Our New Bookshelf

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We love reading as a family and as individuals. We started reading together when my kids were still small and thankfully, now that they are both older, they both  still love reading. I truly believe that reading together is a key in establishing this good habit.

But as with all readers, books are everywhere in the house! This is the pile of books in the kids’ room. They have so many books that the books don’t fit on their old bookshelf anymore! This was beginning to be a problem and I noticed that they don’t return the books after reading. So we were prompted to ask a carpenter to make a bookshelf for their rooom.

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This is the customized bookshelf  that was made. It looked better than we expected. I asked my son to classify the books and arrange them alphabetically. It was indeed a good exercise! My children now keeps their books every time they finish reading and they know exactly where to put it!

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Apologia Zoology 2


We have just finished our Science lessons for this school year. We have studied about Zoology specifically about ocean creatures! We’ve used Apologia Young Explorer Series Zoology 2. It has been an exciting journey. I enjoyed it myself since I learned so much about sea creatures such as fish, dolphins, sharks, rays, shells, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, coral reef and so much more! We even learned about how pearls are formed! Just like those pearls from Reeds.com pearl neclaces.

One of the activities my children enjoyed the most about Zoology 2 is that they get to create an ocean box! Here is their work over the whole school year.

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We truly enjoyed Apologia Zoology 2 because it gives us a good perspective and in-depth lessons about the ocean creatures. We say that we love Apologia books because we really love reading together! The kids also learned to take down notes. If you asked me if I would recommend it, I would if your family likes to read together and have multi-level grade levels students.



Precious Girls Club Book Series

A few weeks ago, my sister gave my daughter a set of new books entitled Precious Girls Club.

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The writer of this series is Cindy Kenney, an award winning author and editor. She used to work as the senior managing editor of Big Idea Productions for more than 10 years. You would know Big Idea if you are a fan of VeggieTales! So when my daughter saw the books, she was excited to start reading them.

The series is for girls 6-11 years old. It celebrates the uniqueness of everyone and makes every girl precious in the eyes of God. There are different storylines in each book and the girls learn how to make a difference in the world.

My daughter loved the books! She highly recommends it to little girls.

If you are looking for stories that teaches values, visit Precious Moments store in Buendia Makati and get these books at very low prices!

Read Aloud Together – Chapter Books

The other day, I shared about the books which you can use to read aloud with your toddlers and preschoolers. Today, I would like to share with you some of the chapter books which you can use with your bigger kids, from ages 7 onwards.

We immensely enjoyed the following chapter books:


amelia the-house-at-pooh-corner winnie-the-pooh-book_1724




Truly these wonderful books have captured our hearts and minds.

Read Aloud Together – Start Them Young!

For the past couple of months, I have received several emails asking me how to homeschool a preschooler. I’ve responded individually to each email and  I’ve recently written a post entitled homeschooling a preschooler FAQ.  I hope I was able to answer most of the inquiries.

I’ve often written that when you are homeschooling preschoolers, it is important that you instill in your children a love of learning and I believe this starts by reading together. Even as babies, you can begin to spend time reading to them.

In our family, we started by reading them Bibles for babies and young kids. Here are some of the Bible stories for Children that we used:

709628_w185 cover_Handy_Bible_02 My-Very-First-Bible-9781561483709__93726_zoom

Then, we read picture stories to them. Through the years, I’ve learned to sort through which kind of picture story books is best. I suggest that you choose picture stories that show great art work, good morale stories, and books which you as an adult enjoy reading. Try as much as possible not to buy those with popular characters since they usually don’t contain much story and depth.

Here are some picture story books we have enjoyed:

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Reading aloud together brings many advantages which includes:

Fostering a love of learning in the child. Vocabulary development, reading skills, speech and reading skills development are just some of the area which grows whenever you spend time reading to a child.

Bonding with your child. It creates irreplaceable memories with your children as they grow up.

The child learns that reading is a worthwhile activity rather than immersing him with digital technologies at an early age.

Read aloud together and start them young! It’s never too early to start!