Will Pineapple Help Increase IVF Success Rates?

Infertility is definitely an issue that is depressing. That is especially the case for the couple that has been trying for a really long time. Based on the problem that causes the infertility, treatment options are discussed and chosen. You can click here for a list of the different options that are available but one of the really popular options is IVF (in-vitro fertilization). This is a procedure in which the sperm and the eggs are combined in lab conditions. As the egg is fertilized, it would form an embryo that is then placed inside the woman’s womb for a normal pregnancy.
In-vitro fertilization is highly complicated and expensive. Success rate is not as high as we may want to think so it is quite obvious that women would do anything in order to increase possibilities. A trick that is recommended at the moment is increasing consumption of pineapple. It was mentioned that one pineapple that is eaten before and one that is eaten after the implantation will increase the chance of having a successful IVF cycle. Is that the case?

Pineapple Health Benefits
Pineapples contain bromelain, which is an enzyme that has various health benefits. Besides this, pineapple will be loaded with various vitamins and minerals like vitamin B1, B6, C and folate. Also, we have high dietary fibers. Pineapple is a delicious fruit and promotes proper health in various different ways. We have anti inflammatory and anti oxidant actions, offering a protection from various disease numbers. This does include heart disease. At the same time, pineapple will improve immunity and will enhance digestive function. You will want to seriously consider pineapple consumption because of various reasons.

Pineapple Consumption And IVF
Pineapple does have many health benefits, just as it was mentioned below. However, we do not have definite proof of how the fruit will increase IVF success rate. This is something that has to be considered. If you want to think about pineapple, you should be aware of the fact that bromelain presence is the reason why this may be the case. It was proven that bromelain has an effect like aspirin. It will act as a really good blood thinner and anticoagulant. That will increase uterus blood flow, just as with taking aspirin. In case you did not know, aspirin is prescribed to the woman that has recurrent miscarriages during the IVF cycle.

Bromelain’s anti inflammatory properties will favour embryo implantation and conception. If you want implantation to be successful, your body has to become stronger from an anti inflammatory point of view. Pineapple would increase IVF success rates because of this.

Although we can say that there is no proof that pineapple consumption will help during IVF cycles, it does not mean that you should not consider this possibility. There is basically nothing wrong with consuming pineapple. In fact, it is really important that you improve your nutrition because of the fact that this is going to have only associated health benefits. Do remember that!

Baby Shower Gifts

Pregnancy is an exciting time for mothers. It doesn’t matter if it is the first, second or fifth pregnancy, as every pregnancy is different and special. For nine months, moms are already experiencing a unique bond with the baby in their womb. As the delivery date nears, moms prepare all that they will need for the arrival of their bundle of joy.

Friends and family members often give baby shower parties to help moms get ready. Nowadays, it is quite easy to prepare as there are several online baby shower gifts shop to choose from. Just what gifts should one get? Here are some gifts you might want to consider:

  • bib and burp cloth set – a very useful gift set as baby can use the items for a number of months.
  • c15e88a1a8c3d9f4f13076c72e391056newborn baby gift box – it contains baby clothes that can be worn everyday.
  • newborn nappy cakes – instead of the usual cake, nappy cakes are cute and appropriate gifts for moms to cherish.Newborn_nappy_cake_Hoot_2_layer_unisex
  • personalized and embroidered towels – personalized gifts are special and unique.
  • bath time accessories – tubs, soaps and shampoo are great gifts which baby will use for quite some time.

Baby showers are a great way to welcome baby and to let mommy feel how special she is, just before the big day. She would be very happy to receive any of these gifts.

Inspiration and Encouragement for Moms

Motherhood is a noble calling —- and it is not easy. It is never ending and is a a huge task for one person to take. Thankfully, God knows this and  puts different people in our life to support, to understand and to help us fulfill our roles as mothers.

I personally am grateful to the following resources which have helped me in my own journey:

Sarah Mae

I loved Sarah Mae’s book Desperate. I read it a few years back and the book resonated with me, as I was raising little children back then. She now has a new book called Longing for Paris which I hope to read soon.

The Better Mombettermom

 I subscribed thru email and really look forward to The Better Mom’s daily post. Everyday struggles as a mom becomes lighter knowing that other moms are going through the same things. The tips and encouragement that I receive from this site has been an important part of my daily life.

Finding Joy

For the days that I feel like I lost the joy of motherhood, or the days that I feel unappreciated or unworthy, Finding Joy’s encouragement has been spot on! Dear Mom posts were my favorite.

Hands Free Mama


Because of the easy access to the internet, I have been vulnerable to distractions while raising my kids. Hands Free Mama has been instrumental in helping me realize my mistakes and how to live a more intentional life away from gadgets and the social media.

The Busy Mom

Recently, I been listening to the free podcasts from Heidi St John of The Busy Mom and it has been encouraging and very inspirational. It was like being part of a small group discussing about the different issues of motherhood.

Sally Clarkson

I have read Sally Clarkson’s book 10 Gifts of Wisdom and it has given me a better perspective of what parenting with wisdom actually really is. I also love reading her other books and her blog, full of insight and inspirational stories that help me be a better mother to my children.



When to Visit the In-Vitro Fertilization Clinic

crghWhen Should You Go To An IVF Clinic?

Obviously, the moment when you start looking for infertility treatment is something that you decide but we often see women and men being afraid of this, which is definitely not what you should experience. Infertility is basically an inability to get pregnant. In order to say that you are infertile, the couple needs to have been trying to have a baby for over 1 year. The good news is that we are faced with various options that are available and conceiving is often possible when you undergo some treatments. Fertility treatment went a long way in the past few years and what was not possible in the past is now reality.

The treatment solution that is the best one for you depends on various factors ranging from medical history to infertility cause. The fertility doctor at a reputable IVF Clinic London is the only person that can decide this. Contrary to popular belief, in-vitro fertilization is not the only option available. In fact, it is the last option recommended, after other treatments fail. When you are faced with an official verdict that you need in-vitro fertilization, you have to start looking for a really good clinic.

The IVF procedure is one that sees eggs and sperm combined in lab environments in order to create embryos. Embryos are graded based on the success possibility and then the best ones will be transferred to the uterus of the woman through implantation in uterine lining. That embryo eventually develops into the fetus. In most situations the woman will need to take drugs to increase fertility so that egg production would be increased. However, there are situations in which this is not actually necessary. That is always great since side effects can be avoided. Always ask about those side effects before you decide to take the pills. Understanding side effects is highly important and a conscious decision is always necessary.

There are situations in which a couple cannot use IVF because one or both of the individuals are not good candidates for the procedure. As an example, the women that went through hysterectomies and do not have a uterus will not be considered for the procedure. If that is the case, other options will need to be taken into account like surrogacy or adoption.

The bottom line is that you should go to the fertility clinic as soon as you decide that you want to have a baby and you have tried to do this naturally for a number of months, without success, of course. It is really important that you choose a clinic with a really good success rate since the prices associated with the procedure are really high. This is the one thing that many worry about. Because of the fact that there are many couples that can only actually afford one IVF cycle, you need to do all that you can in order to increase the possibility of success. This includes choosing only reputable doctors and respecting all their indications to the letter.



Mommy Mundo’s Top Mom Picks Guidebook

If you are a new mom, chances are, shopping for that perfect item for your baby is not as simple as it seems. With hundreds of products out there, which ones are the best for your little one? I’m sure you wouldn’t trade your baby’s safety and want quality products for him.

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