Inspiration and Encouragement for Moms

Motherhood is a noble calling —- and it is not easy. It is never ending and is a a huge task for one person to take. Thankfully, God knows this and  puts different people in our life to support, to understand and to help us fulfill our roles as mothers.

I personally am grateful to the following resources which have helped me in my own journey:

Sarah Mae

I loved Sarah Mae’s book Desperate. I read it a few years back and the book resonated with me, as I was raising little children back then. She now has a new book called Longing for Paris which I hope to read soon.

The Better Mombettermom

 I subscribed thru email and really look forward to The Better Mom’s daily post. Everyday struggles as a mom becomes lighter knowing that other moms are going through the same things. The tips and encouragement that I receive from this site has been an important part of my daily life.

Finding Joy

For the days that I feel like I lost the joy of motherhood, or the days that I feel unappreciated or unworthy, Finding Joy’s encouragement has been spot on! Dear Mom posts were my favorite.

Hands Free Mama


Because of the easy access to the internet, I have been vulnerable to distractions while raising my kids. Hands Free Mama has been instrumental in helping me realize my mistakes and how to live a more intentional life away from gadgets and the social media.

The Busy Mom

Recently, I been listening to the free podcasts from Heidi St John of The Busy Mom and it has been encouraging and very inspirational. It was like being part of a small group discussing about the different issues of motherhood.

Sally Clarkson

I have read Sally Clarkson’s book 10 Gifts of Wisdom and it has given me a better perspective of what parenting with wisdom actually really is. I also love reading her other books and her blog, full of insight and inspirational stories that help me be a better mother to my children.



When to Visit the In-Vitro Fertilization Clinic

crghWhen Should You Go To An IVF Clinic?

Obviously, the moment when you start looking for infertility treatment is something that you decide but we often see women and men being afraid of this, which is definitely not what you should experience. Infertility is basically an inability to get pregnant. In order to say that you are infertile, the couple needs to have been trying to have a baby for over 1 year. The good news is that we are faced with various options that are available and conceiving is often possible when you undergo some treatments. Fertility treatment went a long way in the past few years and what was not possible in the past is now reality.

The treatment solution that is the best one for you depends on various factors ranging from medical history to infertility cause. The fertility doctor at a reputable IVF Clinic London is the only person that can decide this. Contrary to popular belief, in-vitro fertilization is not the only option available. In fact, it is the last option recommended, after other treatments fail. When you are faced with an official verdict that you need in-vitro fertilization, you have to start looking for a really good clinic.

The IVF procedure is one that sees eggs and sperm combined in lab environments in order to create embryos. Embryos are graded based on the success possibility and then the best ones will be transferred to the uterus of the woman through implantation in uterine lining. That embryo eventually develops into the fetus. In most situations the woman will need to take drugs to increase fertility so that egg production would be increased. However, there are situations in which this is not actually necessary. That is always great since side effects can be avoided. Always ask about those side effects before you decide to take the pills. Understanding side effects is highly important and a conscious decision is always necessary.

There are situations in which a couple cannot use IVF because one or both of the individuals are not good candidates for the procedure. As an example, the women that went through hysterectomies and do not have a uterus will not be considered for the procedure. If that is the case, other options will need to be taken into account like surrogacy or adoption.

The bottom line is that you should go to the fertility clinic as soon as you decide that you want to have a baby and you have tried to do this naturally for a number of months, without success, of course. It is really important that you choose a clinic with a really good success rate since the prices associated with the procedure are really high. This is the one thing that many worry about. Because of the fact that there are many couples that can only actually afford one IVF cycle, you need to do all that you can in order to increase the possibility of success. This includes choosing only reputable doctors and respecting all their indications to the letter.



Mommy Mundo’s Top Mom Picks Guidebook

If you are a new mom, chances are, shopping for that perfect item for your baby is not as simple as it seems. With hundreds of products out there, which ones are the best for your little one? I’m sure you wouldn’t trade your baby’s safety and want quality products for him.

Mommy Mundo knows the dilemna of moms so they have come up with the Top Mom Picks Guidebook.

Top Mom Picks Guidebook was curated by moms who have tested products for their children. They reviewed several products and picked out the best products for moms to choose from! Products for moms, babies and the kids are listed by category and contains all the information you would need to shop for these top mom picks. The meticulously picked list came from Mommy Mundo’s shopping bazaars and were further edited by Mommy Mundo founder Janice Villanueva, childbirth expert Rome Kanapi, bloggers and mompreneurs Christine Dychiao, Neva Arboleda Santos, Em Matias Sulit and Candice Cu Yaw with editor Jing Lejano.

You can grab your own copy through Mommy Mundo’s online store at or from Fully Booked, Babyland, Mamaway, Nurture Nook, Mombabyfabric, Urban Essentials, My Baby Dragon, Belly Amor Philippines, and Babylab Enterprises.

Shopping with a comprehensive guide of approved products for mothers can definitely ease your mind and help you make good shopping choices! Get your copy now!

My Adventures at Home

sahmAs a stay at home mom for the past 11 years, I have learned to fix my schedule so I can attend to the needs of my family, do household chores and have some alone time each day. It was really important that I learned to adjust through the phase of our life and be flexible.

I am sharing this since I have received some emails asking me how I manage my time as a stay at home mom.

When my kids were below 2 years old, we have hired a stay in helper to do the household chores for me. I was hands-on with my babies and attended to their needs by myself. I slept when the babies slept and enjoyed our breastfeeding sessions. When I had to go out, I made sure I was back in 2 hours. There was little time for me to do any sort of work since caring for babies was round the clock.

When my kids were above 2, we no longer hired a stay in helper. I began to do the household chores by myself. I woke up early so I can clean the house and wash the laundry. When I say clean the house, I only sweep the floor and wipe the surfaces. Then the kids wake up and I prepare breakfast for them. Made sure they cleaned up and played with them shortly. Then they took their nap and I prepared lunch. Then its lunch time. In the afternoon, they take longer naps and I can do more cleaning at the house, like cleaning the bathroom, changing bedsheets and fixing the clutter. There are days that I get to blog, or read books during this time. When they wake up, I spend my time with the kids again. We usually have the same meal as what we had during lunch so I dont need to prepapre new dish anymore. After dinner, we clean up and have time to read together and do some fun activity before calling it a night. Then afterwards, when the kids are sleeping, I get to spend time with my husband.


There are some household chores that I dont do by myself to avoid burnout. I ask help for specialized services such as ironing of clothes, carpet cleaning from Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn or cleaning the garden.

It has been pretty much our routine at home and now that the kids have grown, they are helping me with the household chores. They are able to play by themselves too so I have more time to read, work online and do what I have to do.

Don’t stress yourself out. It is important to realize that while the kids are small, they would need your attention but it doesn’t last forever and it is only for a certain season. I truly believe that the secret to enjoying being a stay at home mom is managing your expectations and using your time wisely.




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I thank the Lord that He gave me the privilege of becoming a mother. I never expected how motherhood would affect  my life. My life was turned upside down and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve been blessed with two wonderful kids who loves each other and knows Jesus is the reason why we do what we do – everyday.

To all mother’s out there – know that what you do today matters. Being with the children today, nurturing and loving them will greatly affect their future.    I salute you for what you do!