Life and Legacy

For the past month, I have joined a growth group (Bible study) where we have been studying about Life and Legacy by Edmund Chan.  Life and Legacy is a 12 week workbook devotional that challenges you to think and re-think your life and legacy.


We’ve discussed about one’s journey towards spiritual maturity and how we might have been deceiving ourselves with pseudo-discipleship. It was an eye opener because being a Christian for a number of years, this can really be dangerous and detrimental to my spiritual growth. It was important to be reminded that everything we are doing can never earn us any favor with God but that we should be doing everything because it is but a response to the love that we have received from God. The critical change should happen in our hearts — and that can only come from having been with Jesus.

We have also touched on the hunger for purpose and meaning in our lives. Without God, everything is meaningless. Because everything in this world is but temporal so we should find our purpose and meaning only through God, for He alone is eternal. Everything makes sense when we look at them through the lenses of eternity.It was clear to me : My soul can only find satisfaction when I am in the presence of God.

I am humbled and excited to know Christ more every day… and it is my prayer that may I live a life and legacy- all for the glory of God.

Raising a Family Is Hard Work

We want to develop a family that is close-knit, a family that loves unconditionally and a family that loves the Lord above all, but a family like that doesn’t happen naturally. Sad to say, this doesn’t happen overnight as well. It takes years and years of character building and making home a place where everyone can bloom and fail. It is a place where we can all practice the fruit of the Spirit towards one another.

As parents, our children need to see how Jesus is at the very foundation of everything that we are and we aspire to be. It is because Jesus loves us that we can love Him back. It is because of Him that we can strive to be the kind of family that will be a blessing to one another and to our community.

We must not grow tired of investing time and memories with our children, especially as they grow up. For these years will be the foundation of the life that they are building. We need to instruct, correct, encourage, praise and communicate with our children intentionally.

We must also be authentic in our own walk with Christ. Let us admit our mistakes, ask for forgiveness, draw strength from the Lord for our weaknesses and surrender our lives to Him.

There are no short-cuts. Raising a family is hard work but this is what needs to be done, all for the glory of God.

Seasons in Life

Since I become a mom, my life changed.

From a working girl, I became a stay at home mom.

From someone who used to spend lots of time outside the house, I stayed home to  nurture my baby and be the primary care giver to her.

From being a Manila girl, I transferred to the South.

From earning a steady income myself, I was now dependent on my hubby’s income.

Through these changes, I lost connection with friends from work, from church and from my childhood. I knew that I have moved to another season in my life and it is up to me how to adjust.

I embraced motherhood and I enjoyed the change. I never knew that I was capable of loving, caring and being responsible entirely of another human being. God blessed me through this season of my life. I learned more about myself and came to know God even more intimately through this tough season.

There were days that I missed my “old” life but somehow, God has used motherhood to mature me in ways I never would have grown. I may have lost my friends but I realized, God puts different friends in our lives for different seasons. I may not have a steady income but I’ve learned to depend on God and He has never failed me in the past 11 years.

Seasons in life are God’s way of maturing us. Let us draw near to Him and He shall see us through each and every season.  t

Communication is Key

Learning doesn’t always have to come thru textbooks, workbooks or curriculum. I firmly believe that communication is key to teaching, especially when it comes to teaching what matters most. Issues about faith, family, relationships and belief are best taught by example and discussion.

In our family, I openly share my thoughts, ideas and beliefs to my children so they will know about what is happening in the world and what our stand on these issues are. I also raise topics which might interest them and discuss with them so I can  hear what is in their hearts and what they really think about these issues.

I truly enjoy these various discussions that we now have. I believe that they are learning from me as much as I also am learning from them. I am so blessed. Truly, homeschooling transcends beyond curriculum. It is a lifestyle and learning comes alive while relationships are also enriched.

A Call to Persevere

A few weeks ago, I read this verse from Romans 5:3-4 “Suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, character produces hope.” It was a very timely reminder for me as I was thinking about homeschooling and life in general.

Homeschooling has definitely developed perseverance in each of our lives. My children understands that if they don’t persevere, they will not finish the work that has been set out for them., they will not learn and they will not achieve their goals. I also have learned that if I don’t persevere, I will be lazy and unfaithful to what God has called me to do.

Character is only developed in our lives through persevering through tough times. We now see that each challenge is a “set appointment” with God. It is through these that we will become who God intends us to be and we can get to know Him personally.

Through these times, hope in Christ strengthens us and keeps us focused on the goal of becoming like Him every day of our lives. And that truly is the what we all hope to be!