Lego Stop Motion Movies

My son loves Lego. He started to collect last year and he makes stop motion movies using his collection. I allow my son to do these videos as they take patience, time and creativity.

Hopefully, as the years go by, he will continue to be diligent and creative.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend. How do you celebrate this day?

For our family, since it is a Sunday, we are all up early and we spend the entire day at church. For the past 7 years, we have been spending our Sundays in the church where my husband serves as the pastor. We attend worship service together as a family and eat together and wait for one another as each one does his or her ministry in the church.

When my children were smaller, they would usually create crafts or art works and give them to my husband. Though very simple, it is something that is important as I see that the children need to be able to write or draw how they are thankful for having a dad who provides for them, loves them and cares for them.  Through the years, we have seen how gracious God has been as He works in my husband’s life. We are grateful as a family to be walking alongside each other.

Now that our children are in the pre-teen and teen years, we celebrate father’s day by giving gifts. Gifts can be something unique for dad, an overnight stay in a hotel, coffee, clothes or accessories. We also make sure that we dine together and pray for him as we celebrate on this very special day. I know that being a parent is hard, and I am grateful to have my husband as my partner in raising our children together. For that, I am truly grateful and blessed!

This weekend, if you don’t know where to buy your husband or your father a gift, be sure to check out Gifts Less Ordinary and order something unique for him!

Kyla’s Art Exhibit 2017

Over the summer, my daughter has joined 6 sessions of art program under the mentorship of Ms. Lerma Julian. She did several art mediums including  sketching, oil pastel and soft pastel and acrylic paintings. This is actually her very first art classes after joining Global Art Alabang many years back.

At the end of the 6 sessions, she had an art exhibit along with the other students in Vista Mall Sta Rosa.

We were amazed by the art works she was able to accomplish and very happy to see that indeed, God has given her a talent in the visual arts.

I am looking forward to all the other artworks that she will be able to create in the coming months and years. May God be glorified through her passion for the arts!

My Daughter’s Music Journey

My daughter is into music. She first learned about music theory from me at first grade. Then she learned from a neighbor who taught her the basics and through a music software we installed and then eventually through YouTube. She has been learning to play songs on the keyboard by herself as she watches tutorials from the internet. And these songs are not easy to play – mind you.

She told me that after she learns how to play chords in the keyboards, she would like to learn how to play the guitar. We have heard guitars like the gibson sg standard available at Musicians Friend and it sounds fantastic! I firmly believe that given time and the right equipment, she will be able to play the guitar well too.


Our Boracay Getaway at Fairways and Bluewater

I’ve been to Boracay but that was 16 years ago so I was pretty excited to go back. I was finally able to go back last month with my husband and my children.

Upon arriving at Kalibo, I immediately noticed that there were so many tourists in the province. We got a taxi from Southwest Travels that will bring us to the Caticlan port and shuttle towards Fairways and Bluewater. It took us an hour and a half to get to the port.  When we arrived at the Caticlan port, it was filled with tourists! But thankfully, the line didn’t take too long and we were able to ride our ferry soon. The ferry ride only took 10 minutes and we were finally in Boracay.

We rode a shuttle that took us to Fairways and Bluewater. Fairways and Bluewater has its own beach front and is found beyond station one. It is in Newcoast, Boracay.

When we got to Fairways, we were taken to Terraza Front Office to check-in. Fairways and Bluewater is a huge property, so getting familiar with the area is really a must. We were checked in to a junior suite in Margarita building and the room was truly spacious. We even had the golf course as the view of our own veranda!

The staff in Fairways and Bluewater are very courteous and helpful too. Every time we needed a shuttle to get from one place to the other, they were efficient and courteous to assist us.

We were able to dine at their different restaurants inside the resort which included La Terraza, Laguna Cafe and Veranda. The food was delicious and appetizing.

As for their amenities, we were satisfied with the 3 pools that we were able to visit out of the 6 pools inside the resort. The pools were clean and well maintained.

Our favorite was the infinity pool. It was truly breath-taking! We spent most of our time in that pool.

There was even a cabana where you can stay and order drinks and food. Truly relaxing!

We spent most of our time at the beach. It  was the family favorite.

The other amenities included golf, wellness facilities, cable car and zipline, water activities, non-motorized activities and motorized activities. If you want to go to D-Mall, they have hourly shuttle which will take you there and back to the resort too.

We went to D-Mall a couple of times to eat and to go to the beachfront and watch the sunset. Though the beach was filled with people, the sunset was absolutely amazing.

We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights at Fairways and Bluewater. We enjoyed our short getaway immensely. Though the place was fully booked, we didn’t really feel that it was.  It was refreshing to be by the beach and to be away from the usual activities that you need to do.  Can’t wait for our next getaway at Fairways & Bluewater in Boracay again.