6 Ways to Improve Your Lawn

A clean home can be beautiful, but it’s easy for homeowners to neglect their exteriors when maintenance isn’t a part of their daily routine. If you’re interested in creating a beautiful exterior for your home, here are six ways to improve the state of your lawn and garden.

1: Declutter Your Driveway

Are toys and basketballs lying around your driveway? Is grass growing between the cracks in the concrete? Get rid of everything that doesn’t belong there. You may also consider resealing the driveway.

2: Tidy Your Garden

In addition to removing weeds, you should also be keeping an eye out for things like soil erosion or pests trickling into your garden bed. These tiny problems can turn into big disasters if left unchecked, so nip them in the bud now.

3: Clean Your Fence

You wouldn’t let stains form on your bedroom walls. Your fence should have the same consideration. If there’s dirt, moss or algae growing on your wires, or if the paint is peeling and chipping on your wooden posts, freshening them up can transform your entire landscape.

4: Think About Pressure Washing

A good pressure wash will remove even the toughest of stains, so think about it the next time you’re despairing the state of your patio. A good cleaning company like the Renew Crew (www.renewcrewclean.com) can restore everything from decks to walkways to vinyl siding.

5: Clear Your Gutters

Your yard isn’t really clean if the gutters are overflowing with leaves. Not only are they offensive to the eye, but they can also present a serious health hazard if they’re backed up or shedding debris. Get yourself a ladder and a scraper to clear them out once and for all.

6: Apply Preservatives

If you have a wooden deck or patio, you should be concerned about wear and tear. Kids can scratch the surface; pipes and sprinklers can cause water damage; the elements can contribute to discoloration. Apply a wooden preservative to keep your finish glossy and smooth.

These are just six tips for cleaning the exterior of your home. An orderly appearance will affect everything from your property value to the way the neighbors treat you, so don’t wait until things get out of hand to roll up your sleeves and beautify your yard.

Please Your Customers and Ship Properly with Custom Printed Tape

As an online seller, you know that reputation matters. Auction sites and classified ad sites let you sell to people from all around the world, and you need to properly package each item to ensure that it arrives in good condition. Bubble tape, wrapping paper and strong cardboard boxes can go a long way towards ensuring the safety of those items, but you also need some tape to keep those items wrapped and those boxes sealed. Custom printed tape lets you customize the packing tape that you use with the name of your company or an image or design of your choosing.

Choosing the Right Color

When you purchase printed packing tape, you need to pick a color first. The background color of that tape will catch the eye of customers and make them pay attention to the special methods you used to pack their purchases. Yellow, green and red are some of the more eye-catching colors now available, but you can also buy tape with background shades of blue, black white and some lighter pastel colors too. The tape is strong enough to keep your boxes sealed during the shipping process and colorful enough to delight your customers.

Types of Tape

There are several different types of tape that you can choose from when creating your own custom designs. Polypropylene tape is a strong and durable design, but you can easily cut through the tape with scissors or a knife to cut strips large or small enough for your boxes. PVC tape uses a natural rubber adhesive that keeps it from peeling away from different surfaces, making it a good choice for both the inside and outside of your boxes. You’ll also find specialty masking tape, gummed tape and other types of packing tape.

Customizing Your Design

As long as you have your design saved on your computer, you’re only minutes away from ordering the perfect customized tape for your business. Confidential Packing is just one of the websites that let shoppers customize packing tape and other types of tape. Use the contact page to find the company’s email address and send an email with your design attached in either an .ai or .eps file. After receiving your order, the company will print your design on the tape you choose and mail it right to your home. Shop custom printed tape or design your own customized tape for your business today.

5 Tips to Increase Home Security Without Going Broke

For many people, home security is one of their top priorities. They want to keep their family and their possessions safe. Unfortunately, it seems like many security options cost much more than the average person can pay. Here are a few tips on how you can increase your home security without going broke.

1. Watch for Promotions

Security alarm installation and monitoring companies looking to drum up new business often offer promotional deals where you can get discounted rates for a few months. Others may provide free equipment and installation, saving you quite a bit of the initial cost. Keep an eye out for ads and notices from companies like Alarm Relay, and you could find that you’re able to significantly save on alarm monitoring.

