Premium Materials: The Facts about Bamboo Flooring

If you are starting renovations in your home, one of the most important choices to make when it comes to changing the look and feel of any room is the flooring. You will want to find a products that is durable, beautiful and will last so you can enjoy your home for a long time. If you are upgrading from carpet to a tile or wood floor, you need to know what types of materials are available. For strength and durability, knowing the information on bamboo floors and other types of wood will help you make the best decision for the look of your home as well as for your budget.

When it comes to a material such as bamboo, there are a number of myths that buyers may think about when consider this type of flooring. First, many believe that bamboo is an endangered plant and that using it as a flooring material would deplete the food supply of the pandas. Bamboo for flooring is not an endangered plant and it comes from sustainable bamboo farms. The bamboo plant grows quickly, so it replenishes faster than other hardwood materials commonly used in flooring, such as oak, cedar or pine.

Another myth that should be debunked about bamboo flooring is that it can be very expensive. When a buyer considers the high durability, water resistance and strength of bamboo, it is actually a very affordable material. Considering the longevity of the material as long as it is properly cared for, bamboo flooring can be an excellent investment.

Bamboo has a wide range of features that many homeowners will love. Bamboo comes in a few color variations to match a variety of home decor. Bamboo can also withstand everyday wear and tear, especially from potential damage with small children and pets. Small spills are also no problem, because bamboo is stain resistant and water resistant, providing you with an extra layer of protection for those occasional accidents.

Overall, bamboo will not only add a great look to your living or kitchen areas, but it will also help you with resale value if you choose to sell your home at some point in the future.

Air Filters

Keep Air Filters In The House At All Times

When homeowners are trying to keep their home as clean as possible, they cannot be satisfied with vacuuming and cleaning. The house needs to have clean air, and that clean air can be provided by 3M filters from a place like Your Filter Connection. The homeowners need to keep these filters in the house at all times, and they must make sure that they are carefully changing those filters often. The schedule for keeping the air in the house clean should be adhered to precisely for best result.

Buy In Bulk

Every homeowner can purchase air filters in bulk to make sure that they can be kept in the house at all times. These air filters are wonderful for the homeowners because they capture the dust and dirt in the air. These air filters also make the air smell nicer in the house.

The Purpose

The purpose of the air filters goes far beyond the air in the ducts. The homeowner must be aware that they are allowing dust and dirt to sink into the carpets. Dust and dirt will stay in the carpets for years if it is still falling out of the vents. If the homeowners are concerned about their carpets, they must make sure they keep the air clean, as well.

The Schedule

The schedule for the air filters must be kept by the homeowner are strictly as possible. The best way to keep the air clean is to change the air filters every two to three months. This allows the homeowner to keep the air clean, and they will not have any dirt or dust escape into the house when the old filter goes bad. The house will stay cleaner, and the homeowner will be happier with the way the house feels.

Air filters in the home are often the most important part of the HVAC system. These filters catch all the dirt and dust in the house, and they prevent that dirt and dust from sinking into the carpets in the house. Homeowners can lead cleaner lives if they have cleaner air in the home.

Foam’s Newest Role in Home Improvement

Home improvement can be one of the most rewarding ways to spend your time. Between the aesthetic improvements you make to a space that help you enjoy it more, to the satisfaction of knowing you’re the one who made things better, most people would rather work on a project they’re capable of handling, rather than outsourcing it.

Unfortunately, home improvements can quickly eat through a budget, when taking into account materials and potential mistakes made on the job. In a way, it makes some home improvement projects into a risk/reward proposition. And until now, crown molding was one of the biggest risks in terms of material cost and error potential, but also one of the greatest rewards in terms of end-result.

Traditionally, molding is made from hardwoods and other solid materials, which are then carved with delicate and elegant curves and contours to adorn the room’s corners. In addition to that work, molding meets in corners, requiring precise angled cuts to make sure they fit seamlessly into the jambs of the wall and ceiling. Under and over-cutting these materials at home can scrap an entire span of molding, sending you back to the store, emptying your wallet with every mistake.

Mercifully, foam crown molding has emerged on the scene, offering some leeway in home molding projects, and a surface that can be made to look like even the fanciest materials. When made with open-cell foam, molding doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect – corner cuts that are slightly off or jagged will compress against the other piece of foam, masking any flaws. It is also a more affordable material, so if a fatal mistake is made on a span, replacing it isn’t nearly the cost of traditional materials. Ultimately, foam crown molding has revolutionized the home improvement world, giving more people a shot at having the home of their dreams.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online retailer of custom foam products, from custom seating or office comfort items, to things like jewelry holder products to make your business run more smoothly.


5 Easy Ways to Improve and Update Your Home Décor

If you’re tired or fed up with the way your home looks, a bit of redecoration or renovation is required. More often than not this will take lots of time, effort and money to achieve.

But instead of buying new furniture, re-carpeting the floors or re-painting the walls, there are plenty of inexpensive and easy ways to improve and update your home décor.

Let there be light

You’ll be amazed at how different a room can look by adjusting the lighting. From introducing a new lamp in the living room to buying low-wattage bulbs for the bedroom, lighting has the potential to change the mood of your home. Two floor lamps in previously dark corners will make a room look much more inviting, while candles in the bathroom can help you rest and relax a lot easier.

Create a feature wall

Rather than attempting to smarten up or refurbish an entire room, why not concentrate on a single wall instead? By putting up some adorning wallpaper, a few pieces of art or the odd decal here and there, a room’s appearance and ambiance can be transformed. Easy to install wallpaper can be put up with the greatest of ease and won’t cost that much money either.

Small details make a big difference

Although you may want to buy new kitchen cupboards or fitted wardrobes, this isn’t always a viable option. However, changing the drawer pulls or door handles to something cleaner and more stylish can make existing items of furniture look much better. You can also choose from a range of materials and finishes to achieve modern or vintage looks.

Overhaul your soft furnishings

Over time, lounge and bedroom furniture like sofas, arm chairs or futons can look quite tired, worn out and dull. As well as looking rather unwelcoming, they probably won’t stand the test of time either. But by investing in some new throws and cushions, every room can be pleasing to the eye and furniture will have a prolonged lifespan.

Get your green fingers out

Introduce some plants, flowers or greenery to any room and it will come to life. Whether it is a simple cactus, which doesn’t take much maintenance, or a small herb garden that can provide you with a few kitchen condiments, the variety and choice is somewhat endless.

Just one of these changes can make the world of different: it’s as easy as that.

How to Decorate with the Fleur De Lis


When many people think of the fleur de lis, they think of New Orleans. While it is the symbol of the city’s professional football team, it’s also the city symbol of Louisville, Kentucky. Originally found in parts of France, it’s now a popular symbol found all across the United States. Show your French heritage, or just use a few pieces to create a more traditional design in your home.

Throw a Dinner Party

With some fun fleur de lis accessories, you’ll love throwing your next dinner party. Serving dishes let you pass out appetizers and serve main dishes, and you can use a baking dish with the design on the front and sides to serve brownies, cakes or your favorite dessert. You’ll also find some pieces that you’ll love seeing in your kitchen every day of the year, including canisters, serving utensils, napkin holders, paper towel dispensers and plates and bowls.

Head to the Bathroom

If you’re like most people, your bathroom could probably do with a renovation. When you can’t afford to spend thousands on a new tub, spend less on some new accessories. A towel rack with the fleur de lis on it lets you hang your towels in style, and you’ll find over the door racks for your bathrobe. Other popular choices for the bathroom include shower hooks, tissue box covers and wall stickers that attach right to any clean wall. At, you can find everything you need with the fleur de lis on it for every room in your home.