Health Tips For the Family

The team at Blossoms Healthcare involved me in a new project to share health tips for the travellers.

As you travel with your little ones, we can not prevent them from interacting with other people. Contact with others is one way to get infected with strange viral diseases like the reported MERS-Cov or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus or even the usual flu. It is highly important that we know good hygiene practices to prevent getting infected.

Here are some good practices that we all need to learn especially while travelling:

Wash hands frequently. It is no longer enough to just wash hands before meals, hand washing should be a habit. You should wash your hands right after sneezes, coughs or from bathroom trips.



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Use single use tissues for wiping your nose. Don’t re-use tissues.

Do not share cups, glasses, dishes or cutlery.Virus can spread through saliva.


For us moms, here are some additional reminders as well:

Make sure the room has enough ventilation.

Consider bringing hand sanizters for emergency use.

If any member of your family is sick, please ensure that that person stays home. Cancel or post travels during this period.

Make sure vaccinations of your family members are updated.

If you suspect symptoms outside of the usual, don’t hesistate to go to medical centers, clinics or hospital to ensure proper care and medication is given.


As they say, prevention is better than cure. We should be vigilant for our own protection and well-being.


Typically Reasons People Give for Not Going to the Spa



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Although the benefits of going to a spa are well known, there are still some people who have not had the experience. Some believe they have genuine reasons for not going. Here are some of the common reasons:

Not Enough Time
The rush of a busy life may make you think you have no time for luxury activities like visiting the spa. Work, children, community obligations and children’s extracurricular activities may keep you tied up, but there is always room for a visit to the spa. It would usually require a couple of hours or less to pause for a massage. In fact massage services are offered in 15-minute increments up to two hours. If a two-hour stretch is too long for your schedule, try one or more 15-minute massages.

Is That Clean?
It is tough to know that some people still have a fear of laying on a massage table where others have placed their bodies. Because the table is reused, some people worry about sanitation issues. Massage therapy centers like Garden Retreat Spa are businesses that must be licensed and approved by their individual jurisdictions. They are inspected for cleanliness and clean practices. Before each new client climbs onto a massage table, the spa cleans the area with a germ-killing disinfectant and provides a fresh liner or paper covering. There is no need to worry so much about contamination.

Do They Have to See Me Naked?
As with every other part of massage service, the routine for preparing for massage is professional. You will be asked to remove your clothing, but there will be no one in the room watching you get undressed. The therapist leaves the room for this and asks you to either put on a robe or lie on the table with your body covered. While the massage is being given, only the part of the body that is being massaged will be uncovered.

It is Too Expensive
Cost may be an understandable reason for not getting a massage. It may eat away at the family budget or take money allocated for something that is a bigger priority. Massage is usually offered as an add-on service, though. You pay for increments of time, and you pay for extra services. Just getting the basic massage service probably will not cost much more than a hair appointment or a nail job

Keeping the Family Close

With the mobility of your family members, it can be difficult to stay in touch and be involved in their lives. Every one seems to be ID-100131109busy with their own work and schedules. If you don’t intentionally call, text  or message each other, it is so easily to be out of the touch with our loved ones.

With the many types of mobile phones available now in the market, there is no reason for us to be out of touch from our loved ones and friends who live far from us. Ranging from smart phones to the iridium sat phones, you can get the best phone suitable for your needs regardless of your location. You can now use mobile satellite phones to contact your loved ones and we also have a more reliable signal now.

If your husband works as a maritime officer on a shipping line, you can easily reach him through his sat phone. If you work as a broadcaster, you don’t have to lose contact with your home as satellite coverages are widely available all over the world. If you need privacy, satellite phones provide a security feature that smartphones can’t give you.

The emergence of mobile satellite phones has been a huge help in keeping the family close.

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Protecting Your Health From Parasites

Mosquitoes and ticks are largely thought of as pests. Unfortunately, they can be far more serious. Mosquitoes and ticks are parasites, and they can be disease carrying. Even if you don’t live in an area where malaria is a true threat, this is only the best-known disease that mosquitoes can carry, and ticks carrying lyme disease are problems nearly everywhere ticks are prevalent. There’s no reason to take any chances with them. The following are some ways you can protect your health from these unfortunately-common parasites.

First, you can look into warding them away from your property. There are a number of tools you can use to keep them from coming near your living space, and since this is where most bites occur, this can be a fairly effective strategy. One of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do is introduce garlic to your garden. Garlic is relatively-easy to grow if you can provide it with enough water, and fresh, homegrown garlic can be absolutely delicious. The reason we address it here, however, is because garlic plants ward off parasites. As an added boost, eating garlic-heavy food can also serve as a form of natural repellant, but mind your breath.

Second, there are ways you can prevent them from taking hold of your area. Mosquitoes in particular tend to be seasonal parasites. They cant survive cold winters, but they always come back in the spring and summer. The reason for this isn’t just the temperature, however. They need standing water to breed. It’s common knowledge that you can avoid standing water in your own yard, but you can also handle this across your whole neighborhood. If your neighborhood has ditches for irrigation or flood relief, talk to your neighbors about redirecting sprinklers to clip it while they run. The gentle addition of water won’t flood them, but it will keep the water fresh and prevent it from going stagnant.

Finally, you can hire professionals. Mosquito Squad is an excellent example of this; they specialize in keeping mosquitoes and ticks at bay with a variety of tools. Barrier spray is one of the most powerful. It sticks around over an extended period of time and repels mosquitoes away from your whole property. They won’t settle anywhere they can’t get a foothold. A team of professionals can keep your residence parasite-free for an entire season, so if they’re a major concern in your area, don’t be afraid to jump for them.

House Maintenance

imagesHaving a home is a dream of most people. But what most people neglect to do is properly maintain their house, because house maintenance can be tedious and expensive.  Without proper maintenance your dream house can become your worst nightmare. So here are some important house maintenance activities you shouldn’t miss.

With the winter just about to be finished, it is time to hire people to clean your furnace. Hiring the best furnace service calgary crew is important to ensure that your home is safe from the debris and clean for the coming months. Cleaning the furnace is important so that the air quality inside your home will be free from dust and other particles which could trigger asthma in the coming change of season. It is not easy to clean the furnace so hiring extra help is the best way to complete this job.

Another area that needs to be maintained after the winter is the plumbing. The winter season could have frozen the pipes and caused leaks and if left unfixed, the water would be wasted and your water bill will rise. This can be too much of a nuisance so why wait? Contact plumbing calgary and schedule a visit by your plumber to check on your water pipes and even your toilet flush.

Electrical wiring should be checked to avoid any fire in your house. It can also save your appliances from breaking.

Don’t miss these crucial house maintenance for your family’s safety.