Three Home Construction Options for the Best Resale Value

Buying a home is a big step, so many homeowners are also taking into account the eventual resale of the property. If you want to add value to a home so that it becomes a profitable investment, taking on a number of construction projects can help you add value in specific areas of your home. Here are the top three you should consider.

Bathroom Remodel
The bathroom may be small in many homes, but it can be a mighty player in the overall value of your home. A complete bathroom remodel that updates fixtures, lighting and flooring won’t cost you as much as a complete remodel of a kitchen, but it will provide a great selling point to potential buyers.

People want to feel comfortable and relaxed in the bathroom, so design and color is just as important in a bathroom remodel as updating all the fixtures. Light colors and sleek materials are often your best choices.

Basement Renovation
If you have an unfinished basement, the best way to add a lot of value to your home is to transform it into a finished basement. You have a variety of options on how this could be done. Many people finish off the walls and simply have a one large room for games, watching television or entertaining. Other homeowners choose to utilize this space by adding multiple rooms, such as an extra bedroom, bathroom and living area.

A basement renovation doesn’t have to be fancy, either. Installing a home theater or a wet bar, for example, may not translate into added value on a resale because not every potential homeowner will be looking for these types of amenities.

Window Replacement
New windows can add a lot of value to a home, especially if you are moving into an older home that hasn’t had windows replaced in the last decade. New windows provide two ways to add value to your property. The first way is by changing the look and feel of the home. With new windows, you can choose the look and design of the home by changing the frames, the size of the windows or the amount of light the windows let in during the day.

The second way that new windows can add value to a home is by helping to improve your home’s efficiency. Old windows can have a lot of air leaks, particularly if the window was not installed correctly in the first place. New windows can help your heating and cooling systems be more efficient, and they can help you use the natural power of the sun to better control a room’s temperature.

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Your Homesteading Heritage: Top Tips for Taking Your Family Off the Grid Gracefully

Going off the grid appeals to a lot of families but a fair number of them tend to hold back on their plans, simply because they don’t really know where to start in order to turn that dream into a reality.

It can often help to learn some basic prepper skills as part of your learning curve, as well as finding just what it takes to take your family off the grid as seamlessly as possible.

Anything is possible

Although your plans might be a bit easier with some cash in the bank to help get you started with some of the things you will need to go off the grid, it should also be noted that there are families who started living this way with virtually no money at all.

The trick is often to be as resourceful and creative as you possibly can.

One family moved to a remote spot in the desert which they managed to buy for just $1,000 and then spent time living in an old bus that they fitted out, with a solar panel and batteries for power.

They used this as their base while they worked on building a more permanent base that had more amenities and space to live in. The point about this example, is that anything really is possible if you approach the idea with a positive can-do attitude.

Getting in the right zone

Going off the grid is a lifestyle choice and something that you want to do in order to make a permanent and positive difference to your family’s life, and in order for it to work, you need to be excited by the challenge and commit yourself to learning how to make it happen.

If you are planning to live a family life off the grid, your parenting role will take on a new dimension, and you will have to learn how to keep them safe and comfortable in what will be a very different environment to the one that they have been probably used to up to this point.

Building a sustainable homestead

If you can build a sustainable homestead in the middle of a desert, you can pretty do it anywhere, so location should not necessarily be a barrier to your ambitions.

What you have to do is make a detailed assessment of your immediate needs, making a list of the things that need to be in place from day one. These will include developing a home-scale energy resource, a supply of clean water, sewage and waste solution, heating and anything else that you consider should be in place immediately in order to get the project underway.

Preparing for baths rather than just running the tap, cutting logs on a daily basis, and restricting your energy requirements, are just some of the examples of life off the grid will be different, but ultimately rewarding for those that take the plunge.

By Conrad Novak. “I’m a proud father of two great children. My journey to being better prepared began when Hurricane Katrina hit and when I lost my job due to the 2008 economic crisis. That made me realize that in a short time everything can change for the worst. This experience pushed me into a new mindset, preparing me to expect the unexpected in life and to remain ever vigilant. All these hard events gave me the motivation to go through several courses, soaking in a number of books and put the knowledge into practice in order to improve my skills regarding survival and preparedness. I’m committed to providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date tips and information to help you become more self-reliant and keep you prepared for whatever life throws at you.”

Tips on How to Reduce Your Utility Bills

If you have a limited household budget you do not want to be spending any more than is absolutely necessary on your utility bills. The money you have has to be split across so many aspects of your life that you want to make sure it stretches as far as possible.

We are going to take a look at some of the things you should look at if you want to try and reduce the amount of money you spend on your utility bills. Hopefully you will find the information useful and be inspired to take action so you can have more money to spend on other aspects of your life.

