Homeschool Help: Go with a Homeschool Provider or Go Independent

After deciding that homeschooling is for your family, you must now decide whether you want to enroll with a homeschool provider or just go independent.


If you decide to enroll your child with a homeschool provider, you need to choose if you want to go with Dep Ed accredited homeschool provider or home education provider or a school with an international accreditation.  You need to inquire at the school of your choice and follow the requirements set by the school. Please check my post about the different Dep Ed Accredited homeschool providers in the Philippines. Homeschool providers usually will give you their recommended curriculum and you would need to submit grades or other requirements following their timeline. At the end of the school year, you should be able to receive a report card that you can use as a record for your children’s achievement. If you ever want to enroll in a conventional school, you can contact your provider for all documents that your new school might require from your children.


If you decide that you want to take the independent homeschooling route, you just need to make sure that you have a guide like the Department of Education’s Curriculum Guide for each grade level and subject. You can buy curriculum abroad or through local bookstores and keep a record of your child’s activities through portfolios, notebooks, attendance record, books read, grades and other information that schools might need once you decide to enroll your children back to a conventional school. At the end of the school year, your child would need to go to Dep Ed to take some tests. The test can be the Philippine Validation Tests (PVT), the Philippine Education Placement Tests (PEPT) or the Accreditation and Equivalency test (A&E).

My opinion: If you decide to enroll in a homeschool provider, you will have lesser things to think about especially year end accreditation and documents, but it is the more expensive route. I believe that if you are just new in homeschooling, you may enroll so that they can help you establish structures and routines  in your homeschool more easily. If you are the type of person who needs structure, go with homeschool providers, but if you want more freedom, go and be an independent homeschooler! As you reach your 3rd or 4th year, you may wish to research more about going independent. Being an independent homeschooler can give you more flexibility and freedom on how you want to approach your homeschool days, and of course, since you will be dealing directly with Dep Ed eventually, you must be prepared for a more tedious experience as well.


Homeschool Help: Current Event Sites for Middle Schoolers

Now that my daughter is in 6th grade, it is important that she learns what is happening around the country and the world. For local news, we just turn on the TV and watch the news. Sadly, the local news usually revolves only around crime and politics. For international news, I have found a few sites that focuses on issues and are really made for middle school students.

Here are the current event sites for middle schoolers:

CNN Student News

PBS NewsHour Extra

Time for Kids

Homeschool Help: 6 Free Printable Sites

As a homeschool mom, I am often on the lookout for printables which can make learning more fun and interactive for my children. Along the way, I also find several which helps homeschool moms organize and plan too. I know that homeschool moms are busy so I am sharing the links with you :

Mamas Learning Corner

Confessions of a Homeschooler

Free Printable Worksheet

Donna Young Printables and Resources

Renee at Great Peace

The Crafty Classroom

If you know other sites, please leave a comment. Thanks!

Homeschool Help: Music Curriculum

musicWhen I started homeschooling 5 years ago, I didn’t know what to teach for music. I didn’t know how to play any musical instrument and I only knew the basics of music theory. So I decided to teach music theory to my 1st grader based on what I have studied before. Fast forward, my daughter knows how to play the keyboard and read notes. Though I don’t take any credit for that since she basically learned it on her own.

But as a homeschool mom, where do you begin? Teaching music should be fun and practical, but it should also help your children understand the dynamics of music.

I’m listing down some of the beneficial links to help you teach music theory to your children.

8 Notes Music Theory


One Minute Music Lesson

Music Theory Videos


Here are the links to help you teach music appreciation to your children. Note that there are some links where you need to purchase the curriculum.

Confessions of a Homeschooler – World’s Greatest Composers

Classics for Kids

SQUILT Music Appreciation Course
These are the links to some free music curriculum.

Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool

Harmony of Fine Arts Highschool Music


Image source:

Homeschool Help: Narration, Copywork and Dictation

Like me, you’ve probably heard about the positive impact of routine copywork, dictation and narration in helping our kids become better writers, spellers and observers. We’ve personally done these activities a bit when a friend allowed us to use their copy of Writing of Ease 1 and Writing with Ease 2 a couple of years back, then when we tried Sonlight Language Arts too.s We also do narration for our History and Science lessons. I noticed that both my children enjoyed these activities and it was in fact some of the more memorable lessons that they did together.

This coming school year, I want us to be more intentional in following through with copywork, dictation and narration. I have been doing quite a bit of research since our summer break and have read a number of books and resources. If you are also wondering how to be more successful with your copywork, dictation and narration, check the following links as they may be of help to you:

Copywork, Dictation, Narration & Observation : A Beginner’s Guide – informational blog post by Brandy Ferrell

Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Copywork and Dictation – instructional video by Julie Bogart of The Bravewriter

Our “Writing” Journey : Narration, Copywork and Dictation by Winnie Lopez

Why Do Copywork and Dictation by Jessie Wise