3 Tips for Choosing Movers

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the process can be overwhelming and time-consuming when you try to do it all alone. Hiring movers can take some of the burden off and create a more pleasant experience, but only if you work with the right company. Check out these tips to help you choose the right movers to meet your needs.

Ask for a Thorough Estimate

Before hiring a moving company, ask the movers to provide a thorough estimate. Instead of providing a single “bulk estimate,” a reputable company will walk through your home, asking questions as he or she goes along. This helps the company create an inventory of your place and determine a more exact estimate based on the belongings you have. By determining the labor and time required to exact your move, you are sure to have a better estimate.

Look for Companies That Don’t Change Names

Some moving companies change their names or use many different company names at once. This is often so they can avoid detection and negative reviews by the Better Business Bureau. For the best results, look for an established moving company that operates under one name, has a local address, and is willing to provide licensing and insurance information. Avoid companies that don’t answer the phone with the full name of the business as well.

Avoid Blanks on the Contracts

Some movers jack up fees by giving you a contract with blank spots that they fill in later. Never allow yourself to sign something until everything is in writing. In addition to the written estimate, it should include any special fees, such as truck rental, the date of your pick-up, and when your items will be delivered to your new home. Be sure to check the inventory list thoroughly as well in case anything is missing.

Above all else, when choosing Ann Arbor movers, stick to your gut feeling. If an estimate or a company’s services seem too good to be true, they probably are. Remember, the most affordable option is not always the best option, so consider your choices carefully before signing on the dotted line.

Signs You Might Need To Replace Your Breaker Box

Replacing your circuit breaker can be an affordable investment to help protect your home from damage to your fixtures and appliances. A properly working circuit breaker ensures your family is safe and sound. For most homeowners, the breaker box is somewhere out of sight. However, there are certain things you may notice that could indicate your breaker box needs replacement. If you notice any of the following signs, contact a reputable company of breaker box replacement Richardson for help, like the one found at www.richardsonreadyelectric.com.

Flickering Lights

One obvious sign your breaker box needs to be checked out is when your lights start flickering. If just a single light is flickering, it may just be the bulb dying. However, if you see all the lights in your house flickering, the first place you should check is your breaker box.

Appliance Performance

Another sign your breaker box is going bad is when appliances stop working properly. If you find your stove not baking evenly or your dryer shutting off mid-cycle, you need to check your breaker. If any of your appliances are having issues at the same time, the strange and inconsistent performance is not a coincidence.

Damage To Appliances And Lights

Your circuit breaker is needed to control the electrical currents that flow through your home to the lights and appliances. When your breaker fails to control the currents properly, you may begin noticing that your light bulbs constantly burn out or that your appliances stopped working. In some cases, overheating can occur and cause costly, lasting damage.

These are just a few of the things to keep an eye out for in your home concerning the breaker box. If your breaker box is failing and you do not get it replaced, too much power can be drawn through your electrical system and power cords. When this happens, your home will be at risk of a fire starting. This can cause severe smoke, fire and water damage. Never put off getting your circuit breaker box checked out if you notice any of these signs.

Choosing the Hand Swager That’s Right for You

Hand swagers are versatile tools that can be used to make powerful improvements to your everyday life when used properly. Swaging is a skill that is both practical and artistic in nature and requires a fair amount of practice to be mastered. The first step in that journey is understanding swaging and matching the specifications to your needs.

Understanding Swaging

The act of swaging refers to the bending and shaping of metals for construction and decorative purposes. The metal is altered with a groove, is flattened, or changed in some other way. When used on hoses, for example, pieces will be altered via swaging so they will fit together. Wires can also be pressed together using this method. A hand swager, then, is the personal handheld tool used to swage metals and wires.

Using a Hand Swager

Swaging is a useful skill to learn in everyday life. For example, the ability to either flatten or widen the end of a plumbing hose or tube gives the user a more efficient water flow by creating a tighter fit and thus reducing any leakage. Similarly, hand swagers can be used to repair electrical wires and musical instruments, and even as a decorative tool for artists working with metals.

Choosing a Swager

Hand swagers are available in a multitude of sizes with a variety of features, so it is important to understand your needs when choosing the right tool for you. Start with the type of metal you are looking to manipulate since many swaging tools work best with aluminum and copper. The thickness of the metal is also important, as you will need a larger tool if your sleeve is in the 3/16-inch range. Some tools also include a wire cutting feature of varying thicknesses.

With a wide range of sizes and functions, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when choosing your hand swager. Be aware of your needs and skill level ahead of time as you research this multipurpose tool.

Making the Most of Your Pool

Summertime is the perfect season to enjoy the outdoors and play outside. If you are lucky enough to have a pool, pick a nice hot day and tell your kids that they’re taking a day off from screen time and are playing outside. If you live in the area, check out pools Pittsburgh area to cool off.  Don’t forget to lather everyone up in sunscreen!

Pool Games

Kids don’t have very much trouble entertaining themselves while they’re splashing around in the pool, but here are a few games to play if they need a nudge.

  • Pixie. Everybody gets out of the pool and stands along the edges with their backs turned. Somebody drops a toothpick in the water and says “Find the pixie!” Everyone turns back around and races to find it floating in the water. The first one to have it in their hand drops it in the pool next.
  • Marco Polo. Whoever is “it” closes their eyes and calls out “Marco!” Everyone else in the water answers “Polo!” The person who is It tries to catch other swimmers with their eyes closed, then correctly guess who they have caught.
  • Beach ball relay race. Two players jump into the pool holding a beach ball. They race to the other end, passing their ball off to the next two players, who also race. Whoever reaches the end first wins.

Bottoms Up

Have your stronger swimmers practice diving underwater. Remember that activities like these require adult supervision, so keep an eye on everyone. Toss a handful of “buried treasure” and challenge your kids to find it from the bottom of the pool. Some fun objects for them to find might be:

  • Pennies
  • Marbles
  • Colored glass pebbles

A pool is the ultimate way to keep cool. Fun activities combined with fresh, cool water make for fun days of summer fun.

Finding Your Decorating Style

If you’re moving into a new home each room provides an opportunity to decorate it to match your design style. If the décor in your current home doesn’t reflect your personality, it may be time to redecorate. There are several ways you can discover the décor style that is uniquely yours.

Choosing Colors

As a starting point for choosing interior paint colors, you can check out the latest trend. Another way to choose interior paint colors is to look in your closet. Typically, the most prominent colors in your wardrobe are colors you find appealing. You would probably also like those colors in your décor. Color plays a large role in determining the atmosphere in a room.

Furniture Style

A convenient way to figure out what type of furniture reflects your style is to browse through a place such as discount furniture in Kennesaw Ga. You should consider your lifestyle when choosing furniture. Does your furniture need to be durable enough for an active family? Does your lifestyle involve elegant dinners or sophisticated entertaining? It’s important that your furnishings and your lifestyle be a good match.


Decorative accessories are a great way to let your personal design style be featured in your décor. Discount furniture in Kennesaw GA has a diverse selection of accessories to inspire you to let your uniqueness be on display in your décor. Accessories can be functional as well as decorative. Everything from towel racks to pet beds and tabletop décor to accent rugs can add a personal touch to your décor.


You’ll want to be sure to include various types of lighting in each room. Illuminating a piece of wall art increases its impressiveness. Task lighting can improve the functionality of specific areas of a room.

Your home is your retreat. It should exude comfort. The textures, colors and shapes within the room should make you feel good when you’re in the room. Décors can be changed to reflect changes in your lifestyle. Flexibility and changeability make decorating a fun experience.