschoolers in the country!  Do join any or all of the activities:

National Homeschool Day Video Contest (Check www.hapi.phfor details or click here: https://web.facebook.com/hapihomeschooler/videos/1284295708325852 )

Celebrate on March 3 and gather together with your fellow homeschoolers and take photos and post them on social media with the official hashtag: #HAPIDay2017

Tell others about homeschooling by posting about homeschooling in your social media, sharing posts from HAPI and gathering together!

Let us do our share. Building up the Philippines, one family at a time.

Homeschool Help: Social Studies Book Alternatives

Social Studies or Aralin Panlipunan has been one of the difficult subjects to teach in homeschooling, mainly because of the textbooks and reference books that are published and recommended by schools. These books are dry and information are presented in a dull and boring manner. We’ve used different textbooks over the years but sadly, almost all textbooks are the same.

Thankfully, last year, we were able to find good alternatives. I’d like to share them with you.

A Lolong Time Ago, a prehistory of the Philippines is published by Tahanan Publishing. Prehistoric times of the Philippines retold in a fascinating way.

A First Look at Philippine Fruits, Flowers and Trees  is perfect for those learning about what makes the Philippines unique. This book is also from Tahanan Publishing.

If your child is learning about the culture and the way of life of the Filipino people, Philippine Proverbs from Tahanan Publishing is a good resource. This is a collection of over 100 Philippine Proverbs from around the archipelago.

Filipino culture definitely includes Filipino food. Check What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food from Adarna House Publishing.

Regional Profiles is just the perfect book for those studying about the different regions in the country.

If you are looking for stories about the different periods in the Filipinos life, Batang Historyador Series from Adarna House is a good choice.

For a more comprehensive Philippine History book, you can check out The Other Philippine History from Anvil Publishing. Read Philippine History from a fresh perspective.

For famous Filipino people and their biographies, Great Lives Series from Tahanan Publishing is a good source.

For other biographies, you may check the Modern Heroes for the Filipino Youth series from Bookmark Inc.

All images used are from the different publishing companies namely Tahanan Publishing, Adarna House Publishing, Anvil Publshing and Bookmark Inc.. 

Looking Back and Looking Forward

2016, has been a year of GROWTH for me. Not being a people person, God brought many people into my life and they came in all shapes and sizes. God gave me a part time tutoring job which helped me earn and pay for our family’s needs, but in turn, it gave me an opportunity to teach young children and help them in their studies. I pray that I was able to impart more than just academic skills but life skills as well. He also allowed me to become a Family Advisor for Homeschool Global. My main role was to come along side homeschooling families and help them in their homeschool journey. I also meet with them once a quarter to do portfolio reviews.

I had a hard time finding balance since I needed to meet with so many families, whether online or real time during portfolio reviews and also go to my tutorial job.  My children’s homeschooling lessons were a bit affected, especially my 4th grader so we are looking forward to being able to find balance and see if I can continue being a FA without sacrificing the homeschooling of my own children.

As 2017 starts, my children and I did our annual tradition of “looking back” and “looking forward”… we listed down what we loved about 2016 and what we look forward to in 2017. This has been our annual tradition for the past 3 years and I believe that this has helped my family to be closer and to pursue goals  together.

This 2017, SIMPLIFY is my keyword. I need to simplify my life and to pursue what really matters. Keep things simple. Don’t spend time, energy and resources on unnecessary matters. In the end, I want to draw closer to Jesus, in every aspect of my life.


Join the 2017 Homeschool Review Crew!

Schoolhouse Review Crew

For the past 4 years, if you have noticed, I have been regularly reviewing great homeschool products though the Homeschool Review Crew. It has been a great experience for me because I get to use many different curriculum that we would have no access to if we weren’t part of the crew. What I like most is being able to share these great products to my readers in the Philippines. There is a growing homeschool community here and we are all on the look out for great curriculum which can help our children learn.

For the coming year, if you would like to become part of the crew, your chance has arrived. You may now apply by visiting this 2017 Crew Applications post. I assure you, being part of the crew will be a great opportunity for you to grow as a homeschool blogger.