Making Your Home Sing : Goal Setting

Making your home sing Mondays

Happy new year! It’s already January 4… how fast time passes by! In a few days, we would be surprised that its already the middle of the month and then, a month has passed by. For stay at home moms like me, its so easy for time to slip by… while doing daily chores and activities… sometimes, we can easily lose control of how we spend our time. Instead, our daily activities control us.

This year, while the year is just starting, I think it is best that we set goals. I haven’t written down mine yet, but it is my goal to write down my goal, (that sounded funny!) if not for the month.. my goal for the week. I have mentioned that I want to live each day with a purpose so what better way to do it than setting a goal at least one goal a month and be able to reach that goal.

I hope to set aside one night this week to do just this… but definitely, goal setting is a must for me this year.

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Making Your Home Sing : Movie Night

Making your home sing Mondays

Every Friday nights, I have declared it as a movie night for me and the kids. We watch a movie that is suitable for them and it has been fun! The kids look forward to it and so do I. It is time to unwind and enjoy being with them!

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Making Your Home Sing : Potty Training

Making your home sing Mondays

We are almost 100% potty trained! 😀 This week, we are going to try not to use disposable diapers anymore when we go out and when we go to sleep at night. So far, for the past weeks, he has been keeping his diapers dry at night and he has been telling me when he needs to pee or poop…Hopefully, this continues on….

Definitely, this is positive news as this will lessen our grocery expenses! 😀 Little boy is really becoming independent already. He is not so little anymore!

Making Your Home Sing : Blessing Others

Making your home sing Mondays

With the 2 recent strong typhoons hitting our country, it was a good time to do some spring cleaning at our house. We looked at our stuff and decided that it was time to part ways with some of the things we consider as clutter and probably others would still use. So we gave away old clothes, shoes, slippers, beddings and an old bed. It is like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. I still have yet to open a cabinet and check the space where we keep old stuff… this will be a way to make my home sing this week and also, make sure others will be happy too!

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Making Your Home Sing : Schedule and Research

Making your home sing Mondays

Since we have decided not to hire a stay-in helper anymore, I have to re-adjust my schedule and routine at home. So far, we are doing better now, at least I know I am. I do the chores and then after the kids have breakfast, I have quiet time with them and we do some crafts. Though I would want to have more time with my little boy so I can teach him more… but at his age, I can’t rush him since his attention span is also short. I have been researching at the Internet and so glad to find so many sites that offer help and things to do so my tot can learn 😀 I have planned on doing a schedule for routine cleaning and I just need to write it down. Aside from that, I have decided to work on Sunday nights for researching and plotting down what we will be studying for the coming week. It has definitely helped me! With God’s grace, I pray that I can be a better mom around the house!