Staying on the Go During Pregnancy

When I became pregnant to our etldest 10 years ago, I had a very difficult first trimester because of morning sickness. It was an all day sickness and my condition was severe that I was hospitalized for a few days due to excessive vomiting which caused dehydration. I wasn’t able to go to work for most of my first trimester. Sadly, aside from work, I also missed out on 2 weddings of my friends. I also didn’t go to worship services. It was a good thing that I had a very understanding boss and a very supportive husband but I was saddened that my once active life was sidetracked by my pregnancy.

During my second pregnancy, I no longer was working but I was a stay at home mom to a toddler. Thankfully, my first trimester wasn’t as bad as my first pregnancy but there were days that I just stayed in my bed and wasn’t able to take care of my daughter. My second and third trimesters weren’t as good as my first pregnancy. There were several days that I had to take bed rest to ensure that the baby is fine. In fact, I remember not having any photos taken during my second pregnancy because I just didn’t want to have my photo taken.

It is through my experiences that I learned that being healthy is the key to ensure that you will be able to have a safe and balanced pregnancy. If you are able to take care of your health, then you will be able to enjoy your pregnancy journey. Eating and drinking healthy is important.

I remember drinking Anmum Milk but I was not very fond of the flavor. I drank the milk because I wanted to ensure that I was getting the proper nutrients for my developing baby even if I had severe morning sickness. But sometimes, I did wish that there were other flavors available.


Thankfully, there is the new Anmum Vanilla Mango flavoured milk now. For moms who want to stay on the go during their pregnancy, and want to ensure that they are getting the proper nutrients for their baby, you have to try the new Anmum Vanilla Mango flavoured milk! It is a delicious source of nourishment for pregnant moms prone to nausea. It is the only one with clinically-tested Folate and it also contains DHA, GA, SA, Calcium, Iron and other essential nutrients that aid in the healthy growth and brain development of your baby. The refreshing mango flavour is also perfectly suited for the Filipina mom’s taste. Tests showed that 7 out of 10 pregnant moms enjoyed its delicious taste and 8 out of 10 pregnant moms enjoyed its natural mango flavour and said it didn’t make them uneasy even after a few glasses.

Do you want to try the new Anmum Vanilla Mango? Get a free sample and nurture the health and development of your precious one.

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Coping With Pregnancy Symptoms

photo (69)

This is me exactly 10 years ago when I first got pregnant. I can still remember the symptoms that I experienced then and also during my second pregnancy, 2 years later.

The symptoms I experieced included delayed menstruation. I always had my menstruation on regular intervals so I when I was one week delayed already, I bought a pregnancy kit from the drug store to find out if I was indeed pregnant.

Another symptomwas being easily fatigued. I was a very active young adult then but when I was a few weeks pregnant, I remember wanting to rest and lie down all day. Gone were the days when I wanted to watch the latest movie or eat out or stay up late at night.

One of the toughest pregnancy symptoms that I had to go through was being nauseous or having “morning sickness”. A week after I found out that I was pregnant, I began to have “all day sickness”. I couldn’t keep anything I eat or I drink down. I became dehydrated and was later confined for 3 days in a hospital. The doctor diagnosed that I had hyperemesis. I needed to ensure that I was taking enough liquids so I won’t dehydrate myself and the baby. It was a very rough first 3 months for me all through out. I lost so much weight too.

I also didn’t like anything that smelled. Whether it was perfume, laundry detergent, fabric fresheners or the smell of food. It made me dizzy and I just couldn’t tolerate it.

Frequent urination and constipation were the other symptoms that I experienced as well.

Pregnancy symptoms weren’t easy for me. More than anything, I was afraid for my baby’s well being. I wanted to be healthy for both of us and experiencing all these symptoms made me feel like I was sick. Thankfully, my OB-GYNE reassured me and taught me how to stay healthy during the entire pregnancy.

> Eat balanced meals. I needed to ensure that I was eating a balanced diet. More fiber were needed so that I wouldn’t be constipated too.

> Drink pre-natal vitamins and Anmum milk. It helped me to stay healthy as I was facing my “all day sickness” symptoms.

> Get enough rest. I must remember that I was carrying another life inside me so I was to get more rest and not be too stressed.

> Visit the OB-GYNE monthly. My OB-GYNE was a blessing to me as she helped me from pregnancy to the safe delivery of my baby. She knew how my body reacted to the pregnancy and I was confident that she will take care of me and the baby during the delivery.

> Prepare for pregancy, delivery and motherhood. I attended different classes where available, sought help from experts, read different blogs and books to help prepare myself for the new stages of life.