Make sure problems are dealt with

One of the biggest issues that cause utility bills to be higher than normal is the non resolution of problems. For instance, did you know that a dripping tap can use up as much as 20 gallons of water each day? That is a huge amount of water to waste and can lead to a significant increase in your water bill.

If you do not have systems such as your air conditioning serviced regularly they may not run as efficiently as they should. This type of problem can lead to an increased usage of power which in turn leads to higher utility bills.

You can see how important it is to make sure that problems are dealt with as soon as possible.

Use appliances and systems efficiently

It’s not just important to make sure systems are working as they should; you also need to use them efficiently. If you have a thermostat on your heating system then you should adjust it according. You do not want to use more energy than is necessary by having the thermostat set too high.

Efficient usage can include things as simple as switching lights off when there is no-one in the room and using an energy efficient setting on the washing machine. It may not seem as though these things are very significant but they can be when added together.

Insulate your property

If you want to prevent warm air from escaping your property it’s vital that you insulate effectively. This includes fitting insulation strips to doors and windows and investing in draught excluders. You also need to ensure you insulate your attic space so that warm air does not escape through the roof.

You may also want to consider cladding the exterior of your home. Not only does that provide an additional level of insulation, your home is also better protected against adverse weather conditions. If you want to learn more about exterior cladding just click here for more information.

All of the tips we have provided in this article should help you to reduce the amount of money you spend on your utility bills. Hopefully, you will be able to save some money to spend on other, more enjoyable, aspects of your life.

What You Need To Know About Building Your Family-Friendly Kitchen

Creating a family-centered kitchen is a necessary adjustment for homes with growing families. Features such as open floor plans, durable surfaces, and abundant food storage are important to consider when creating a custom kitchen to fit the needs of multigenerational homes.

When designing your custom family-friendly space, consider the features needed to outfit a space that works for the daily life of everyone who lives in the home. Include features that accommodate the needs of your activities, children, and even your pets.

Before you start your kitchen remodel, take a look at how you use your current kitchen and set goals for your new space. This will help when you make important decisions regarding the features, floor plans, appliances, and cabinetry of your renovated kitchen.

Features To Include In Your Family-Friendly Kitchen

Durable, Easy-To-Clean Counters –
Every parent understands the need for easy-to-clean surfaces, especially in the kitchen. Quartz, a man-made countertop product, is durable, stain resistant, and perfect for a family kitchen. Laminate is also a popular, affordable option and is available in a wide array of patterns and colors.

Flexible Food Storage –
Growing families need ample room for groceries. Flexible food storage options can include accessible pantry drawers and shelving that offer easy to reach snacks for children.

Open Floor Plan –
Kitchens are the heart of a home. Family life often centers around meal preparation. As such, kitchens in homes with open floor plans are perfect for the modern lifestyles of today’s families.

Kitchen Island –
A versatile and attractive kitchen island will offer up an area for homework, dining, and food preparation. Making it a space that is able to easily fit the needs of families on the go.

Refrigerator Drawers –
Easy-to-open lower level refrigerator drawers conveniently offer families with young children a way for kids to become more self-sufficient. Kids with access to these drawers can grab snacks or drinks as needed.

Convection Microwave –
This handy piece of equipment performs double-duty for the family that needs to multi-task. Useful as either a fast-speed oven or a device for reheating, this useful appliance can be installed over an oven or built into custom cabinetry.

Chalkboard Wall –
Turn your small wall into a chalkboard with paint. This simple feature will help you keep track of needed items, family schedules, upcoming activities, and even chores. Bonus: your kids will love it! Set aside some chalk and allow your kids to decorate the wall and create their own designs.


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Owning Your Own House

Owning a house is one of the ultimate dreams of every Filipino family. Families work hard to be able to afford a property that they like and build their dream house. But before you buy that property or house that you want for your family, consider all the other expenses you may incur and decide if you are really ready to own a house of your own.

  • Having a house means being responsible for the yearly maintenance of the entire house.
    You must check the gutter quarterly or hire the  sydney gutter cleaning services to ensure that your gutter is clean. You must also check on the pipes and ensure that there are no broken water pipes in your area. Clean the area so no stagnant water can be found.
  • Schedule the repainting of your house, Typically, houses are repainted either every 5 or 10 years.
  • Declutter  area by area monthly. This is to avoid clutter and reclaim the lost space.
  • Unclog the drainage to ensure that the flushes inside your C.R. works..

    Owning your own house can be heartwarning and challenging at the same time. Don’t be fooled that this is an easy task. Though it can get busy, know that as long as you plan ahead and follow your plans, hopefully, owning your own house won’t be as bad.