Decorating On Budget

Most of us have looked in magazines and ogled over the furniture, color scheme, and accessories displayed in a magazine. We may want our homes to look equally as stylish bit feel we lack the means to achieve those kinds of results. Believe it or not, you can create a fashion-forward chic room without spending a lot of money. It just requires creativity and the ability to use what you have and supplement the rest.

Use What You Have
If you have an old couch that’s still structurally sound but has seen better days, consider using a sofa cover to give it an updated modern look. This is much cheaper than buying new furniture. Plus, this is a smart way of upcycling old furniture that’s still in good condition. Look around your home and see what you could rehab, repurpose, or cover to give your home a fresh new look. If you do have money in your budget for a few new pieces of furniture, make sure the furniture is sturdy and well-made like natural furniture portland.

Use Paint Strategically
Accent walls are all the rage now. Plus, this doesn’t require a lot of back-breaking work. It’s not hard or time consuming to paint one wall in a room. However, the effects of this strategic move have just as much impact as painting an entire room. This also allows you to use color to create different looks or give a small room the illusion of being larger. The right color can even help to brighten a dark room.

Use Smart Accents
Once you’ve painted and covered your old furniture, you can add little accents to finish the look. Consider buying a few throw pillows or a blanket to drape over your couch. You might even consider adding a few lamps or other unique touches to give the room a signature look. You can be as creative as you want to be during the entire process. You may want to add plants to your decor or decide to dedicate an entire wall to family pictures. It’s up to you.

Decorating on a budget may seem like a limiting process. However, if you’re willing to be creative and use what you have, you’ll be surprised at what you come up with. Furniture is designed to last a long time, even though the style and pattern may go out of style. This is why opting to use sofa covers is a smart move for the person who has limited funds but still wants a stylish home. Painting can be expensive, but it becomes affordable when you’re simply accenting a few walls in your home. Be creative and think out of the box. Repurpose, upcycle, and renew anything in your home that you can still use.

Making the Most of Your Small Bathroom Spaces

Even though it’s not the most glamorous room in your house, there’s no reason not to make your bathroom a serene and pleasant place. For too many people, though, their bathroom is a small space that seems too difficult to decorate or arrange nicely. You may even think of your bathroom in purely practical terms, without spending much effort on decoration. Luckily, there are some easy ways to improve the look of your bathroom, even if it’s very small, without spending a ton of energy or cash. Here are some fast fixes to make the most out of your small bathroom.

First, get rid of all the clutter. Of course, there are many things that you need to keep in the bathroom, but these should be stored out of sight whenever it’s possible. Install cabinets high on the wall, under the sink, or on top of the toilet, making the most of the space that you have available. And ditch the figurines and little pieces that you may have used to decorate before. Instead, hang up tasteful, minimalist decor on the walls. These decorations won’t accumulate much dust, take up a lot of space, or make your bathroom look crowded, messy, or cluttered.

Next, use color to create a soothing oasis without looking drab. Start with a relaxing color like blue or green in a light shade, which will make the room look slightly bigger and will impart a sense of calm. Then, accessorize with a few, strategically placed pops of brighter color to make the room look fresh and exciting. Find a shower curtain in a clear or very light color to extend the size of your room. And hang mirrors to trick the eye into perceiving more space in the room than there actually is. Consider adding a potted plant to give the room an especially cheery look as well as improve air quality.

Finally, consider replacing any bathroom furnishings that are damaged or unappealing. Shop around at a variety of places and consider commercial bathroom sinks from a reputable company like AM Bath. The right sink, tub, and toilet can take your bathroom from drab and uncomfortable to beautiful and luxurious. New technology is available to really enhance the experience of using the room. Make your bathroom a sanctuary no matter what size it is, and enjoy your space.


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Chimney Sweep

There are few things better than sitting by a fire during a cold winter evening, but have you ever thought about what the smoke and soot from a wood-burning fireplace does to your chimney? While your chimney is obviously a vital part of your fireplace, having one too many fires can cause a lot of problems if you don’t take the time to have it cleaned out regularly.

Creosote and Dirty Chimneys

The biggest reason to call a chimney sweep near you to have your chimney and flue cleaned out is because of creosote buildup. Creosote is a substance that is left behind whenever wood is burned. Every fire produces at least a small amount of creosote, and a buildup of the stuff in your chimney is inevitable when you use your fireplace. Having a small amount of creosote on the inside of your chimney won’t cause any serious problems, but too much can create fire and health hazards. Not only is creosote highly flammable, but too much of it can create a blockage in your chimney and prevent smoke from effectively leaving your home.

