Mindfulness During Pregnancy: Why It’s Beneficial for You and Baby

Mindfulness refers to the process of focusing one’s awareness on the present moment while simultaneously acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, bodily sensations, and thoughts regarding the moment. Mindfulness is not something that most people just achieve and in fact, requires a significant amount of patience, self-awareness, and motivation to attain. That said, the effort is well worth it, especially if you are expecting.

Anxiety Is a Very Real Part of Pregnancy

Expectant mothers do much more than sit around looking radiant until the birth of their little ones. In addition to working full-time jobs, as approximately 75 percent of all mothers do, a good majority of mothers-to-be spend much of the 40 weeks leading up to their due dates worrying and preparing for their littles’ arrivals. According to one report, 21 percent of expectant mothers live with serious anxiety, while another 18 percent experience depression throughout the duration of their pregnancies. In addition to living with those diagnosable mental conditions, many expectant mothers lay sleepless at night going over shopping lists, finances, to-dos, and countless other worries about which non-parents typically don’t think.

Mindfulness May Help

Up until recently, expectant mothers were forced to bear their mental stresses alone. This was often the case regardless of whether a woman had a supportive partner or not. However, thanks to advanced research and forward-thinking attitudes of many members of society, pregnant women may no longer have to shoulder the mental burden of pregnancy on their own, or at all. The Way International and other organizations have devised techniques to help ease one’s mental load. One such technique is mindfulness. Below are just four ways in which mindfulness may positively impact pregnant women’s stress levels and lead to healthier newborns:

Mindfulness Reduces Stress

Anxiety is a normal reaction to pregnancy, but if you let your anxiety get the best of you, it can lead to high blood pressure and pregnancy complications. Traditionally, doctors recommend bed rest to keep stress levels at bay, but for many women, bed rest is the least helpful solution.

Though pilot studies are still being conducted, those that have been conducted found that meditation and mindfulness have a significant positive impact on pregnant women’s stress levels. In each study, the group who participated in mindfulness programs saw a greater decrease in pregnancy anxiety and all the negative emotions that come with it compared to control groups who either participated in bed rest or who read a book.

Mindfulness May Prevent Premature Birth

Again, though the science is still out on the subject, students indicate that mindfulness exercises such as yoga, meditation and spirituality may lower one’s risk of giving birth to a preemie. Preemies are at risk for breathing problems, hearing and vision issues, and developmental delays. Moreover, mothers of preemies tend to experience higher rates of depression, anxiety, and stress than mothers of full-term babies.

Two studies’ results suggest that mindfulness may prevent premature birth. In one study of 355 participants, half were told to practice yoga and meditation and the other half were asked to walk for one hour a day. The half who practiced yoga gave birth to less premature babies than the half who walked.

In another study, 199 women either received standard prenatal care or partook in a mindfulness program. Only six percent of those who participated in a mindfulness program gave birth to preemies, compared with 16 percent of women in the other group.

Mindfulness May Encourage Healthy Development

A 2015 study that tracked mothers who participated in mindfulness programs beginning in the second semester noted that their babies had less developmental delays than babies born to mothers who did not practice mindfulness. The babies of mindful mothers were easier to calm down and have fewer issues adjusting to new situations. They also demonstrated more effortful control than babies of non-mindful mothers.

Mindfulness is an art, and it does require practice and patience, but in the end, it is well worth the effort. When you experience a happy, healthy, and relaxing pregnancy, you will agree.

Are You Having A Baby? Here are Some Preparation Tips


My son Toby and I

When I found out I was pregnant many years back, I felt excited and anxious. Who will my baby look like? Will he or she like me? Will everything be okay? Will I be a good mom to him or her? Questions that can only bring fear and hope to a new mom like me. To help ease the uneasiness and the anxiety, I am sharing some of the preparation new moms-to-be can do.

Physical preparation. Go and get yourself checked by a trusted OB-GYNE. The doctor will perform a series of tests that can help you be sure that the pregnancy is going well and that the baby is growing and developing. Regular ultrasound procedures in Adelaide sonography can be scheduled to ensure that everything is well.

Mental preparation. Aside from the physical changes, you need  to be aware of the physiological changes that you will go through. Read pregnancy related books and talk to your mom friends to have an idea what to expect in the coming months. Each trimester of the pregnancy brings changes to the body of the mother. Parenting books will also help ease the worries of moms and dads as they begin to understand what sort of care they should give to their newborn child.

Financial preparation. In the Philippines, preparing for child birth is a must. Make sure that you save for the delivery of the baby and the arrival of the baby. The hospital costs are quite expensive and anticipating the needs of the baby can help you plan your finances.

Spiritual preparation. Caring for a new baby is not just a physical job but a spiritual one as well. It is important to learn that being a mom also means leading your child spiritually to God. You begin doing this as soon as your baby is born and it will be a whole lot easier if you start early.

Will Pineapple Help Increase IVF Success Rates?

