Bloggers Day Off

All female bloggers are invited to take part on the upcoming Bloggers Day Off on July 18, 2009 Saturday 10AM at Trinoma. For more details, contact Pehpot or Niko! 🙂

Join "You Are Inspirational" at Inspirational Insights

After featuring someone a few weeks back in my other blog and being featured in other sites, I think I want to pass on the love regularly every Monday. I would like to invite you to spread the love yourself. If you have found a great site, one that is inspirational to you. A site which you think we should all visit, post about it on your site and drop by Inspirational Insights to enter your information on the linky. It is a great way to meet new friends and spread love in the blogsphere!


Hope to see you there! I am inviting you to drop by to check out the rules and join in the fun!

Online Schools Anyone?

After graduating from college, I have always wanted to study further. What i want to study is not related to my bachelor’s degree at all. If we had the money, I would want to pursue another degree. I have browsed around the net for online schools. Since I am interested in a school which offers online degree scholarships, I was glad to find Online Schools. As a stay at home mom, I hardly go out of the house since I have to care for my kids. Time and finances are issues that I have to consider. Online schools are more flexible as I can adjust how many subjects I can study at a certain time.

I was also glad to see that online schools have a variety of accredited online degrees. They have high school degrees, college degrees, masters degrees , doctorate degrees and certificate courses as well. They have an easy to use menu where you can just choose which degree you are interested in, then the pull down menu gives you the available choices within the field you requested.

Becoming a Stay at home mom doesn’t mean that we should give up our dreams of pursuing continuous growth. With online schools, this dream doesn’t seem so distant at all.

Christian Chat Rooms

I believe that being a Christian is not about belonging to some exclusive group, but it is about obeying Christ in our lives. It is not about being prosperous or self-righteous. As I have heard several times from previous sermons, Christian means “without Christ I Am Noting.” Jesus Christ did not promise us a life with a bed of roses, but he did mention that we are to suffer as He did.

Trials and challenges are part of our life. Whenever we face these trials and challenges, the support and encouragement of our fellow believers is truly a significant source of strength to us. Most of the time, we meet our friends through our church congregation. However, technology has become a part of our lives. It also became an avenue where we can meet other Christians too.

christian chat rooms are now a popular venue where Christians can exchange ideas and encourage one another. We can share our knowledge, theological teachings and insights about certain passages from the Word of God. christian chat rooms can be a common meeting place for group discussions and discipleship meetings. It also expands one’s view of the world as it allows you to meet other people from another country.

Its Time To Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Today is the beginning of the Ultimate Blog Party 2009 hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom. It is my first time to join in such a blog party. Now, let me introduce myself. My name is Christine, my online freinds call me Chris. I started blogging just last year. Mainly because I wanted to share my journey as a stay at home mom. Thus, the birth of Mommy Journey.

the mommy journey

I have 2 kids, Kyla (age 5) and Toby (age 2). I used to work as an IT professional, but chose to stay home when I gave birth to my eldest. Blogging has helped me reach out and connect to other mommies. Being at home most of the time, blogging has broadened my horizons and allowed me to meet online friends too.

I have also started hosting a weekly meme called Mommy Moments!

mommy moments

Its a picture meme wherein every mommy can share their photos and short stories of their little ones based on the week’s theme. We started just this January and I have been really happy with the outcome. I have met several moms and learned so much from each of their own stories.

I also participate on the following meme:

At the Well Blog Button




Here is a recent picture of me with the kids.

Now, head to 5 Minutes for Mom and check out the other sites! Its a great way to meet more bloggers and there are hundred of prizes at stake too.

My top 3 picks are:

INTL 18 – $50 gift certificate to Good for the Kids
INTL 30 — $15 eGift Card to
INTL 35 — Blog Designs by Sheila

So, what are you waiting for? Join us!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009