Why Safe Windows Aren’t Just Limited To Cordless Products

The blinds industry has been under real scrutiny over the last few years, and it’s for very good reason. Following the deaths of countless infants due to the cords which are attached to blinds, manufacturers have been under pressure to design products which take on a cordless approach and subsequently eradicate these risks.

Bearing this in mind, as a parent, it goes without saying that a cordless blind product is one that you should be looking to purchase whenever possible for your child’s nursery.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this is the only step you can take. While cordless blinds are by far and away the best choice for any household with children, there are additional suggestions that can be implemented to limit the safety concerns that can occur with blinds and children.

Firstly, let’s talk about window access. The vast majority of windows in our home are placed far too high for a toddler to access – if there isn’t any “leverage” to reach them that is. Unfortunately, whether it’s via a bookcase, chest of drawers or any other type of furniture, there’s usually something placed by a window that makes it easy for your little one to climb on and possibly put themselves in danger. Therefore, first and foremost, let’s move all possible climbing frames away from windows and make them as inaccessible as possible.

The next tips are all about the installation and just making sure you take advantage of every safety accessory that blinds manufacturers provide. For example, while the plastic hooks that accompany most blinds may seem to be provided for the purposes of convenience, this is not the case at all. Instead, they should be fixed on the wall immediately – allowing you to loop any cord around them and subsequently keep them out of harm’s way.

Then, there are the blind stops. These can be referred to the little knots that occur high-up in the cord, preventing it from unravelling into the header of the blind. However, there can be occasions where these stops are positioned incorrectly, and subsequently leave too much of the blind dangling below. This presents obvious safety risks so again, before you even allow your little one to venture into his or her room, make sure you have installed the blinds using all of the supplied accessories and using the instructions provided.

Having said all of the above, there’s a reason why cordless blinds are so popular – they happen to be the safest product on the market for children. Nevertheless, there’s also a reason why corded options are still allowed to be sold – it’s because they can be safe if left within the right hands. Therefore, while the primary advice should be to always consider the cordless option, even if you don’t have a set of blinds of this description erected all is not lost. You’ve just got to be very careful, and ensure that absolutely all possible safety avenues are covered.


Beautify Your Surroundings With Art

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Beautiful art for your home, office, restaurant or business makes life more enjoyable. There is such a variety in the selection of the art available that you are sure to be able to find something that will appeal to both your eye and your heart.

Framed art prints of creative abstract paintings can be chosen that feature multicolored scenes with a main color that matches your decor. Geometric shapes can be interesting to view, and all types of unique designs present themselves.

Do you prefer prints of people? Imagine the tremendous collection that would fit your particular interests or the types of activities that you like to show to others. Do you like to display celebrities or sports figures or famous politicians or artists? Many images are fine art photography prints of those people.

Especially if you are a builder or an architect, specific buildings may be what you’d prefer to display, whether they are houses overlooking lakes and gardens or other outstanding architectural designs in all types of structures.

Are you more interested in animals and nature? Choose your favorite subject and find art that expresses what you feel or is a significant scene. Especially if you have a veterinary clinic, cats, dogs, horses, or other animals will liven up your walls and make your patients feel right at home.

Perhaps you prefer the soothing and serene tranquility of a gorgeous nature painting to make your room’s atmosphere relaxing. Also, flowers come in an amazing variety and colors to enhance your surroundings.


Image courtesy of aopsan of ww.freedigitalphotos.net

How to Design the Perfect Garden

ID-100220073Not everyone was born with a green thumb, so it often takes some help and a lot of time spent on Google when you want to do something new for the first time.  After all, even the best gardens in the world had to start from somewhere, and usually this is with a good plan.  Keep reading for a how to guide on how to design the perfect garden.

1. Create a Plan
Planning is key when designing a garden.  Take a look at the space you have available, and the materials you are working with.  Do you already have a lawn in place, or are you looking at bare earth?  Do you have a lot of room to work with, or do you need to think about what will work in a small space?  Is your garden going to be a place for the kids to play, or do you want it to be a serene and peaceful haven that you can relax in?  Assess the room you have to work with and then consider what you want your garden to look like when complete.  Include as much information in your plan as possible, as this will form the framework of the job ahead of you.

2. Talk to the Family
Before going ahead with your idea, speak to the family and ask them for their input.  Is there anything specific they want including in the garden?  Perhaps they may want you to install one of the contemporary garden rooms by GardenSpaces.co.uk, or maybe they want a water feature.  If you get input from the other members of your family ahead of time, you’ll find that the construction process goes a lot more smoothly, and they may even be willing to help out!

3. Understand Your Likes and Dislikes
Depending on your budget, it may not be possible to include everything you want in your new garden.  If you are working to a tight figure, it’s a good idea to draw up a list of things that absolutely must be included, as well as a list of things you strongly dislike and are not willing to compromise on.  This way, you will be left with some design options that could perhaps be excluded or minimised if you find your budget is tight.  It’s easier to compromise when you can choose what you are compromising on.

