My Daughter’s Music Journey

My daughter is into music. She first learned about music theory from me at first grade. Then she learned from a neighbor who taught her the basics and through a music software we installed and then eventually through YouTube. She has been learning to play songs on the keyboard by herself as she watches tutorials from the internet. And these songs are not easy to play – mind you.

She told me that after she learns how to play chords in the keyboards, she would like to learn how to play the guitar. We have heard guitars like the gibson sg standard available at Musicians Friend and it sounds fantastic! I firmly believe that given time and the right equipment, she will be able to play the guitar well too.


It’s Graduation Day

We made it!


When we started homeschooling my daughter when she was in 1st grade, I had no idea we would be homeschooling until 6th grade. We took it one year at a time and now, here we are, graduation day has come!


We have been with Homeschool Global (formerly TMA Homeschool) since 1st grade and we are happy to have finished elementary years with them.


It was a very heartwarming ceremony as I watched Kyla receive her diploma and taking the mic to let us hear her short letter for us.


The 6 homeschooling years were filled with so much memories. There were days when we had so much fun reading together, experimenting and doing things together, crying and persevering during tough days and praying daily to God who sustains us.

It has also given us the front row seat to discover my daughter’s gifts and to see her blossom from a very shy and stubborn girl who wants everything done her way to someone who accommodates others and willingly follows wherever God leads.


We were intentional about the time we spent together, yet it still feels that time just passed by so fast. I am forever grateful to the Lord for giving my family the opportunity to homeschool. It made us grow closer as a family as we seek the Lord together. It gave us the time we needed to bond and to know each other more. It allowed us to support one another to reach for our goals.


As we continue on and face a new season in our homeschool, my heart is filled with love and wonderful memories.

Our prayer for our dear daughter is from Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you;
25 the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
26 the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.”

Making Hard Decisions

After much prayers and discussions, we have finally decided to let our daughter stop attending ballet classes. It was a difficult decision to make since she has been taking ballet classes for the past 6 years now with Acts Manila. We’ve seen her grow, not just in dance but moreso in her character. She showed determination – even when it was hard to go to classes, she wouldn’t absent herself from class if possible. She showed perseverance – even when the routine was hard, she kept at it until she got it. She showed care and love to everyone in her ballet class.

This was definitely a hard decision to make but I knew that we had to make it. Financial, logistical and lifestyle issues are our main concerns. We couldn’t afford any longer to keep sending her to classes because ballet is truly an expensive art. From shoes, tights, costumes, exams, recitals and competitions – we just couldn’t keep up anymore. Of course my daughter was sad, but after discussing it together, we knew this was the best decision. The season has come for us to leave ballet.

We also realized that she is truly gifted in visual arts. We wanted her to explore that side as well so that she can fully bloom with the gifts that God has given her.

Before we made this decision, these blog articles  helped me through this decision: “Because when Jesus asks us to do something hard, he walks the difficult road with us” from the post When Jesus Asks You To Do Something Hard from We Are That Family. Another encouragement was from Concerning Change and Bacon Gouda Sandwiches.

I took this time as a way of teaching my child to make hard decisions in life. There will be days when we need to make changes in our life. It may not “feel right” but we prayed together, we considered circumstances and consulted our family members. I believe that through this change in our life, we had a lot of “teachable moments” as we discussed what God wanted us to do and what we are doing next.

I believe that  God will have something else for her. As we wait for new opportunities and new friends that God will bring to her life, we are praying and keeping our eyes open.

What Can I Do To Make Your Day Better?


I was surprised to see this note tucked in between my planner yesterday. My daughter Kyla has inserted this note as she remembered the challenge posted by the pastor (who is her dad) last Sunday.

“What can I do to make your day better?” Such a simple question that we rarely ask inside our house as all of us are busy with our own chores, our own interests and our own little corner. Because of this, we are reminded to intentionally connect to other people and do something to make them feel better.

We are called to be less self-absorbed and think of others more. Just as Jesus did as described in Philippians 2:7 “but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men.” This is but a simple way of loving others more and ourself a little less.

I answered by telling her I’d like to her take Charlie for a walk while she replied that she wants us to play a boardgame together. I didn’t realize that it was so simple to make someone’s day a lot better just by asking this simple question.

Now it’s your turn, tell me, what can I do to make your day better?





Kyla’s Ballerina Dreams

My daughter has joined Acts Manila’s Runway Dance Collection 2016 Recital a few days ago. This is her 6th ballet recital with Acts Manila.


I was so happy that she danced gracefully and confidently in the CCP a few nights ago. She surely has blossomed in her dancing!

It was her first year to be under the intermediate class of Teacher Chelo Gemina and she has greatly improved her skills already.  But more than her dance, I am very proud at how she has been diligent and persevering as she faced difficulty and trials that come her way in achieving her goals.


She doesn’t easily give up and has a teachable heart so the training that she has been receiving is more than just dancing gracefully and beautifully but she is becoming a better person inside, all for the glory of God.

When we joined the intermediate classes in Alabang last May, I wasn’t very confident that we’d be able to sustain it. Intermediate classes runs daily and I didn’t know how she will be able to join classes daily since my husband has work and I don’t drive. I also didn’t know if we can afford the monthly tuition and the recital fees.

But God has been truly faithful. We have surrendered this dream of Kyla to Him and totally entrusted this to Him. If He wills that Kyla continue on with her ballet training, He will sustain us and provide for the fees. One year after, I can see that God has always provided for us and even allowed us to find a way to go to daily classes via carpooling with other students in the area. Not only that, Kyla will be joining the Junior solo competition in the coming Philippine Dance Cup in July.


Continue on my daughter. May the good Lord graciously guide you as you pursue your dreams. Never lose sight of what truly matters and keep your eyes focused on Him, always! He is the one true audience that matters. I love you!