Why Finding a Support Group that Fits Your Lifestyle is Important

Many women have this idea that they are expected to be able to do everything by themselves – taking care of all the needs their family, staying in tip-top physical shape while looking flawless, keeping an immaculately clean home, being a fantastic chef, volunteering at their children’s school, and much more. That, though, is for television, not reality.

Everyday life has enough ups and downs to stress anyone out. Women are often under-appreciated for all that they do, and finding that more is expected of them, or worse, discovering that what they have already accomplished failed to meet someone else’s expectations, only adds to our problem. So, what can we do? One option is to find a womens support group. But we should look for one that matches our needs well.

Finding an exact match is a rarity, of course. Looking at what creates the most amount of stress in your life is the best place to start. If your stress starts with your role as caregiver for an elderly parent or disabled child, looking for a support group that has caregiving, disabilities, health issues, and so on as its focus would be a great choice. Those topics are always going to be a much better match than a group whose members are helping each other cope with domestic violence, grief and bereavement, or addiction. If your life has dealt you more than one major stressor, there’s no rule that you cannot join two (or more) groups if you want to do so.

But why join a support group and tell everyone there about your problems in the first place? Because it can help you in many ways, ways that can help you manage everything centering on the stressor. This can also help you manage other areas of your life by freeing up your time and helping you be more confident and more relaxed.

Another benefit is that telling someone, especially someone who is sympathetic to your situation, can help you find ways to cope with it better. Talking about it to others also helps you rephrase the situation in your own mind, and doing so can, in turn, help you see different nuances of recurring situations in another way.

Also, helping others cope with something that is impacting their lives in a negative manner can help you feel better about yourself, not to mention the break you get by being in another environment that is focused on you and others with the same concerns that you have.

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Mothering Mishaps: The Biggest Little Mistakes to Avoid in Your Baby’s First Year

When you become a mom for the first time, you quickly discover that your bundle of joy doesn’t come with an instruction manual, which means that there are certain things about mothering that you are going to have learn on the job and trust to instinct.


Choosing the right vehicle for your family needs, like the Dodge Grand Caravan, is one thing, but it might also help to learn about some of the common mistakes that new moms are likely to make in their first year of caring for their baby’s first year, so that you can avoid making them yourself.

Keeping the stress levels under control

There is little doubt that the sense of responsibility that you feel as the person mainly in charge of nurturing a baby in its first few months of life, can make you feel stressed.

It is not hard to understand why you might feel stressed when you are faced with a range of new tasks and responsibilities that you have not faced before, but if you heed the wise words of parents who have already been through that experience, it never pays to get too stressed.

Most new moms worry excessively, so you are not alone, but talk to other moms and healthcare professionals about any concerns you have, rather than stressing unnecessarily. By the time you have another baby, you will know yourself that there was no need to stress so much about every little thing.

Don’t worry about how other babies are doing

You will no doubt be surrounded by friends in a similar scenario to yourself and that could mean that you are tempted to compare progress of your baby to another.

It is perfectly plausible that your baby might still be working out how to roll onto their stomach, while another baby about the same age, is busy crawling around the floor.

Don’t start making comparisons with other babies and worrying if your child is not doing as much as others in your circle. Babies tend to progress at different rates and it is therefore definitely worth worrying about their small steps of progress, as a few weeks can witness some rapid developments, leaving you to wonder what you were stressing about.

Don’t suffer alone

Breastfeeding is a great way of bonding with your baby and giving them a lot of the nutrients and vitamins that they need to flourish, but not every mom takes to breastfeeding like a duck to water.

The important advice is to say that you really shouldn’t attempt to suffer alone if you are having any breastfeeding issues.

It is always far better to get advice from a healthcare professional rather than getting frustrated and remember, it is perfectly normal to have some problems getting the hang of breastfeeding, so there is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or anxious if you not finding it as easy as you had hoped.

Becoming a mom is a learning journey so enjoy the experience, don’t get too stressed, and ask for help when you need it, whether it is to grab a moment for a nice relaxing bath, or help with a health question.

Chelsea Douglas is currently on maternity leave as she waits for her daughter to be born. This down-time (doctors orders!) is giving her time to finally write the articles that have been in the back of her mind for at least 2 years since the birth of her first daughter!

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DIY Baby Bedroom

Yay, it’s a boy! After hearing the good news about the gender, every parent starts to wonder about the nursery for baby. Initial few months of a baby is spent in your bedroom but one day, he has to move to his nursery.

You want the nursery to be amazing and out of the world and something that fulfills his every need. So how is it different to design the nursery for a baby boy? What are the elements that should be part of the nursery? What colors should you go for? The list of questions is pretty much unending. To be honest, it is a self-help department – nobody can help you with the decisions about the baby nursery.

