How to Get the Most Out of a Whole House Fan Cooling System

Having a fan produce the same type of cooling as an AC unit seems too good to be true. A whole house fan system is simple by design, but one of the most effective ways to cool your home in the warmer months. The key is in knowing how to operate the system right for maximum cooling benefits.


Initiate the System

You should wait to start the system at the cooler part of the afternoon. The prime times of operation are late afternoon until early morning hours of the following day. Open a few windows, but not all of them to start. Once the fan starts you will feel a breeze in the home that will instantly drop the temperature at least 10 degrees.


Concentrate on Populated Sections of the House

Only open windows in the populated areas of the house before sunset. This will ensure you are getting maximum cooling effect for the area needed at the time. This can be living rooms, family rooms, kitchens and dining areas. The consistent exchange of fresh air will make the entire environment more pleasant.


Expand to Every Area at Nightfall

Open as many windows as possible once the sun goes down past the horizon. The cooling effect can be as dramatic as 30 degrees, or more. Allow a general cooling of the entire house before going to bed. You are building up a cool environment that will last well into the next day.


Reserve for Sleeping Areas

Shut all of the windows at bedtime except for those in the sleeping areas. You want the cooling to be concentrated in the areas you will spend the next few hours. You should feel the slight breeze even with the bedroom doors closed.


Find the Right Balance

The amount of opening needed in the windows for effective cooling is only about 2-inches. Having it open too much, or little will directly impact the effectiveness of the whole house fan system. This is one part of the process that you will have to experiment with to find the right balance. You can adjust the hours of operation to suit the environment around your home. Having large shade trees will make it possible to run the system longer than homes with bare lawns.

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Tips for Relaxing With Style During the Summer

With everyone getting ready for the summer, you’re no doubt excited at the prospect of finally getting a chance to really relax. Unfortunately, as fun as summer can be, that doesn’t necessarily mean its without its own specific challenges and obligations. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you really get into the summer spirit, so that you can relax in style.

Landscape Specialists

If you’re someone who doesn’t really like mowing the lawn, then you might be on the lookout for someone else to do it for you. While some kids in the neighborhood might be looking to make a quick buck, you should also consider hiring a specialist to take care of all of your other lawn care needs. For instance, if you have hedges that need regular trimming, then someone just offering to mow your backyard simply isn’t going to cut it. Instead, landscaping jobs Atlanta Georgia like Landscape Management Services can help you take care of your property’s needs on a regular basis. Instead of worrying about reliability or dependability, you can invest in a specialist that you won’t have to babysit. Instead, you can spend that time focusing on yourself and really getting to relax.

Home Renovations

If you really want to relax in style, then it might be time to consider moving the furniture in your house around. By taking a day now to plan your house around the change in weather, you’ll be able to maximize your enjoyment of the season as it really starts to take off. Specifically, you’ll want to try looking for opportunities to move your furniture around the house so that it takes full advantage of the natural shade provided by nearby plants and trees. In this way, you’ll not only create a relaxing atmosphere in your house, you’ll also manage to save quite a bit of money on cooling your house down.

Summer offers so many opportunities that simply can’t be found throughout the rest of the year, so you’ll really want to try your best to make the most of it. If you’re not used to having a lot of time off during the summer, then you might not know how to make the most of it. Hopefully, by following these tips though, you’ll get used to being able to really enjoy relaxing, and then carry that mentality forward into the rest of the year.

Making the Most of Your Small Kitchen Space

Your kitchen may be the most important room in your home. After all, not only do you prepare, cook, and often eat your meals in your kitchen, it also acts as a meeting place, especially during the holidays. It’s also necessary for storing a lot of goods, and the place where you keep appliances and tools used for cooking, eating, and hosting parties. So, if you’ve got a small kitchen in your home, it’s crucial that you make the most of your space. Luckily, there are a number of tricks and tips that will help make your kitchen space seem bigger than it really is.

First of all, take advantage of all of the vertical space in your kitchen for storage. Use tall cabinets to store dishes and dry goods. If you’re concerned about reaching the tallest shelves, keep only items that you use rarely there, such as holiday punch bowls or champagne glasses. Then, keep a foldable stepping stool tucked away so that you can reach those items when necessary. Use hanging organizers to take advantage of every inch of space in your kitchen. Consider hanging pans and pans as well if you’re low on cupboard space.

