Our Upcoming House Projects

We have been staying in our house for the past 10 years now and we hardly had renovated anything. We only had our roof fixed since there were holes and it got damaged during previous storms. You can just imagine my list on home renovation projects!

I have been studying our house and my renovation list includes the following:

  • kitchen renovation as we need shelves and cabinets.
  • coffee counter as hubby is a coffee person and has been collecting mugs
  • upgrade of furniture like those from replica furniture, dining table and chairs are high on that list
  • change of lights to LED
  • install art works and photo collages to inspire
  • change the window blinds as none are working now
  • repaint the indoors and the outdoors of the house

These are the top priorities on my list and I have been praying, looking around and designing what the new cabinets should look like, what color of paint should be used and listing all the cost per area of the house we want to renovate. Whenever I think about it and discuss it with my family, I feel that it is next to impossible to do all these house projects but I would like to believe that the Lord will provide the needed finances so we can slowly renovate our house.

I am grateful to the Lord for He has blessed us with a house in a good location in the village. As He has provided for us in the past, I know He will provide for what we need for these house projects.

Energy Saving Tips for your Air Conditioner

airconditionAs the temperature continues to rise, so do your cooling costs. While a sure fire way to reduce energy costs is to turn your AC off, who really wants to do that in the sweltering summer? Instead, keep your home cool without those high energy costs by implementing the following energy saving tips.

Free and Fast Energy Savers
Turn off the lights whenever you leave the room. I know this is easier said than and many people have a hard time getting into the routine. If, however, you can simply flip the switch when you’re not in the room, you will start to notice a reduction in your electricity bill. Another option is to turn off the lights during the day and opening the curtains. This will allow natural, free light to flood the room. Keep in mind, however, that the sunlight now illuminating the room can actually raise the temperature inside.

Choosing cold or cool water to wash your clothes in can save you money. It is estimated that using cold water instead of hot to launder items can save you up to $100 annually. Furthermore, washing clothing in cold water reduces the chance of fading and prolongs the life of the clothing. And while you’re at it, make sure to clean the lint trap of the dryer after each use. For even more energy savings, use the tumble dry setting with no heat.

You can also reduce energy costs in the kitchen by only running the dishwasher when you have a full load. Also, avoid unnecessary cycles, such as the sanitize cycle, which is not needed on every load and simply wastes energy. Furthermore, you can reduce electricity costs while helping to keep your home cool by using the microwave instead of the stove or oven to prepare food.

Energy Saving Investments
Find a trusted HVAC company to perform preventive maintenance on your air conditioner, preferably before the summer season starts. Preventive maintenance gives you the chance to correct any potential problems that would lead to costly AC repair Boston before it occurs. And when the AC is maintained properly, it runs more efficiently and reduces energy costs.

If your ac unit is a part of a HVAC system with older model thermostats, consider replacing them with newer, more energy-efficient models that are programmable. These models give you the ability to designate when to turn off or turn on the air conditioning unit. Even when you’re not home, you can program the thermostat to shut the air conditioner off at a certain time. Simply programming the thermostat to shut the air conditioner off at a certain temperature when you’re not home is a huge energy saver.

The Green Way to Battle Bed Bugs


Bed bugs! Just the name of them strikes fear in the hearts of homeowners, in part because they are so notoriously hard to get rid of. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of them, but this too can be a cause of concern for environmental reasons. No one wants to use techniques to fight bed bugs that cause problems with toxins and unintentional side effects on people and pets. Here are some tips on conducting a green assault on bed bugs.

Don’t Relocate

The natural thing you want to do when you discover bugs in your bedroom is to relocate to another room in your house. However, relocating is the number one-way bed bugs move from one room to another. Don’t inadvertently increase the problem by bringing the bugs into other rooms.

Clean Around the Bed

Bed bugs love clutter, so clean all around your bed and especially underneath it. The goal is to contain the infestation to the bed itself, so don’t provide a lot of messy areas for the bed bugs to hide in.

Wash and Dry Your Bed Sheets

Wash all the bedding on a virtually daily basis the entire time you suffer from a bed bug infestation. Then put them in your dryer for at least an hour. A common clothes dryer reaches temperatures high enough to kill bed bugs at all stages of their life cycle. You can also kill them with cold by placing articles you suspect of being infested with bed bugs outside if you live in an area where the temperature is below freezing overnight.