When Should You Call a Chimney Sweep?

The best way to remove creosote from your chimney is to have it cleaned out by a chimney sweep. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to actually decide when to have your chimney, flue and fireplaced cleaned as there are no hard rules about that. It will largely depend on how often you use your fireplace and what you burn in it. For example, pine creates more creosote than many other kinds of wood, so you will no doubt have a dirtier chimney if you regularly burn pine in your fireplace.

One thing that you can do is remember to have your chimney inspected at least once a year, preferably before the winter months. Contact a chimney sweep or another professional early in the fall before you know you’ll want to use your fireplace and have them perform an inspection. This will ensure that your fireplace will be safe to use when it gets colder.

Chimney Sweep Washington DC

If you live in Washington, DC and you want to make sure that your fireplace is safe for the winter, contact a chimney sweep in your area today. You should at the very least have your chimney inspected, which will give you peace of mind when you want to have a relaxing evening by the fire.

Why a Plumbing Emergency Needs to Be Handled Right Away


It is nearly impossible to predict a true plumbing emergency. It is sometimes difficult to find the money in the budget to get needed repairs done immediately. There are a few occasions in which there is no way to put the problem off. Below are some of the reasons to consider in making that call right away.

Limit the Amount of Damage

A serious backup of sewage or a broken water pipe can send water, both clean and unclean, pouring into various areas of your home. These are plumbing emergencies that you do not want to wait around for a repair. Raw sewage can make you and your family sick. Water damage to floors, walls and personal items can cost a great deal of money in repairs, or cause you to lose irreplaceable items.

Restore Full Use of Plumbing

A clogged drain for a washing machine or problem with the water heater might be a couple of items you can live without for the moment, but having the plumbing system completely intact should be your ultimate goal. Determine the level of emergency in not having access to parts of the plumbing system to better determine your needs for emergency plumbing repairs.

Avoid Forgetting About a Major Plumbing Problem

One problem with putting a plumbing repair off is to forget that there was an issue, to begin with. You can end up turning on the washing machine, or dishwasher and having a repeat incidence. It is better to go ahead and have the problem taken care of as soon as possible.

Locate Other Potential Problems

You can have a professional plumber take a look at any areas that you suspect might hold other potential problems. Being proactive about the health of your plumbing is one way to help avoid emergency situations.

Will the Problem Require Completely Shutting the Water Off

Many homes cannot go for long periods of time without running water. Bathing, using the toilet, washing clothes, drinking and cooking are all basic needs that require the use of water, at least to some degree. Plumbing problems that require shutting the water main down require emergency repairs.


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Five Types of Decks To Consider For Your Home

You have finally decided to add a deck to your home, but now you need to start planning the process. There are several decisions you need to make for this project, such as the type of deck you want to build. You may want the deck to be attached to your home, or maybe you want to expand your space with a multilevel deck. The following list includes five types of decks to consider for your home.

Attached Deck

The attached deck is connected to an L-shaped or U-shaped home. It creates an outdoor living space or connection between your exterior doors. Does the bright sun keep you from reading or napping in your yard? Building your deck with an overhead or roof provides a shady place to relax on sunny days.

Detached deck

A detached deck can be placed anywhere in your yard. You may decide to make it the center point of your yard, or you may want to build it over a bumpy or rocky terrain. Do not forget to create an entrance to your deck with a path or steps. It is a great choice for homes that do not support the construction of an attached deck.

Multilevel Deck

A multilevel deck features several decks connected by paths or steps. You can use it to enjoy the view or host a small gathering. The decks are also great for covering rocky or sloppy areas of the yard. A multilevel deck is a good choice for large, sloped or rocky properties.

Platform Decks

A platform deck is a simple choice for single-level homes. You do not need to worry about adding a staircase or railings because the deck is built low to the ground, but you do need the right materials to protect it. You can add your own style with elements such as bench seating or built-in planters.

Swimming Pool Deck

A swimming pool deck provides a slip resistant space around your pool. It is comfortable to walk on because it does not burn your feet. Use the area as a place to lounge, soak up the sun or host a pool party.

Once you choose your deck style, you can hire a decking contractor Waldorf MD to turn your vision into a reality. You are sure to enjoy reading, relaxing or entertaining guests on your new deck.