2. Make it Look Like You’re Home

Most burglaries occur during the early afternoon and late morning — the times when most people are at work. Keep your second car parked in your driveway during the day or set a timer to turn on the TV throughout the morning. If it looks like someone is home during the day, most burglars won’t even bother.

3. Install Outside Lighting

Make it easy for you to see anyone outside. This can be as simple as installing a front porch light, but you can also line your sidewalk with lights and make sure there aren’t a lot of trees or bushes lowering visibility. Motion-detecting lights are a great option here, and they’re not terribly expensive. The clear message you are sending to burglars is, “You can’t hide on my front lawn.”

4. Put Up Warning Signs

“Beware of dog” signs are a great way to scare off potential burglars. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can create the illusion. Go one step further by leaving a dog bowl outside the door. No burglar wants to deal with loud or dangerous pets, so most of the time they will just pass you by.

5. Be Smart Online

Don’t post on social media about when you’re going to be on vacation or anything else that indicates no one’s home right now. If your heart just sank a little at not being able to post pictures during your vacation, at least make sure your privacy settings are cranked up to their highest setting so nobody but your friends can see it — and then don’t add people you don’t know!

Scents to Remind You of Your Favourite Treats

Neuroscience has shown that our senses of taste and smell are interrelated and have connections to the same brain areas that deal with emotion regulation and memory formation, which explains why the detection of certain scents triggers related memories. But we don’t need scientific explanations to tell us that yummy scents make us feel good. Yankee Candle UK Ltd. produces a wide range of scented candles with delightful, mood-lifting fragrances including scents so delicious that you’ll want to eat the candles.

yankee candle uk

Take yourself back to the carefree days of summer campfires and outdoor fun with the Yankee Candle Fireside Treats fragrance. Imagine you’re with your group of friends, laughing and holding sticks in the fire, roasting gooey, melting marshmallows and making graham wafer sandwiches with drizzled chocolate topping. The Fireside Treats fragrance transports you back in time to relive happy camping memories and sweet, delicious fun. Another summer favorite is Yankee Candle Strawberry Buttercream. The aroma of those sweet, juicy berries in a cloud of rich, fluffy cream is decadent indulgence without calories.

If you’re hosting a birthday party, add to the festive atmosphere and get everyone in the mood for cake early with a Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake scented candle. Burn tealights for 4 to 6 hours of fragrance, votives for up to 15 hours or wax melts for up to 8 hours, and fill your home with the scrumptious scent of vanilla cake and butter frosting. After the party, you’ll be inspired to pick up the large jar candle so you can continue to enjoy that luscious Vanilla Cupcake scent for another 110 to 150 hours.

Light a Yankee Candle Margarita Time candle, close your eyes and drift away to a land of warmth, relaxation, and exotic beaches. Imagine the salty taste on the rim of the glass and the cool, condensation on the side of the glass as you lounge on the beach sipping a chilled, refreshingly tangy cocktail of lime and tequila.

Ideal for various indoor and outdoor uses including decorative candlescaping, Yankee Candles are conveniently available in small, medium and large jar candles, tealights, pillars, votives and wax melts. Yankee Candle’s irresistibly delectable fragrances including fruity delights such as Black Cherry, Mandarin Cranberry and Sugared Apple, and sweet treats such as Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Bunnies spark feel-good memories and build ambience.

About the Author:

This is a guest post by Tim Aldiss who writes for Yankee Candle

Furniture for Jails

Those who are in a jail might find that the corrections furniture is a little different from what you might see in the home. These items are formed to protect the inmate while providing comfort. Pieces are made of sturdy materials, and they are made for high traffic as numerous people will be sitting on the furniture and using the pieces to eat on or to keep valuables secure.

Tables come in various shapes and sizes. The seats of the table are usually attached to the legs of the table so that they can’t be used as weapons. There are usually four seats at each table. Chairs also come in various designs. Many of the chairs are placed in the holding area for those who have not been booked into the jail system. The beds are a piece of furniture that will probably get used the most. Some of the beds have attachments on them so that straps can be used on inmates who are dangerous to themselves and others. Visitation tables are also used in jails. There are tables with a solid partition as well as those that have Plexiglas so that visitors can see the inmate. Other pieces of furniture include bookcases and drawers that are placed underneath beds.