Isolate the Bed

You definitely don’t want more bugs climbing onto your bed, so make it difficult for them to do so. Pull your bed away from the wall so that there is at least a few inch gap. To protect yourself from bugs on the floor, place a small container of water under each post of the bed so that any bugs that try to climb the bedposts will be drowned.

Choose Products Carefully

Now that you’ve employed all these green techniques against your bug infestation, it’s time to purchase one of the low toxicity anti-bedbug products on the market. There are products such as Ecoraider, which are noted for their environmentally friendly ingredients, so look online. By using the anti-bedbug techniques just described, you can successfully wage a green war against these pests.

Adding Style to Your House with High-Quality Accents

You may have spent hours or days perfecting your home’s decorations. You ensured that all of your colors and patterns matched and that every room in the house has a cohesive elegance to it. While the overall decoration scheme for your home may be beautiful and appealing, you may want to add more texture and dimension by including accents of all sizes. You can make your home even more interesting and beautiful by adding pieces like stainless steel home accessories in each room of your house.

You may wonder what kinds of accents you can add to each room. Some of the pieces, while stylish and interesting, can also have practical purposes that make them handy additions to your room. For example, you can add practical items like lemon squeezers and bread baskets in your kitchen. These items can be used for everyday purposes, yet also add a unique dimension to this room of your home. Other kitchen accents made from this material include serving bowls, a tea kettle, paper towel holders, and even salt and pepper shakers.


When you want to add appeal to your bathroom, you can add pieces like a waste basket, toothbrush holder, towel holders, squeegees, tumblers, and more. Even if your overall decorative theme in your bathroom centers on bold colors or dazzling patterns, items made out of this material can add even more texture and tie together the entire decoration scheme.

As you shop, you may be interested in making sure you avoid going over budget. The site allows you to see the prices for all of the items for sale on it. You can click on the picture or the name of a certain item and find out how much for sure it costs before you add it to your shopping cart. This information allows you to keep on a budget that you have set aside for decorating your home.

You can also filter your search for such items by clicking on the links at the top of the page. The links list all of the rooms in your home for which these items can be used. You can choose from the kitchen, bathroom, bar, and other areas. You can even come across items that you did not know existed or were made out of this material. If you have questions or concerns, the customer service number is provided.

Deck Cleaning and Maintenance

Many Topeka-area homeowners have questions about how they can select a deck cleaning and sealing company that offers the best value. This makes sense because most deck maintenance experts offer services that are designed to meet the diverse needs of clients.

Here are four handy suggestions that can make selecting a deck maintenance company in Topeka successfully easier:

Think Local
There are many deck maintenance companies that are locally owned and operated in Topeka. Choosing one of these companies to clean or seal your deck is a great way to choose a deck maintenance expert because it can help you locate deck maintenance experts who can customize their services to meet your home’s unique needs.

Choose a Suitable Cleaning Process
Most deck maintenance experts use different cleaning processes that are designed to remove unwanted dirt, grime and mildew from your deck’s surface.

An easy way to choose a suitable cleaning process for your deck is to choose a cleaning processes that is designed to clean deeply underneath the deck’s surface. Choosing this cleaning method is a good idea because it usually offers the best way to remove unwanted dirt, grime and mildew from your deck’s surfaces.

Choose a Suitable Sealing Process
Most Topeka-area deck maintenance experts also use sealing processes that are designed to protect your deck’s surfaces from unwanted exposure to dirt, mildew and ultraviolet rays.

One way to choose a sealing process for your deck is to look for a sealing process that offers the following benefits:

An environmentally friendly seal that lasts a long time.
A semitransparent surface that is easy to clean.
A protective barrier that reaches deep into the crevices of your deck.

Choosing a sealing process for your deck that offers these benefits is beneficial because it offers the best way to seal the surfaces of your deck without causing unwanted environmental problems.

Compare Scheduling Options
Most deck Topeka-area deck maintenance companies offer scheduling options that offer homeowners many times to meet. Comparing these scheduling options can be helpful because it can make choosing a time to clean your deck that is easy to fit into your schedule easier.

As you can see, choosing a Topeka-area deck maintenance company that offers the best value requires choosing a deck maintenance company that offers the best scheduling options and deck maintenance services. Be sure to use these tips to organize a search for a Topeka-area deck maintenance company that offers these benefits to clients.