Find Your Passion

I read this quote fruom C.S. Lewis a few weeks back, ”You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” It struck a cord in my heart and made me reflect on my life. I believe that God has a purpose for our life and a mission that he has set for each of us to accomplish.

In the midst of all the busyness we find ourselves in, it is important to find what that purpose in life is and to fulfill that mission with our wholehearted passion. It is only through doing this that we get to live  a full life.

Knowing that purpose will help us form goals and lead us to using our time more intentionally.Whether you want to be a successful career woman, entrepreneur, artist, writer, homemaker or something else, you just need to start setting goals and take little steps into fulfilling your dreams.

Here are some steps to find out your passion in life:

1. Take some time to reflect on your life and what you really enjoy doing. What are the things you would like to do even if you don’t get paid to do it?

2. Research about your interests. What specific area would you like to pursue? Are there other people who are already doing what you’d like to do? Talk to them and inquire. Get information on how you can pursue your dream. Attend workshops, conduct interviews or read about your passion.

3. Find a support group. Your support can come from your family members, friends or online support groups. Finding support can make or break your decision to pursue your goals. They can serve as your inspiration when tough  days come.

4. Create specific steps that you would like to make into turning your dream into a reality. Include details to help you accomplish these goals.

Life is short. Pursue your passion and make life more meaningful.

Reflections of A Stay At Home Mom

After being a full time stay at home mom for almost  10 years, I can honestly say that managing the household is much like running your own corporation. You need to have good managerial skills to ensure that the family’s schedule don’t get too busy or overlap with one another. Financial skills is needed to ensure that you don’t go over the budget and that money is being used properly. Good decision making is crucial to make sure that wise decisions are made every day in every area of life so that the family operates the best possible way.

As a homemaker, there are days that I find my work tedious and repetitive. Cleaning the house, cooking the meals, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and fixing the mess around is not as glamorous as working in an air conditioned office or consolidating reports for your boss. In fact, there are days that I also have to clean the toilets, the garden and make sure that no pests are lurking around the house. If needed and if finances allow, I get extra help to make sure I cover the things that I can not do like calling extermination dorval to help me elimiante pests. On top of all these, I also homeschool and spend time with my children.

As I look back at the past years, I realized I have no awards to show. I don’t have any achievements that I can boast about. But by the grace of God, I look at our family and these are the people who I have invested my energy, my time and my passion. I see how the children have grown over the years and how my husband has been able to pursue his calling in his life. All of life’s milestones, the answered prayers, the struggles and trials we had to face each day together and the Lord’s faithfulness are what kept me going all these years.

The tedious and repetitive tasks that I do are all done out of love and service to my family. During tough days, I know that I have fulfilled what God has tasked me to do and that is enough to encourage me to go on. That decision to become a stay at home mom several years ago has allowed me to grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined, probably even more than when I was still working my way up on the corporate ladder.

I do not know what our future may bring but today, as I look back at the choice I made almost 10 years ago, I am blessed by where God has led my family. My heart is full.

Time Off Is A Must

Managing the home, working 8 hours or more a day and taking care of your children are very tiring jobs. In fact, I think that women who can balance their time and still have enough time to pursue their interests are a rarity nowadays. Either you are too busy with work or too preoccupied with running the household, whatever takes up most of your time can lead to stress and burnt out.

That is why I always remind my readers to take time offs. Different people need different time offs, but the important part is that you schedule your time away from your usual work and chores at least once every month. Here are the different time offs:

Some women like to pamper themselves by buying  day spa packages montreal style. They go for spa services and avail of all other services offered and spend the whole day pampering and rejuvenating their tired physical bodies.

Other women like to go out and shop. They buy something for themselves, whether clothing or fashion accessories.

Some would meet up with friends and enjoy catching up with one another.

Still others would like some peace and quiet time. They would go to their favorite coffee shops, read a book, write on their journals or just spend time reflecting on their lives.

No matter how you spend your time off, as long as you make sure that you do what you want to do. This should help you rejuvenate your tired body and mind.


These are the Days of My Life

I love spending time with my children.

Whether it is playing a board game or putting puzzle pieces together, I always learn something new about them. I learn that my daughter likes structure while my son is more playful. We enjoy reading books or watching movies while resting on our best yoga bolsters. We talk about the details and the characters of the story. We exchange ideas and share our life together. We also enjoy drawing, painting or doing art works. Sometimes, we goof around. We play rough and physical. We walk arond the village and ride the bike together. We play football. We study together and try to understand a new concept together. We talk about God and His word. We all know how we have failed Him and why we need Jesus in our lives. Sometimes, we get on each other’s nerves but we eventually learn to forgive one another. We laugh and cry together.

These are the days of my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Ways to Recharge Yourself, Part 2

If you are a mom like me, you probably have worn different hats at your house. From being the chef  who prepares the meal every day to the driver who brings your kids to their scheduled appointments to the nurse who makes sure that your kids drink their medicine on time to the party planner who tries to find best custom printed table runners and cheapest way to make their kids’ party the most memorable one.

At the end of the day, we should not forget to take some time off and get some “me time”! I asked some moms to find out how they stay refreshed and get recharged. Here are their replies:

Time management. Prioritizing. Learning to say No to too much extra curricular. Not spreading myself too thin, with the many invitations I get. And of course me time: salon, massage, reading a good book, writing on my journal.- Christine Babao, TV Host, Book Author

A mani-pedi and a massge keeps me sane. I also go out with close friends. – Belle Delos Reyes from Cruisin Mommyhood

I used to do yoga when I wasn’t pregnant.  I regularly attended yoga manila classes. Now that I have Zeeka, I take breaks by going to the mall with her :) she loves going around. I play wih her too. – Ginger Arboleda, WAHM, Entrepreneur ( ) Blogger (Manila Reviews, Manila Fitness, GingerArboleda, MommyGinger)

Go for pedicure/foot spa, home service style. When I have time, I read novels. – Mariel Uyquiengco from The Learning Basket

How? 1. I have a really good yaya so I know my kids are in good hands when I’m out. 2. I have my business which I love. 3. I go out with my friends – with the SoMoms, it’s both work and play so it’s relaxing in itself.  Kris De Guzman from OCMominManila, SoMoms

I meet up with friends over lunch, merienda/coffee or dinner and schedule some alone time at the salon or spa.  Patty Balquiedra from Non Stop Babble, SoMoms,WAHM/Entrepreneur

I go out with friends, watch a movie with DH or have a relaxing massage. – Michelle from Mrs Martinez Raves and Rants

I go offline for a few hours on busy days just to re-focus. I also go out with my barkada for dinner – just us girls, to catch up and reconnect. I intentionally wake up late on weekends, then have food delivered to take a break fr cooking. – Michelle from MyMomFriday, SoMoms

My schedule has always been erratic but now-a-days, I find solace in listening to radio preachings while driving and listening to worship music while doing household chores. I also love watching movies at home after doing all our chores in front of our huge flat screen snuggled. – Donita Rosa Villarama, TV personality

We’d like to know how you take time to relax and recharge yourself. Do leave a comment and let us know.