The pregnancy journey is supposed to be an enjoyable and memorable one. With the help of your loved ones and choosing to stay healthy, you can have a pleasant journey.

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Preggy Clothes

When I was first pregnant 10 years ago, I was still working in a Telecommunications company. I had to go to work everyday and my choices of clothing were limited. Back then, there weren’t much choices of clothes for pregnant women. I remember wearing the same business clothes weekly since my tummy was bulging already and my usual office attire would not fit me anymore. I always wear polo and slacks and I didn’t feel very pretty during those times.

It is great to know that nowadays there are several choices for pregnant women. Maternity clothes are openly available at different malls, shops and bazaars. It is also available online through different websites. So shopping for maternity clothes should no longer be a problem for pregnant moms.

Now that summer is here in the Philippines and spring is happening in the USA, you can begin to shop for spring maternity dresses online too. They have stylish maternity dresses fit for all occasions. The dresses can bring inspiration to preggy moms who wants to look pretty and stylish even with their bulging tummies and big frames.

If you have friends or loved ones who are pregnant, don’t forget to bless them with a new dress to make them feel pretty during this particular time in their life.

Pregnancy Myths

While pregnant, expect to get many unsolicited advises from all sorts of people. While some of the advises might be true but some of them could be myths. There are many myths you shouldn’t believe in since most of these myths have been passed on from old traditions and unconfirmed reports.

Let me share with you some of the pregnancy myths I encountered while I was pregnant so that you would be aware of them and know which ones to believe.

It is time to eat for two. Many people told me that I should eat more since I am eating for two. I know I needed to gain weight but I soon learned that I should only gain weight during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. I should also watch what I eat so that the baby wouldn’t gain too much weight before he or she is born.

Don’t exercise while pregnant. If you move too much, it could harm the baby was what they told me but I soon learned that having regular exercise is good for my body and for my baby’s safe delivery eventually. It could also help prevent gestational diabetes.

Food cravings should be followed so that baby will be happy. Food cravings has nothing to do with the baby but the cravings is from the mom. The mom should not succumb to unhealthy cravings but always consider the nutritional value of the food.

In this age, one must be wise in following advises from other people. There are many ways to verify if an advise is true or is just a hoax. Here are some ways to verify:

1. Ask your OB-GYNE. It is important to know if your OB-GYNE approves whatever you are eating since your OB-GYNE is overseeing your health, your pregnancy and your child’s safety.

2. Research. There are many ways to research with the help of the internet and the pregnancy books available. If you want to debunk more pregnancy myths, read this article.

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My Pregnancy Journey

My daughter just turned 9 this month. She has grown to become a bright, responsible and loving little lady. If you asked me 10 years ago what would I have expected as I learned I was pregnant, I would tell you that I was nervous and I felt incompetent to be a mother!

We were married for more than 2 years already when I got pregnant. I wasn’t physically ready and did’t know quite what to expect! I had all day sickness (it wasn’t just morning sickness!) making me unable to leave the bed. I was even confined in the hospital because I had Hyperemesis. Making me almost dehydrated and lacking in nutrition. I’ve never felt so weak and helpless.

Good thing I was able to find an OB-GYNE who knew what to do. She guided me throughout the pregnancy and advised me to take in some vitamin supplements and to drink Anmum regularly. I lost so many pounds during my first trimester but gratefully, I eventually regained all that I lost during the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

This was my picture when I was celebrating my 27th birthday, 2 months before I gave birth to our first born.

photo (67)

After the dreadful first trimester, I had a joyful pregnancy and safe delivery. It was a wonderful and memorable experience.

If you are a first time mom and you don’t  know what to expect, don’t panic. Here are some steps that I did which you can do too:

– Look for an OB-GYNE that you trust.

– Prioritize your health always.  Eat healthy and drink Anmum regularly.

– Schedule a monthly check up to ensure safety of your pregnancy and your baby.

– Research about your journey.

I didn’t have much mom friends back then so I usually did my research through the internet. I looked for what I can expect and I should avoid to make my pregnancy and delivery safe. I also looked for forums where I can ask questions or opinions about delivery methods and other mommy matters.

The new Anmum website is just the kind of website that would have been most useful for me. The information is categorized by different needs of a soon-to-be mom or if you are still trying to conceive or if you are now a mom like me. There are several websites for moms but few are made specifically for Filipina moms like you and me.


There are tools like the Anmum Ovulation Calendar and the 1-Minute Folate Test, which allows moms to track their daily folate intake level. There is also a section for moms to ask the experts – OB, Nutritionist, Pedia, and Parenting Expert – about any concerns you might have.



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