The best advice you can get at this point is to go with your instinct and pick stuff that you feel your boy will enjoy. Having said that, we are throwing a few ideas into the mix, maybe you like them.

Here we go;

Make use of sunlight

As you know sunlight is important for newborns and babies and your boy will need it too.  So optimize the receipt of sunlight in the nursery. Also, it will be a nice idea to put the baby cot in line of sunlight so he can get his dose of warmth and Vitamin D. Although direct contact with sunlight isn’t recommended for the baby so make sure you have a filter between the sun and the boy.

The wall art – best way to express

Wall art is amazing and especially with the nursery, you are free to do anything on the wall you like. There are very few chances that your baby will question you about your choice.

The baby cot along with baby bedding

During his initial stay in the nursery, the cot will be the only area where your baby will live so it has to be good. In addition to focusing on the design and style of the cot, it is equally important to focus on the material too. You should get the most comfortable baby cot.

The story doesn’t end at the baby cot, there is baby bedding too. Instead of going to random places, simply visit Mybabystore.com.au and get the finest online baby bedding in Australia. The other recommended option to buy online baby bedding is izzz.com.au.

The tent on the floor

The tent on the floor will serve as the ideal playing area on the ground for you boy. Also, the design value that a tent on the floor can bring is intense. You should have a tent in your nursery.

The bookshelf with plenty of books

The idea behind bookshelf is simple. Do you want your boy to inculcate the habit of reading? If yes, then you have to capture his interest from the very beginning. And what can be the best way to catch a child’s attention by putting a bookshelf in his room forever and since the very first day.

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A Mother’s Reflection on Mother’s Day

Now that my kids are older, I don’t get the cute little cards that I used to get. The parenting dynamics have also changed since it’s not focused on diaper changes, play time or reading together anymore. There are days that I get a lot of questions like  why the world is the way it is, why everyone has to work hard and whats going to happen…


My children indeed have grown. If you told me 10 years ago that time would pass by so fast, I wouldn’t have believed you because I was mostly physically tired during those early years of parenting. From not being able to sleep through the night to nurturing the family throughout the day, I was happy doing all of these for my family but I was also physically exhausted. Now that my children don’t need me as much physically as they can now do things on their own, I am no longer physically drained. But I learned that I need to continue to be intentional in spending time with them and building that relationship with the children. I need to be present with them. I need to be engaged with them.  As they enter their preteen years, I am learning that parenting has become more emotional, mental and spiritual.


We need to have fun and relaxing times together as much as we need to go through hard work and stressful moments. There should be a balance between being strict and being fun. I also need to listen to the questions they ask and answer them truthfully and really listen to the questions that they are not asking as well. I must inspire them to be who God has called them to be and help them through their own insecurities as they slowly discover themselves.


I used to think that parenting would be easier as they grew but I was naive to think that. Parenting is a relationship so it is dynamic and changes over time. Truly, God is changing me each day as I continue on with parenting.  I’m learning to discern what God wants me to focus on and what to let go and to trust in the work of the Lord in the lives of my family as well.

As I celebrate my 12th mother’s day tomorrow, I am grateful for the motherhood journey that the Lord has allowed me to take and I am thankful that as I continue on this path, the Lord is constantly maturing me to be the woman He wants me to be.

Are You Having A Baby? Here are Some Preparation Tips


My son Toby and I

When I found out I was pregnant many years back, I felt excited and anxious. Who will my baby look like? Will he or she like me? Will everything be okay? Will I be a good mom to him or her? Questions that can only bring fear and hope to a new mom like me. To help ease the uneasiness and the anxiety, I am sharing some of the preparation new moms-to-be can do.

Physical preparation. Go and get yourself checked by a trusted OB-GYNE. The doctor will perform a series of tests that can help you be sure that the pregnancy is going well and that the baby is growing and developing. Regular ultrasound procedures in Adelaide sonography can be scheduled to ensure that everything is well.

Mental preparation. Aside from the physical changes, you need  to be aware of the physiological changes that you will go through. Read pregnancy related books and talk to your mom friends to have an idea what to expect in the coming months. Each trimester of the pregnancy brings changes to the body of the mother. Parenting books will also help ease the worries of moms and dads as they begin to understand what sort of care they should give to their newborn child.

Financial preparation. In the Philippines, preparing for child birth is a must. Make sure that you save for the delivery of the baby and the arrival of the baby. The hospital costs are quite expensive and anticipating the needs of the baby can help you plan your finances.

Spiritual preparation. Caring for a new baby is not just a physical job but a spiritual one as well. It is important to learn that being a mom also means leading your child spiritually to God. You begin doing this as soon as your baby is born and it will be a whole lot easier if you start early.