Infertility is definitely an issue that is depressing. That is especially the case for the couple that has been trying for a really long time. Based on the problem that causes the infertility, treatment options are discussed and chosen. You can click here for a list of the different options that are available but one of the really popular options is IVF (in-vitro fertilization). This is a procedure in which the sperm and the eggs are combined in lab conditions. As the egg is fertilized, it would form an embryo that is then placed inside the woman’s womb for a normal pregnancy.
In-vitro fertilization is highly complicated and expensive. Success rate is not as high as we may want to think so it is quite obvious that women would do anything in order to increase possibilities. A trick that is recommended at the moment is increasing consumption of pineapple. It was mentioned that one pineapple that is eaten before and one that is eaten after the implantation will increase the chance of having a successful IVF cycle. Is that the case?

Pineapple Health Benefits
Pineapples contain bromelain, which is an enzyme that has various health benefits. Besides this, pineapple will be loaded with various vitamins and minerals like vitamin B1, B6, C and folate. Also, we have high dietary fibers. Pineapple is a delicious fruit and promotes proper health in various different ways. We have anti inflammatory and anti oxidant actions, offering a protection from various disease numbers. This does include heart disease. At the same time, pineapple will improve immunity and will enhance digestive function. You will want to seriously consider pineapple consumption because of various reasons.

Pineapple Consumption And IVF
Pineapple does have many health benefits, just as it was mentioned below. However, we do not have definite proof of how the fruit will increase IVF success rate. This is something that has to be considered. If you want to think about pineapple, you should be aware of the fact that bromelain presence is the reason why this may be the case. It was proven that bromelain has an effect like aspirin. It will act as a really good blood thinner and anticoagulant. That will increase uterus blood flow, just as with taking aspirin. In case you did not know, aspirin is prescribed to the woman that has recurrent miscarriages during the IVF cycle.

Bromelain’s anti inflammatory properties will favour embryo implantation and conception. If you want implantation to be successful, your body has to become stronger from an anti inflammatory point of view. Pineapple would increase IVF success rates because of this.

Although we can say that there is no proof that pineapple consumption will help during IVF cycles, it does not mean that you should not consider this possibility. There is basically nothing wrong with consuming pineapple. In fact, it is really important that you improve your nutrition because of the fact that this is going to have only associated health benefits. Do remember that!

Baby Shower Gifts

Pregnancy is an exciting time for mothers. It doesn’t matter if it is the first, second or fifth pregnancy, as every pregnancy is different and special. For nine months, moms are already experiencing a unique bond with the baby in their womb. As the delivery date nears, moms prepare all that they will need for the arrival of their bundle of joy.

Friends and family members often give baby shower parties to help moms get ready. Nowadays, it is quite easy to prepare as there are several online baby shower gifts shop to choose from. Just what gifts should one get? Here are some gifts you might want to consider:

  • bib and burp cloth set – a very useful gift set as baby can use the items for a number of months.
  • c15e88a1a8c3d9f4f13076c72e391056newborn baby gift box – it contains baby clothes that can be worn everyday.
  • newborn nappy cakes – instead of the usual cake, nappy cakes are cute and appropriate gifts for moms to cherish.Newborn_nappy_cake_Hoot_2_layer_unisex
  • personalized and embroidered towels – personalized gifts are special and unique.
  • bath time accessories – tubs, soaps and shampoo are great gifts which baby will use for quite some time.

Baby showers are a great way to welcome baby and to let mommy feel how special she is, just before the big day. She would be very happy to receive any of these gifts.

When to Visit the In-Vitro Fertilization Clinic

crghWhen Should You Go To An IVF Clinic?

Obviously, the moment when you start looking for infertility treatment is something that you decide but we often see women and men being afraid of this, which is definitely not what you should experience. Infertility is basically an inability to get pregnant. In order to say that you are infertile, the couple needs to have been trying to have a baby for over 1 year. The good news is that we are faced with various options that are available and conceiving is often possible when you undergo some treatments. Fertility treatment went a long way in the past few years and what was not possible in the past is now reality.

The treatment solution that is the best one for you depends on various factors ranging from medical history to infertility cause. The fertility doctor at a reputable IVF Clinic London is the only person that can decide this. Contrary to popular belief, in-vitro fertilization is not the only option available. In fact, it is the last option recommended, after other treatments fail. When you are faced with an official verdict that you need in-vitro fertilization, you have to start looking for a really good clinic.

The IVF procedure is one that sees eggs and sperm combined in lab environments in order to create embryos. Embryos are graded based on the success possibility and then the best ones will be transferred to the uterus of the woman through implantation in uterine lining. That embryo eventually develops into the fetus. In most situations the woman will need to take drugs to increase fertility so that egg production would be increased. However, there are situations in which this is not actually necessary. That is always great since side effects can be avoided. Always ask about those side effects before you decide to take the pills. Understanding side effects is highly important and a conscious decision is always necessary.

There are situations in which a couple cannot use IVF because one or both of the individuals are not good candidates for the procedure. As an example, the women that went through hysterectomies and do not have a uterus will not be considered for the procedure. If that is the case, other options will need to be taken into account like surrogacy or adoption.

The bottom line is that you should go to the fertility clinic as soon as you decide that you want to have a baby and you have tried to do this naturally for a number of months, without success, of course. It is really important that you choose a clinic with a really good success rate since the prices associated with the procedure are really high. This is the one thing that many worry about. Because of the fact that there are many couples that can only actually afford one IVF cycle, you need to do all that you can in order to increase the possibility of success. This includes choosing only reputable doctors and respecting all their indications to the letter.