International Museum Day @ Yuchengco Museum

May 18 is International Museum Day. For the past couple of years, we haven’t been able to visit any museums on this day but this year, we took advantage of the free entrance in celebration to this day.

We went to Yuchengco Museum in Makati City. We have been to Yuchengco a few years back but the children were quite young and don’t remember much from that trip.

From our recent trip, I learned that it is important to take our children to museums from time to time, even if it is the same museum. Here are some reasons:

  1. The perception of the children changes through the years. The way they think and appreciate art and history differs depending on their age.
  2. Museums give our children a glimpse of the past and give them opportunities to reflect on the past and the present and how the future could look like.
  3. Museum trips present an opportunity for our children to know that there is more to life than themselves. In our self-absorbed world, it is crucial to let our children know that they are a part of a big world and all that is happening around us.

    Here are some photos of our favorite paintings from the gallery.

There are many more museums that we should visit as a family and I am looking forward to more field trips with the family!

Mother’s Day Thoughts

This year marks my 14th year as a mom and it has been a journey filled with ups and downs but overall, I wouldn’t want it any other way. My heart is full and blessed with so many memories of my kids growing up right in front of me.

As I celebrate another mother’s day with my family, I would like to share with you these 2 important words about motherhood that has brought meaning and helped me navigate through this journey.

SURRENDER. Only when we surrender our children to God, will we ever mother them the best possible way. Our children are not ours and we are just assigned to nurture, love and guide them to become the person that God has created them to be.

SEASONS. Our journey as a mother will vary in the different seasons in life. Each season is as special as the other. Let us enjoy each one and make the most out of it. While the children are young, it might be physically tiring but as they grow, the challenges will differ and we might realize that it can become more emotionally draining. Each stage has its own beauty and difficulties – we need to have a perspective that embraces each season.

Praying for us all. May we continue to be the moms our children needs us to be.

My Artist

It has been awhile since I last posted art works of my daughter here. Kyla has been attending art classes under Teacher Lerma Julian of Life n Arts for the past 6 weeks. This is not new to her as she underwent training last year with her also for 6 sessions. But this time, she is receiving one on one instruction. She started with oil pastels, did self portrait using acrylic and now, she is doing oil painting.

I am blessed to see my daughter develop her passion for the arts, and also to have a mentor who believes in her talent. I pray that she will continue to use God’s gift in her life all for His glory!

photo source: Teacher Lerma Julian from Life n Arts

Justice League, Movie Review

Blogpost written by Toby

We went to Vista Mall Cinemas last Thursday to watch Justice League. There was a lot of people watching. The Cinema was full of peeps! Boys, girls, women, men, young, and old were excitedly waiting for the movie to start.

The movie started off with the reality that Superman was dead the rising dirt at Batman v Superman was nothing. Batman formed a team to fight the evil alien invasion called Parademons with their leader Steppenwolf. Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg were all recruited by Batman. Superman completed the team.

I like the movie because it was action oriented. I’m a big fan of the DC universe. The movie was quite similar to the Justice League War. The actors fit their roles good. I just thought that the enemy was kinda boring. He was no match to the Justice League especially against Superman. I recommend you watch the movie and judge it for your self 🙂

Our Mystery Manila Experience

A few weeks back, we went to Mystery Manila in Ayala Malls the 30th.

It was our first time to try Mystery Manila. The first room we went to was Rebel Resistance. Since my children loves Star Wars, we were hoping to be able to solve the mystery and come out of the room in 1 hour. Sadly, we were not successful in decoding the morse code and fixing the map!

So we tried another room, this time, we tried the Mr. Moriarity room. It is a Sherlock Holmes type of mystery and we were so excited to be able to solve this mystery in less than one hour! Thankfully, we were successful this time.

Our overall experience was ok as the staff in Mystery Manila was quite helpful throughout the time we were there.

It is fun to do these kind of activities with the kids once in awhile as it allows them to use their brains and figure out problems in real world scenarios. Truly, learning takes place even while having fun.