To keep your kitchen from feeling space, keep the walls a light color. Use natural lighting and artificial lights to open up the room and make it bright and appealing. If you have a window in your kitchen, hang light curtains or blinds to let in as much light as possible without compromising your privacy. Don’t clutter your kitchen space with decorations, and don’t make your room seem smaller by using busy patterns or designs. Instead, embrace minimalism to maximize the appearance of your kitchen.

Finally, if you’re struggling to get your kitchen to look right, consider hiring a professional to help you out. Hire a local design expert who can help you come up with creative solutions to your problems. For example, if you need kitchen remodeling Cook County IL find an agency like Building Resource Group LLC. You may be surprised by the ideas offered by professionals, and they often have access to resources that you wouldn’t be able to get. Since you spend so much time in your kitchen, it’s worth it to make sure it’s done right.

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful, useful, and welcoming.

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Does Using Solar Power Mean You Do Not Have to pay for Electricity?

Using electricity can be expensive. This is why some people decide to look elsewhere than their normal supplier. You may want to think about simply changing to a different conventional supplier; you can learn more about that process. On the other hand, you may be thinking about making a complete change, to a system such as solar power.

There are many benefits to be had from using a solar power system in your home.  Of course, solar power is a well known source of renewable energy, which is also good for the world around you. But can you actually get rid of your electricity bill altogether, if you use solar power?

Why use solar power?

We have already explained why solar power is a good idea. The planet only has a limited stock of fossil fuel left, and what we do have causes damage to the environment when we use it. The same does not apply to solar energy. Using solar power also means that you can potentially go off grid, and not have to pay electricity bills again. All of this sounds really good, but there are some drawbacks to using solar power.

  • The installation costs for solar power systems can be high.
  • You cannot generate power from sunlight all the time, so you need to use batteries to store energy so that you can use it when you need it. This can make running a solar power system more expensive.
  • You may have to invest in solar power versions of household appliances, or substitute another form of heating, lighting or cooking. This can be costly and inconvenient.

If you are concerned about these issues, there are options that you may want to consider.

What are your options?

Using solar power on its own may be a costly option, at least in the short term. It may also not produce enough energy for your needs. There are options which may help to overcome these problems.

  • Using a hybrid system. You may want to think about using a hybrid system which gives you access to solar power and wind power. This means that you should have access to more energy at different times of the day.
  • Staying on the grid. This is an option that many people choose. It means that you can use your own solar power energy where possible, but still take energy from the grid when you need it. You can even sell excess energy to the grid, should you have any. Of course, this means that you still have an electricity bill to pay, but at a reduced rate.

Both of these options are viable choices, if you need an alternative to solely using solar power. The reality is that it’s possible to go off grid when you are using solar power, but it can be complicated and expensive to do so.

How to Make The Most of Your Bedroom Space

When you decorate your home, it’s all too easy to focus solely on the areas of the house that will be seen by visitors. You’ve already made your living room comfortable and attractive, and your kitchen is probably already up-to-date and sleek. However, have you taken the time to make sure that your bedroom is equally well decorated and attractive? Don’t forget this crucial area in your home. After all, your bedroom should be your sanctuary and welcome you at the end of your day. Here are a few tips to help you make sure that your bedroom is a place of beauty and rest.

Pick Calming Colors

Don’t let your bedroom stay a dreary white. Instead, decorate your space with calming and soothing colors. The most traditional choice is a cool, light blue, but don’t limit yourself. Avoid bright, garish colors like vibrant red or dark orange, as these may keep you up at night. Instead, stick with pastels and other light colors on your walls. You can always accessorize with brighter pops of color.

Emphasize Comfort and Luxury

When decorating your bedroom, remember that it will be primarily used to relax and sleep. Therefore, the focus should be on your bed and you should make it as comfortable as possible. Choose thick blankets and sheets with high thread count. On the floor, either install a thick carpet or scatter plush throw rugs. Make your room a place where you’re happy to wake up every morning and get ready to face the day.

Dim the Lights

While it’s wonderful to have natural lighting in your bedroom, don’t let it get in the way of getting a good night’s sleep. Put curtains up on all the windows to block those early morning first rays of sunlight. For your artificial lights, install a dimmer switch so that, in the evening, you can use the lights to start to relax before bedtime.

Hire a Professional

If you’re not confident about your decorating skills, don’t settle for a less. Find a professional designer that will work for you. Look into luxury interiors international from a well-regarded company like Perlalichi to make sure that the job is done right. Every morning and night, as you slide into bed and look around at your beautiful bedroom space, you’ll be glad that you made the extra effort.


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