Our Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Trip

We recently traveled to Bagac, Bataan and stayed overnight at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.

We were able to book a room good for 2 adults and 2 kids for just a net price 5,500.00 pesos. It was their pre-holiday sale!

I’m sharing some photos from the very gorgeous place.

We joined the walking tour that Las Casas offers. The tour guide told stories about most of the houses and their historical backgrounds. The entire tour took 1 and a half hours.

The whole trip was short but enough for us to enjoy this wonderful place and gave us more reasons to admire Filipino culture and heritage.

Straight from the Heart

I wrote a poem 5 years back and I wanted to share it with you…

Ever since I was small
I’ve always felt the hole
In my heart
Always felt like I didn’t know where to start

21 years have gone by
When I first heard about your love
Finally understood only you can complete me
And truly set me free

The journey hasn’t been easy
I failed if it was up to me
But you’re always there
Taking care of me

Through heartahces, struggles and pains
You gave me love again and again
Everything became meaningful
Life became purposeful

Everything I now do,
I do it all for you.
I give you my best
You deserve nothing less.

You are my all in all
I’m no longer afraid even if I fall
I love you Lord with all my heart
my mind, my strength and my soul.


Artwork by Kyla 

Family Get-Together 2016

I am grateful to the Lord for our family get-together last week at Nasugbu, Batangas.


We rented a house where all of us stayed for 3 days and 2 nights.


It is not often that we get to spend time together outside of everyone’s busy schedules but I’m glad that everyone was available.


I believe that families need to be intentional when it comes to spending time together because it is not easy to organize everyone’s availability and if we wait for it to happen, that day may never come.


But it is through these get-togethers that we are able to build memories together and get to know each other more. Looking forward to our family get-togethers in the near future.


It’s Graduation Day

We made it!


When we started homeschooling my daughter when she was in 1st grade, I had no idea we would be homeschooling until 6th grade. We took it one year at a time and now, here we are, graduation day has come!


We have been with Homeschool Global (formerly TMA Homeschool) since 1st grade and we are happy to have finished elementary years with them.


It was a very heartwarming ceremony as I watched Kyla receive her diploma and taking the mic to let us hear her short letter for us.


The 6 homeschooling years were filled with so much memories. There were days when we had so much fun reading together, experimenting and doing things together, crying and persevering during tough days and praying daily to God who sustains us.

It has also given us the front row seat to discover my daughter’s gifts and to see her blossom from a very shy and stubborn girl who wants everything done her way to someone who accommodates others and willingly follows wherever God leads.


We were intentional about the time we spent together, yet it still feels that time just passed by so fast. I am forever grateful to the Lord for giving my family the opportunity to homeschool. It made us grow closer as a family as we seek the Lord together. It gave us the time we needed to bond and to know each other more. It allowed us to support one another to reach for our goals.


As we continue on and face a new season in our homeschool, my heart is filled with love and wonderful memories.

Our prayer for our dear daughter is from Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you;
25 the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
26 the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.”

Breakfast, the Kitten


Almost 2 weeks ago, while my kids and I were talking a walk somewhere in our village, we came across a group of kittens who were in the middle of an abandoned field. They were calling out and following us around as we walked pass them. I told my kids to ignore them and so they did. We went home.

The next day, we passed by the same area for our morning walk and we saw 3 of  them in different areas. My daughter wanted to do something because she thinks that the kitten will not survive another day out there. So I agreed, we went back home to take a box and we went to get the only kitten we saw.

My daughter had compassion on this kitten – though I originally didn’t want to take the kitten home as I have no idea how to take care of a baby kitten and was worried that it might bring home some bugs and infect our dog. But I eventually agreed because I remember the blog post I read a few months back about adopting kittens and how it teaches compassion to our children. I realized that this can be an opportunity to practice what we have been learning about compassion.

She took care of the kitten for the next several days – feeding it 3x a day and making sure that the kitten doesn’t get wet when it rains. She finally named it, breakfast. Though we never knew if it was a boy or a girl. After 10 days, breakfast eventually left our home as we were out for the whole day. When we arrived at night, it was nowhere to be found.

I realized that my fears where unfounded and I was glad that I gave my daughter a chance to practice her compassionate heart and be responsible for a decision that she has made. I am learning that I need to be more ready to do some stuff I am not comfortable with and trust that God will use this opportunity to develop our character, individually and as a family.