4. Think About the Future
It’s important to consider the future when designing a garden, as you may need to make changes should you get a pet or have a child for example.  Think about where you expect to be in five years’ time, and design your garden accordingly.  If you are currently trying for a child, consider focusing on lawn space as opposed to decorative ornaments, and if you are thinking about getting a dog, consider whether the fish pond you are planning is the best idea.  By planning for the future, you can save yourself money and stress ahead of time.

6 Ways to Jazz Up Your Teen’s Bedroom

As your children get older, it’s only natural that they want to redecorate their bedrooms in their own image. But what if they’re having a little trouble deciding what that image should be? Here are just six suggestions you can offer as an interior designer.

1. Fresh Paint

You’ll be amazed at the changes that a simple coat of paint can bring. For example, if their room is currently done in light or neutral colors, shake things up with something bold like an electric blue or a dazzling yellow. It will transform the entire atmosphere of the room!

2. Vanity Tables

Vanity tables will bring flair to any girl’s bedroom. Add lights and additional mirrors for a “Hollywood glam” look, or have one custom-built with jewelry drawers and scarf hooks for all her favorite accessories. Hidden compartments will also make younger teens feel quite grown-up.

3. New Bedspreads

If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to add personality to your teen’s bedroom, look no further than king or queen bedding sets. Not only will they encourage your child to make their bed more often, but they’ll also be a definite improvement over Spiderman sheets!

4. Revamped Closet

Most people don’t give any thought to their closets, but a few changes here and there can really make a difference to teens painstakingly choosing their school clothes every day. Think about relighting, reorganizing or refurbishing the entire space.

5. Seating Arrangements

Does your teen have a lot of sleepovers or study groups? Where do their guests typically sit? You can turn their room into a great place to hang out when you add couches, chairs, benches or even just plush floor cushions for everyone chilling with your teen.

6. New Desk

Last but certainly not least, if your teen doesn’t already have a great desk for doing their homework, it’s time to give them the tools they need to succeed. Don’t cut corners with something cheap; go ahead and invest in a sturdy, stylish desk that will be their support as they struggle to finish their essays on time.

If your teenager is complaining of a dull, boring bedroom, these are just six ways to liven the place up. Not only will it make them more comfortable in their personal space, but redecorating can also be a great bonding experience between the two of you!

Image source from nokhoog_buchachon of www.freedigitalphotos.net

Should You Attempt to Build Your Own House?

Building your own home may sound like a stupid suggestion, but it might not actually be that stupid. Remember, a self-build home isn’t necessarily one that is built by your own hands, it just means you make the decisions and you hire tradesman to do it for you. It’s quite easy, and you might be surprised about how much it costs. Let me take you through some of the facts and figures surrounding self-build homes and you might get a better idea of whether or not it’s something for you to undertake.


Do it For Queen and Country

Now, in Britain, the government are actually encouraging people to build their own homes. Only 10% of all homes in Britain are self-builds. This is incredibly low, especially when you compare it to some of the other countries around the world:

  • Austria has an 80% rate, which is big for the world standard
  • Germany, France, and Italy are all sitting comfortably at 60%
  • Now the US and Australia are both at 40% which is low, but still nowhere near as low as ol’ Blighty.

Self-build homes are generally better than ones you find at estate agents because they come straight from you. You help design, it. It is tailor made for you, so of course it’s going to be better.

Let’s Talk Price

A lot of people will say that they can’t build their own home because they don’t have the money. They say this without actually looking at how much they cost. I’m going to give you some prices now, but they are in British Pounds, because they are the stats I have here. However the differences in prices are pretty transferable around the globe. Here we go:

(These prices are averages so they might change depending on certain factors)

  • House Price (England/Wales) = £162,000
  • New-Build Price (England/Wales) = £190,00
  • Self-Build Price (with Builders in England/Wales) = £146,000
  • Self-Build Price (without builders in England/Wales) =£84,000

So it would seem that it is actually cheaper to build your own house – and if you do the work yourself, it proves to be a lot cheaper; try nearly 50% off!

You can find my stats and more information on the BBC website.

The Difficulties

For anyone who has seen programmes like Grand Designs or DIY SOS, already know that logistically it can be quite difficult to sort it all out, you have to organise steel fabricators like cannonsteelsltd.co.uk, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, landscape architects, regular architects etc etc. The list goes on. You can obviously hire building manager type professionals who will take off a lot of the load by organising as much as possible. All you have to do with these people is give your consent and throw in the odd two pennies worth.

Maybe Give it a Go

It’s a massive decision to build your own home, but how great would it feel to be able to build your home, your way? It would be brand spanking new and would be plastered with your personality. Money can’t buy that … or maybe it can …


Image used courtesy of xedos4 of FreeDigitalPhotos.net.